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User Name: [CuteCommander]

Character name: Devlin Macintosh

Mutant Name: Cricket

Classification: Student

Abilities/powers: Can leap extraordinary distances and land from great heights with no damage to his legs (if he lands feet first).

Sex: Male

Age/Date of Birth: 19 / 17th September

General appearance: Devlin is a little under 6 foot tall, and while he does work out he doesn't have an overtly muscular appearance - his lifestyle has led to him having a rather average body shape. The main difference are his longer than average legs, making up nearly 2/3 of his entire height. His face is gaunt, and his nose has a distinctive hook to it; this coupled with his dark eyes and lowered brows can give him a rather severe demeanour. His hair is shaven, as often as possible back to his scalp, though as it grows out it can be seen as being a light brown - against his pale skin, this can appear quite dark.

Additional Appearance: His arms and chest bear a criss-cross of scars that have come from self-harm. He listens to a lot of extreme metal bands, and prefers to wear 3/4 length jeans (that resemble normal shorts on him), biker boots, and shirts from his favourite bands.

Personality: Devlin is an introvert, though if he gets to know people well enough he often opens up to them. While he has had emotional and mental issues in the past, he is now a rather pragmatic young man who focusses on the present rather than what has past. Despite his past, he is an optimist, and often looks for some form of solution to a situation rather than giving up.

Special Skills: He is not thoroughly skilled in any particular areas, though he has been noted on occasions for being a fairly creative cook.

Place of birth: York, England

Weapon(s) of choice: If forced into a situation, he would possibly use a blunt-force instrument, such as a baseball bat, 2-by-4, or fencing post to protect himself. His kicks are particularly powerful.

Medical information: While diagnosed with depression, he has been able to keep this in check with coping techniques and anti-depressants.

Brief History: Devlin grew up in the UK, with his parents bringing him up in a loving home. He had a fairly normal childhood until he reached puberty. At this point his mutation started to manifest itself - as he grew, his legs grew more than the rest of him. His parents became concerned, and then uncomfortable with his appearance. Although this led to athletic prowess in some areas, he was teased at school for his awkward looks and ungainly walk. He attempted suicide at the age of 16.
In hospital, a psychiatrist worked closely with him for 2 years, partially to help him cope with his clinical depression but also with controlling his body's abilities.
Once he was stable mentally, and able to accept who and what he was, the doctor recommended him to attend the Xavier academy as a student - with his time in hospital he missed out on some education, but he also needed the companionship of others who understand his issues.

Relatives: His parents, though they have remained in the UK. They have promised to write him as soon as he can confirm an address.

How long your character has been in the mansion: Nearly six months

Current attire: Blue denim shorts (that look very short on him), black tank top, and black flip-flops.

Current relationships: 1 = Hate actively - 10 = Much loved

Caleb O'Daugherty: 4 - The guy is only just below someone he hasn't met yet in Devlin's standings, due to Caleb's obvious uninterest in him. He hopes to get to know the fellow mutant, though.

Olexis Solnes: 7 - Devlin can't help but like the bubbly upbeat ball of energy that is Lexi. 

Elizabeth Charm: 6 - He respects her as a superior, and also wants to make sure he doesn't get on her bad side (which seems quite easy to do). Still, he likes her. 

René Chastain: 5 - Doesn't really know him yet, perhaps too much of a fun lover.

Light Blackburn: 3 - Her violent streak makes Devlin angry and wary at the same time - a rash, pompous bitch with her nose in the air.

Samuel Crowe: 5 - Only just met him, doesn't really know him.

Mimic: 7 - Really sweet kid, how could anyone not like him?!

Lillium Tomina: 9 - Devlin likes her a lot. He's fallen for her pretty hard.

Catherine Rubell: 5 - She seems friendly, though they've barely talked. Someone he should get to know more.

Sarah Criss: 7 - A lot of fun, but he knows he should be careful not to have too much fun with her.

Kobayashi Hisoka: 6 - He doesn't know the boy yet, not really, but is willing to try. His efforts to try and get the boy to embrace a friendship haven't worked yet. 

X-Men RP Shade: 6 - The gruff, dark man that he has only just met holds some mystery, and Devlin suspects his rough exterior hides a heart of gold.

Daniela Morgan: 6 - Seems nice, could be good to see her more.

Aidan Murphy: 5 - He has only just met him and not even spoken to him, but Aidan has done nothing to upset him either.

Anthony Havelock: 6 - Doesn't know him much, but the guy seems alright.

Kyle Bedlington: 3 - Is he always this grumpy?

Anastasha Scott: 5 - Only just met her, doesn't really know her.

Maria Bortolotto: 4 - Possible trouble maker? He doesn't know, but figures she might be.

Kiora Collins: 5 - Doesn't really know her, so doesn't have much of an opinion about her, but her rash behaviour makes him wary (though he did respect her standing up for Rook)

Gavin Zhou: 7 - He's got a bit of an attitude, but really he's alright in Devlin's books.

Victoria Adelaide Deveau: 6 - Glad to see someone is organising their studies, and he's eager to get his education finished.

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2013-04-25 [Flisky]: I keep getting notified that this page changes and the first thing that goes through my head upon seeing the changes is 'I just met you, and this is crazy, but I'm putting you on my relationship chart maybe?'

2013-04-25 [CuteCommander]: Noooo! You have tarnished my page with that song! But yes, it's mostly saying "met but don't know" :P

2013-04-26 [Flisky]: Sorry. That's what happens when you live with a 16 year old...

2013-05-01 [Haunted Fate]: CC, I've never seen you on this much in my life. My brain can't fathom it. xD

2013-05-01 [CuteCommander]: Trouble sleeping :P Plus, we're on a roll!

2013-05-01 [Haunted Fate]: Pfft. We're always on a roll. >w>

2013-09-06 [Figgy]: omg at Devlin's opinion on Shade. XD

2013-09-06 [CuteCommander]: I maintain that Shade is a good guy!

2013-09-06 [Figgy]: He's not. Hah

2015-01-25 [ancienteye]: Just so ya know, Gavin will go to great lengths to keep Devlin, Dani and Rook away from Coral (or, to be specific, her photographs of Gavin as a kid).

2015-01-26 [CuteCommander]: Gotcha :P

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