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The darkness of the night fills the stable, a single oil lamp lies near the door projecting several shadows. The silouettes of several dozen dooners and a lizardman can be clearly seen. The gutural sounds of the beasts interrupt the calmness of the night...

Telemee creeps up slowly to the stables and hide near the door. Waiting for the others. Looking for any nearby stick for a weapon. Looking around to see what's sort of places are near.

A large lizardman emerges from the shadows, "I believe thiz iz yourz" he tells Telemee tossing her a backpack. "We're are the otherz?" he says looking around as if frightened.

Maura stepped out from the shadows cautiously. "I just wanted to make sure it wasn't a trap." Maaura states even though she still didn't entirly trust the lizardman and she still suspected a trap.

The lizardman looked quite startled due to Maura's sudden apparition, he threw he another bag. "Hope thoze are yourz" he said and then lifted the oil lamp. "Your friendz better hurry, we don't heve all night..."

Maura glanced inside the bag to make sure it was hers.

Telemee laughs at the lizardmans obvoius confusion at Maura..while cheking through her things to she what she has.

The lizardman turned to Maura, "It iz obviouz that you don't truzt me   ... typical of you Catfolk to generalize uzz. After all the timez you have driven uz away from our homez and hunted uz like animalz, It should be me who doz not truzt you..." He said as he walked over to the dooners, untying a couple of them and placing some mounting chairs on their backs.

Maura flicked an ear in acknoledgment, an odd look comming into her eyes. slowly and cautiously she approached to lizardman. "I'm sorry." She mumbled.

"Kaghh! thatz ok, dun go all mushy on me!" he sat down on the ground watching the door impatiently. "Your friendz better hurry, much ezzplaining to do!"

Maura turned to Telemee. "Weren't they right behind us?"

"Well they it's that   with her cat again..mumbles Telemee getting an annoyed look on her face.

Valern slipped in and sat down, glancing at the lizardman for a moment.

The lizardman stared at the newcomer for a few seconds. "Finally... your thingz muzt be over there Nai'itharite." he said pointing towards four bags in the back of the stable.

Celena cautiously creeps into the stables and seats herself behind the others keeping an eye on the lizardman. She looks around searching for anything that might be out of place.

"Two more to go" mentioned the Lizardman, he pointed to the back of the stables. "Your thingz zhould be over there.."

Navish'tan Creeps up slowly looking at the Lizardman. "Ok... now this is odd. Why are you guys sitting her with one of them?" She said eyeing her companions.

As Narvish'tan enters the stables the lizardman quickly stands up and bows. "Praize the Zpire! you arrived, theeze are yourz prieztez" he says as he carefully grabs a backpack from the back and hands it to Narvish'tan.

"Ummm... thank you." Navish'tan says taking the pack. "Why are you helping us??"

The Lizardman sits down again and starts talking "You zee, prieztez. My name iz Zlaade. Unlike mozt of my kin, I do not believe anything good will come out of our alliance with the demon Thadre. I am a humble zervant of the Zpire and Prinze Nim'ael, az well az you I prezume?"

Telemee growls impatiently, "yes yes but what is this all about?"she asks fidgeting with her hair.

Valern grabs his bag, drawing out his shortbow and arrows. He puts on his leather armor over his jerkin and then puts his dagger in it's sheath on his leg. He prefers to stand and leans on the wall across from Zlaade.

"I azzume you're familiar with the Demon Thadre and the War of Corruption?" said Zlaade to Telemee.

'No I am not actually...enlighten me.." Telemee says.

"I zee... have you been living under a rock or the zort   ?" he stood and fetched the lamp, drawing it closer to the group. "Barely two yearz ago, King Antizciouz of Nerva commanded a gigantic army northwardz, looking for zome ancient power hidden in mount Ki'afizal. What he found, however, waz an ancient evil that the planetarii" At that point he glanced subtly at Valern. "had kept prizioner for thouzandz of yearz. Thiz ancient Demon waz called Thadre." the room suddenly darkened and the dooners stired uneasy, a draft of cold foul wind threatened to extinguish the little light from the gas lamp. " ...with his inmenze powerz he gathere to himzelf an army, we, the Lizardmen betrayed Nerva and joined with him. He brought war on Ki'afizal, the Clanz of the Catfolk were nearly wiped out, in the end, the Dah'kin, the Catfolk and the Humanz allied against him, and ztill their power waz not enough to fight him. In the end, only the power of the zpire king, Nim'ael to bring down the beazt."

"How what do you want us for? asks Telemee

Maura hissed quietly to herself.

