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2006-06-24 05:46:20
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Comment your Sins to [Devile] and become a member of the dominion

This Wiki is for the people in the Elftown communitiy to feel a pride and joy of the Sinful things you've done in you life. This is for people whom many consider troublemakers, Goths, pyros, thevies, criminals, and juvenile delinquents or what ever others consider "BAD". This is a place where people who like to Sin and who are proud of it can unite. Share evil ways with one another and don't feel so bad for doing about doing wrong once in a while. Doing wrong is all part of human nature, its all part of being who you are and expressing yourself in ways others don't see fit or so called "NORMAL". So feel free to write me sinful comments. If you come Forth, you shall be excepted in to the Devil's Dominion                        

Members of the Dominion:

1. [INU~yasha] ~ fucked a 30 year old for 100 dollars
2. [~Satanirary The Dead~] ~ stolen 30 dollars
3. [BeautifulDecay] ~ lesbian
4. [Luxury of Hell] ~ stolen from parents/Kissed the same sex
5. [Sailor Uranus XD] ~  addicted to smoking and getting drunk 
6. [Draugur dauĂ°ans] ~ Celtic Pagan
7. [uploading art rules huh?] ~ Stolen about 7000 dollars worth of merchandise over the past two years





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2006-06-22 [how r u i dont care]: ive set numerous ppl on fire/ fun fun

2006-06-22 [Devile]: dude foreal thats awsome

2006-06-23 [uploading art rules huh?]: not to brag, but along those lines of people up there, im considered a pyro, i have stolen from my mom more than about 300 dollars at a time, three times, im a pagan, and i smoke and drink

2007-03-10 [The Boondock Saints]: my sin is that i love two people at once and i cant choose between the two....

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