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Design the Guard Uniform, Page 1

Please see the rules on the main page:

Design the Guard Uniform

Winner: Design the Guard Uniform Contest

<news:Winners [Design the Guard uniform@wiki] Contest!>

By [Elegy - gone]


Thank you to all that contributed!


This contest is closed!


Reminder 1: Number your entries, and separate them with the <hr> tag.
Reminder 2: There is a theme. It is "How should a Guard uniform look?"
Make sure the entries fit the theme, or they will be removed.

What is a Guard?
Guards are those members of Elftown who maintain Elftown's order, making sure its members follow the Elftown - Rules and solve conflicts between the members.

1.a) "Guards Guild"

2. "The Guards Uniform"

3. "Elfgirl Guard"

4. A."The Guards"
[eyes of frost]

B. "The Guard Man of Elftown."

5. "The uniform"

6. "Elftown Guard Uniform (female version)"
[Elegy - gone]

7a. "Guards Uniforms"

b. "Guards uniform, new male"

8a. "Elftown Guard Male"
[Shika Lane]

b. "Elftown Guard Female"
[Shika Lane]

9. "Simple yet Elegant-A more comfortable uniform. (He's got chain mail underneath the robe)."
[Darian Hawke]

10. "Male guard uniform"


12. The key gives the guards access to the Elftown Houses.
[Child of God]

13. "Female Uniform"

14. ":P"

15. "Elftown Guard Uniforms, Both Genders"
Entry removed due to arttheft.

16. "Guard uniform, female"
[Artemis Riddle]
(and thanks to [Elegy - gone] for helping me make the lines better :3)

17. "stealthy, elf ninja knight gear"

18. [Ishje]

19. [Dragonartist]

20. "A mouse: the guards' true weapon"

21. "Sci-fi and fantasy"

22. Guard Uniform
[Lexi. Short and Sweet!]

23. Keeping It Simple

24. [Cia_mar]
I tried to incorperate as much of Elftowns colors in this submission, and since we are a sci-fi and fantasy themed town i thought it fitting that they be more futuristic considering that they would have to know how to use Elftron! All Good Guards would need a network of spies and informant to allow them to find the Rule Violators, and who better to employ than faeries!

25. [Yncke] I've tried to translate the Guards' badge into a genderless uniform in which running after art thieves is perfectly possible.

26. Elftown Guard Uniform - Female
[Kshatriya Karahatay]

Elftown Guard Uniform - Male and Female

27. "Uniform - Female"

28. ET Gaurd Uniform: Battle Armour (For fighting those pesky rule breakers)




32. [*micky*]

33. Matrix style guards!

34. Centaurs
[a clockwork orange]

35. Six races therefore; six different guard uniforms.

35. [Nadie importante]

36. [Chrysilla]


This contest is closed!


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2006-06-16 [Ishje]: why are there 2 entry's of the same person in the poll? i are even almost the same painings.

2006-06-16 [Charybdis]: Which entry would that be? o_o

2006-06-16 [Ishje]: check the will see it...

2006-06-16 [shotokan_gal]: If you mean [Zab]'s entries, both are in the poll because they both recieved a high enough number of crew votes (as separate entries). And the male guard figure is different in them, although I suspect she wanted to keep each entry as a pair - male and female uniforms, even if the female was the same in both.

2006-06-16 [Ishje]: well yea...but could there not be picked one of the two? i mean..i am not here for winning..but this is kind of strange to other people who did their best too

2006-06-16 [Sunrose]: How would it be fair though for the pollmaintainer to then just exclude one of the two when they were both in the top 10?

2006-06-17 [Nadie importante]: well i think then you shuold just choose the one that ha dmore voting since it is a little unfair that she has twice as many possibilities as anyone up there in the poll:-) but hey im not against anyone:P!

2006-06-17 [Zab]: [Nadie importante] : "it is a little unfair that she has twice as many possibilities as anyone up there in the poll:-)" Not really..:P I'd rather have only one there actually, since I'd hope that those who voted for no. 10 in the poll (one of my entries) would instead vote for my other entry ;) And I got surprised both got up. //Yes, I wanted to keep each entry as a pair, male and female uniform. :P I just didn't like the first male that mch.

2006-06-17 [Calico Tiger]: Yar, zab ended up splitting her votes that could have gone into one, instead it went into two. And as people vote once, that ended up hurting instead of helping ;) Statistics!

2006-06-17 [Nadie importante]: haha oh well i just hope you dont get me wrong [Zab] i really dont have anything against you and like your was just opinion:-)

2006-06-17 [Cathos]: I don't really mind that I have the least votes. Would be nice to win, but I enjoyed drawing my entry and I wouldn't have done it if there wasn't a competition. To be honest I'm chuffed to bits that I made it to the public vote (twice now!). [Nadie importante] Can't drawing be enjoyable for drawing's sake? Mainstreet competitions are just another reason to push myself to get better. :)

2006-06-18 [Zab]: I never thought you had, Baty ;)

2006-06-18 [Nadie importante]: haha good [Zab] and [Cathos] trust me i do it for the sake of drawing in fact this competition pushed me to try my first computer coloured^^ and i dont complain it didnt get on the main street poll, i was just makinga personal opinion but hey im glad my entry didnt turn out SO bad for being a first time quick corel draw try^^ (tried it in school) i dont have any paint softwares at home:P, and hey i thought your entry was very very original and creative:D good going!!

2006-06-18 [Cathos]: Thanks [Nadie importante], I liked yours too, the way it's laid out it would make it very easy to turn it into a pattern to make the uniforms. People say "can you make me a costume like this" and I have no chance of doing it. Your picture is just what you'd want to hand to a dressmaker with your order. In my case, this was the first time I'd attempted body shapes other than those belonging to the elf and the human.

2006-06-19 [Nadie importante]: well i thought of masking it simple ''confy'' and different colours so that it wouldnt be like everyone's dress cause hey..i dont see many ppl in bluexD but i also like the colours:-) and about your shapes...i seriously like the dwarf:P and just the way you did wiwth the she-orc (right?) the duck and the hobbit ..its just very original:-) i just wonder, will you be adding any more colour to it?

2006-06-20 [Cathos]: [Nadie importante] Nah, its a stylistic thing, plus I'm lazy and I've moved on to new pictures now.

2006-06-21 [Nadie importante]: well ill be hoping to see your new work soon:-) and hey everyone how does the badge thing work? cause i swear i have no idea wether we take them or the guards will put them up for us like does one get that small section of ''badges'' :P other than that thanks everyone and great contestits been^^

2006-06-21 [kittykittykitty]: Official badges are always given directly and with a note in your guestbook :)

2006-06-21 [Cia_mar]: i got mine today! THANK YOU!!!!... so cool to have an OFFICIAL ET Badge!

2006-06-21 [kittykittykitty]: Yep :D They are the best *huggles the badge givers*

2006-06-21 [Sunrose]: Special thanks to [Blaithin] and [Paz] for badging ^_^

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