Celena rifles through her bag and puts on the armour while listening intently to the lizardman. "Why are you so loyal to the Spire King?" she questions as she pulls out her bow and slings the arrows on her back.

"The zame reazon your friend here iz loyal to the Zpire, I need him. If I waz without an allegiance I would be weak, It iz in my nature to be loyal. My kinzmen chooze the wrong allegiance, many of the know it, but they are loyal nonethelezz. The way I zee it, why would I be loyal to someone like Thadre? The Dah'kin would fight and die for their kind, as well as the prieztezzez for their Zpire, that'z enough for me" Replied Zlaade.

Zhen entered the stables, closely followed by Ternne. She had been listening to the whole conversation outside. She grabbed her things and sat down near the others.

"Okay, so we're all here. Why don't you give us a little more detail and a reason we shouldn't walk out right now." Celena exclaims exasperated.

"Very well then" continues Slaade. "I zuppoze you DO know about the War of Corruption right?"

"What you mean how he became a demon? Yeah, I'm not completely uneducated." Celena shakes her head.

"Very well... now for the unofficial verzion of the ztory. The thing iz, Thadre never really died..." he said as another gush of wind blew into the stables.

Telemee looks around cautiously as the gust of wind blows through.."Something's not right...I can feel it.."she says grabbing hold of her Scimitar.

Suddenly the stable door flings open. 3 Lizardmen stand there, each holding a lantern and a battleaxe. "Zlaade!! what the hell iz going on here??!!". Zlaade turns to the party and yells. "My pozition here can't be compromized!!, We've got to     !!" he hands a letter to Celena and prepares for combat!

Combat has Started!! -
The turns are the following - Celena, Telemee, Zhen, Narvish'tan, Valern, Maura, Zlaade, Lizardmen.

Celena's turn!! -

"I really hope this was worth it Zlaade." mutters Celena as she shoves the letter in her pocket and proceeds to attack a lizardman,     an arrow at him.

The Lizardman reaises his wooden shield, blocking the arrow.

Telemee's Turn! -

Telemee quickly runs to the nearby Lizardman, getting close enough she slides on the ground next to him slashing at his midriff, whilst getting up quickly ready to defend.

The Lizardman blocks Telemee's scimitar with his shield and manages to push her down to the floor as he grins, showing several yellowish pointy teeth!

Zhen's Turn! -

Zhen quickly jumps towards the lizardman fighting Telemee and attempts to slash him with her claw.

The lizardman blocks Zhen's claw and bashes his shoulder into Zhen's face, she falls to the ground in pain.

Narvish'tan's Turn! -

Navish'tan Pulling her whip from her side see's that Zehn just head butted by the Lizardman. "Dear god!! That looks painful." She brings her whip up above her head and extends it out to wrap around the lizardman's neck to jerk him down to the ground.

Narvish'tan succesfully wraps her whip aroun the lizardman's neck however when she pulls down discovers the lizardman is a little too much for her, he takes a step back and Narvish'tan finds herself on the floor before she can let go of her whip!

Valern's turn! -

Valern quickly knocks an arrow and aims at one of the lizardmens's throat. "At such close range this should be easy!", he thinks as he looses the arrow.

Valern's arrow hits a few inches below the lizardman's neck dealing 14 damage, the lizardman roars in pain and    comes out of his mouth but he still holds his gound!

Maura's Turn! -

Maura mumbles a few magical words and casts a heat beam spell against the wounded Lizardman.

A beam of red light comes out of Maura's hand and hits the lizardman on the chest, going right through his leather armor dealing 6 damage and leaving burn marks on his flesh!

Zlaade's Turn!-

Zlaade quickly grabs his battleaxe and runs towards the wounded lizardman aiming a slash at his neck!

Zlaade's blow severs the lizardman's head. The head flies and falls near the dooners, which keep "mooing" louder as the fight progresses.

The center Lizardman quickly runs towards Maura and uses his Wild Attack skill attempting to bite her in the right arm!

Maura's eyes widened in horror. With a quick movement she brings her sword up to meet his attack.

Maura manages to hit the Lizardman's muzzle and deviate his attack, the lizardman however failes to interrupt his attack and crashes into the backside ofr a dooner!

The last lizardman jumps over his   comrade's body and swings his axe at Zhen!

Zhen ducked her enimy's swinging blade and lashed out with her claws, hissing darkly. Swinging around again dove at the lizardman lasing out once more.

Zhen ducks too late, hits her on the side, eaving a terrible cut that deals 5 damage and throwing her towards the other side of the stables!

Zhen now has 5/10 HP!

Celena's Turn! -

Celena quickly reloads and fires another arrow at the lizardman who just tried to attack Maura!

The arrow hits the lizardman in the lower back, near his spine dealing 10 dmg. He roars in pain as he tries to unsusccesfully reach the arrow with his hands!

Telemee's turn!-

"Don't you dare!" yells Telemee after the Lizardman that attacked Maura while rushing at him trying her best to slice his throat, her emotions running wild.

Telemee misscalculates the slash and hits the Lizardman in the chest, causing a deep gash and 7 damage, he clutches the wound and stumbles forward, trying to stop the bleeding.

Zhen's Turn! -

Zhen, breathing heavily punced at the lizard man again, from behind, lashing out with her claws.

The lizardman is barely able to block Zhen's attack, his shield splinters under the slash of the claws!

Narvish'tan's Turn! -

Navish'tan Looks around her and sees the Lizardman that Zhen just attacked and   es her whip across his face.

The Lizardman takes the slash in the face, receiving 2 damage! he closes his eyes and coveres his face as he stumbles backwards!

Valern's Turn! -

Valern knocks another arrow as quickly as the last and expertly looses it towards another lizardman. This time in between the eyes...

Valern miscalculates the shot and the arrow strikes lower into the lizardman's armor, unable to perforate the leather!

Maura's Turn! -

Maura twists around swinging her sword at the wounded lizardman's head letting out a low hiss.

Staggering and wounded, the lizardman reacts too late, Maura's katana slashes at his side and the lizardman receives 5 damage! he falls to the ground, dying from the severe    loss!

Zlaade's Turn! -

Zlaade jumps towards the lizardman who just slashe zhen and he attempts to slash him with his axe!

The axe cleaves through the Lizardman's shoulder, dealing 7 damage, the lizardman hisses in pain but it's still standing! He turns to Telemee and uses his Wild Attack skill, trying to bite her!

"Telemee watch out!!." Maura yells.

Telemee gets a rather dertermined look about her as she rushes up towards the Lizardman, ducking lowly and shoving her Scimitar up through his throat, so his arms and head cannot reach her.

Telemee cannot dodge fast enough, the lizardman manages to bite her shoulder dealing 3 damage!

Telemee now has 7/10 HP!

Due to the effects of it's Wild Attack skill the Lizardman attacks again! he tries to bite Telemee once more!

"A little help here people!!" Telemee yells to the others, while trying very hard to keep out of the Lizardmans reach.

Like lightning the lizardman attacks again biting near Telemee's neck and dealing 5 damage!

Telemee now has 2/10 HP!

And yet the Lizardman attempts a thirb bite thanks to its wild attack skill!

Telemee thrusts up her scimitar turning it sideways hoping to block the Lizardman's next attack.

Telemee succesfully blocks the Lizardman's attack, defflecting its bite, the lizardman stumbles to the side after being hit in the chin by the scimitar!

Celena's Turn! -

Celena quickly reloads her longbow and fires against the last Lizardman standing

The lizardman manages to turn just in time from his attack on Telemee and deflects the arrow with his Battleaxe!

Telemee's Turn! -

Telemee carefully paces up behind the Lizardman while he's distracted with Celena's arrow, and she jabs her Scimitar into his side as hard as she can.

The lizardman tries to block Telemee's attack but he is too slow, the scimitar pierces through his side and the lizardman collapses,   .

Combat has ended!! -

Everyone Receives 514 XP!!
Celena leveled up!
Telemee leveled up!
Valern leveled up!
Narvish'tan leveled up!
Zhen leveled up!
Maura leveled up!

Valern lowers his bow. He quickly walks over to the door and looks outside to make sure know one else was outside.

Zlaade turned to the others, seriously bothered. "With zuch a wreck we'll be dizcovered, i'll try to ztall them. Grab what you can from the corpzes and take thoze doonerz" he said pointing towards 3 saddled dooners in the back of the stables. "Hurry!" he yelled as he left the stables.

"Come on you guys. I don't feel like being caught again today." Navish'tan tucked her whip into her belt leaving the hanle open for easy reach. She ran toward where Zlaade had pointed out to them.

Zhen stumbled slightly and held her side were she had been injured. Wincing lightly she whistled for Ternne, who had been outside scouting. Ternne ran up and licked her hand in comfort. Quietly she looked arund to the people surrounding her. " You guys are ok I geuss.."

"I feel like crap. Do you need some help?" Navish'tan said moving toward Zehn.

"Well that was fun," says Telemee sarcastically. Gripping her still bleeding shoulder. 'What now eh..?"

Hold on a sec. I want to check these bodies." Navish'tan said starting to go throught the   's personal belongings.

After a couple of seconds of searching Narvish'tan finds the following -
- 3 Leather Armors
- 2 Large Wooden Shields
- 3 Battleaxes
- 6 Lesser healing Potions
- 6 Healing Potions
- 360 GP

"Who was it that needed healing?" Navish'tan said coming back with her hands full of what she had just found. She pocketed 60 of the gold coins without anyone seeing and presented the rest to the group.

"The cost is clear right now. I suggest we grab what we need and bolt. We can bother with healing later after we have gotten out of this place." Says Valern, expertly saddling and mounting one of the dooners.

"I'll put all of this in my pack. When we are safe away tell me what you need." Navish'tan said putting them in her pack then mounting her ride.

Telemee follows the exact movement of the other two in mounting her dooner, having never seen one before it gave her a little trouble.

"It looks like we will have to double-up, two to a dooner." said Valern. "And we might have to leave some of that stuff Narvish'tan." Valern dismounts and pick up a healing potion, lesser healing potion, and a battle axe. Putting them in his bag. "There are enough potions for everyone to have one of each."

Zhen smiled as Ternne picked up one of the leather armors and pranced around with it. " Alright.." she mumbled to him, taking 60Gp, a healing potion and a lesser healing potion from the pile.

Celena moves towards the pile to help in carrying some of the loot. She stops suddenly remembering the paper Zlaade had given to her as combat had started. Removing the paper from it's hiding place she takes a look at it to see what it says.

Zlaade's letter contained a small map of the nearby area, the campsite was about 3 hours dooner ride from a line marked "The Black Road", south of the road there was a red cross marked Ajdanen. The letter itself said, "Take de duners southwest until you reach de black road, den southeast until you reach de town of Ajdanen, search for a Dah'kin named Ar'annede who goes by de name Ari and give her this letter."

Celena carefully folds the letter back up and puts it in her pocket once more. Then she picks up two potions and a leather armour suit putting them in her bag. "Okay. I can still fly so I don't need to ride a dooner which means that may be we can some how strap whatever we can't carry to the dooner carrying only one. Accor.." She hesitates slightly thinking to herslef well they've certainly proven themselves in combat but... Turning to Valern she finishes what she was going to say. "According to this letter and map we need to head southwest towards the Black Road and then from there we need to go southeast to a city named Ajdanen."

"Black Road?" says Maura . "Sounds inviting doesn't it?"

"I'll carry what gear we have leftover." said Valern.

The dooners stir as rash voices and steps are heard closer to the stables.

Zhen's, along with Ternne's ear    up and she hushes everyone with a soft hiss. " Someone aproaches. Let us get out of here." Jumping up onto one of the dooners, she catches Ternne as he jumps up after her and settles him in her lap.

"Black road eh...sounds like fun." replies Telemee "Hurry up Maura and get on, I really wat out of here before I'm injured any more." "Valern, how much supplies are left to distribute?"

Maura quickly mounts behind Telemee.

Zhen hissed through her teeth and gared at Telemee. "Shut up! You want someone to hear us? And we have to get out of here. NOW!" she growled.

Navish'tan looks toward where the voices might appear at any moment. "Let's go!!!" She says as she starts to ride off.

Valern pauses a moment to make sure everything is strapped down, and then bursts out of the backdoor of the stable, following Narvish'tan.

Telemee mumbles something under her breath about Zhen, that only Maura seemed to hear, while riding off after Valern. Speeding up to keep next to them.

Checking to make sure no one is trying to attck them as they leave, Celena then runs to catch up taking flight as soon as they are in open air and she has enough room.

Zhen flew out after then others, leening down , ears flat. Ternne yelped at the sound start the drooner had made, then quieted quickly.

A great roar is heard in the stables, several dozen lizardmen run after you but they are no match for the dooners and are quickly left behind. Some lizardmen try to climb on dooners of their own and chase after you but the dooners fall, breaking the logs that sustain the stables structure and the whole building collapses ovr lizardmen and dooners. Apparently *someone* tied the legs of all other dooners together....

Valern laughs as he watches the stable collapse on the lizardmen. He leans forward and tucks himself closely to the dooner, urging it faster.

A wiry smile tugged at Zhen's lips, reviling hersharpe fangs. Stroking Ternne to calm him with one hand, she urged her drooner to move faster.

Smothering a burst a laughter Celena concentrates on keeping up with the dooners below and watching for anything that might pose a threat to the travlers on the ground.

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