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Tips on how to use the Dictionary:

-Don’t take anything seriously. It will offend the dictionary.

Ok, so it was only one tip, big deal. Now, read on.

More tips on how to use the dictionary for the n00by C-people who need to have a manual.

1. Remember the key-tip.

2. Find the word you are looking for (hint: they will be organized in a rational way, but I won't give away the way that they are organized, figure it out) *end of patronizing part*

3. If a word is missing from the dictionary, message [iippo]. Note! You are only allowed to suggest a word, the explanation will be up to [iippo] to deside.

4. If you think that an explanation of a word is wrong, then tough, because they can't be changed. This stated here is the ultimate truth. Deal. *end of [SilverFire]-ey part*

5. If you are offended by the dictionary, you are taking it seriously, and therefore you are offending the dictionary yourself, so you deserve to be offended.

:8) - Smiley that indicates the sort of 'silent laughter' when you laugh but try to keep the noise down so you laugh through your nose... [Jeesum Crowe] invented it from my request, so I made a definition, she made a smiley.
20s - A decade which is often described as happy or merry, time of the Marx-brothers.
24 - A tv-show that has always 24, hour-long episodes per season and it tells the event of one day. Starring Keifer Sutherland.
420 - "I'm not 420. I am Shree 420!" A kind of evilosity-number, sort of thing that you have to get, like Catch-22. Apparently it has some uncool pot and Hitler-related associations too, but because stoned nazis are about as uncool as possible, such associations won't be considered in this dictionary.
60s - A decade in which the hippies were active, "Age of Aquarius", time of the Beatles.
70s - A decade which gave birth to punk-music and That 70’s Show.
A Beautiful mind - see Beautiful Mind, A
A Clockwork Orange - see Clockwork Orange, A
Addams Family - Group of persons related to each other consisting of weird and spooky characters
ADOM - Ancient Domains of Mystery, a Nethack-like computergame that you can download for free somewhere. It’s really cool. Although I have never played Nethack so I don’t know which one is better, Nethack or ADOM but you don’t know that and I won’t tell you so ADOM is way better than Nethack.
Aladdin - The boy who found the magical lamp in Thousand and one Nights, also Disney-film of the same event, which totally rocks.
Alanis Morissette - see Morissette, Alanis
Al Pacino - see Pacino, Al
American Football - see Football, American
Amelie - see Le Fabuleux Destin D'Amelie Poulain
Amethyst - A jewel, purple and pretty. [iippo] has one attached to a ring, it’s so pretty.
[Anarias] - The conqueror of the world. Is that the way you spell conqueror? Hmm, I’m not sure... man, wouldn’t it be embarrassing to have this really cool dictionary and then have a spelling-error in it and on the part about this really cool dude?!? So Andy is the to-be-ruler of the world. How neatly I avoided the possibility of having a mistake! ^_^ [iippo] is his Number 5.
Anderson, Richard Dean - An actor who people think was McGyver although he really is in Stargate SG-1, which is uber cool. The others are Carter, Daniel Jackson and Teal’c, who unfortunately is a rip-off of Star Trek Voyager's Tuvok. T_T My Teal'c is a copy. Y_Y
Andy Warhol - see Warhol, Andy
Angel - 1. A heavenly creature, sort of like a warrior of God. 2. A spin-off tv-show from Buffy the VampireSlayer but is way better than Buffy is, stars David Boreanaz. It’s not so ‘teen’ as Buffy is and it’s way more complicated with Angel’s problems (with the sun and mirrors and religious symbols) and all sorts of weird stuff like that green guy Lorne and stuff.
Animal Crackers - 1. Cookies shape of animals. 2. Film by Marx-brothers that owns but also lends to [Draugluin].
Animal Farm - A book by George Orwell that is horrible and disturbing but brilliant. Also movie made of it with Kelsey Grammer as a pig.
Anime - A type of cartoon and typical to Japan, see also Manga
Apes, Great - Includes Gorilla, Chimpanzee and Orangutan, also Bonobo, but that’s really just a small chimp.
Aphrodite - 1. A Greek goddess of love. 2. Character in Mortal lands played by iippo.
[ara] - A person located in the U.K, she’s Snape as wel las totally awesome.
Asterix & Obelix - Cartoon characters, live in Gaul in 33 B.C. They’re not gay you fitlhy-minded bastards! See BD! for something more.
Ball, Dragon - A japanese comic (see, manga) that has a cool and funny thing going on. Also DragonBall Z, but I have no clue what the Z stands for and Goku is never around in the show so it’s a bit confusing.
Bald - A way of human head, when someone has no hair, s/he’s called bald. May also apply to other bodyparts, but please don’t. Opposite of Hair. Also see Charles the Bald.
Banjo - A musical instrument that has the sort of bangy part like a drum has making the sound go prr. A theory exists stating that every new-born child should be given a puppy and a banjo. And the puppy can learn play the banjo when the baby is growing up.
Bash - Rhymes with mash. Porridge rhymes with orange, as does door hinge.
Bean, Mr. - A character played by Rowan Atkinson, a british comedian. Hysterical.
Beatles - A musical group formed in the 1960s, important influencer of popular music. That is, they are the most important band in the whole world.
Beautiful Mind, A - Film starring Russell Crowe, who tries to prove that mathematics is art. Believe him.
Beethoven, Ludvig van - A composer specially adored by the Peanut Schroeder, adored by iippo, adored by Rajat.
Benny & Joon - A film starring Johnny Depp as an adorer of silent film comedians, not as Benny nor Joon.
Berner-Lee, Tim - The inventor of www. A great fellow.
Billy Idol - see Idol, Billy
Bloom, Orlando - A pretty actor who don’t seem to be in any other sort of films than these huge historical epics that are now so popular which is a shame.
Blue - One of the three primary colours.
Blues Brothers - Jake and Elwood, stars of a film of the same name.
Bollywood - Sorta like Hollywood, except in Asia. Is the biggest film-industry in the world, way bigger than Hollywood. It's also muy cool.
Boris Karloff - see Karloff, Boris.
Bowie, David - An ubercool singer/songwriter from the 70s to the present. Eyes are different in colour due to a fist fight in his younger age (not due to some genetic oddity). [iippo] has seen him live twice, and he was sexy both times.
Brothers' Quarters - [iippo]'s fun oekaki-stuff that is not cartooney nor nudie. Basically she will just dump her oekakies there when they are done, because these stupid computers don't like Java that much, so she can't save them in bakaneko. There is also the Oekaki Garden for oekaki.
Bruce Willis - see Willis, Bruce
Budabest - 1. A town. 2. Rummy and yummy filled chocolates wrapped in silvery papers.
Buster Keaton - See Keaton, Buster
Caesar 3 - Computergame where the player rules a city of ancient Rome. Play that game to learn the awesome word that is pleb.
Cartoon's and Comics - Type of literature where there's images and only spoken parts are written (Comic) and animated tv-programs (Cartoons)
Catch-22 - 1. A thing you need to get. And it has a catch if you want to get it. 2. A book about the thing by Joseph Heller. 3. A film about the book about thing starring Artie Garfunkel, who is ever-sexy.
Chaplin, Charlie - A silent film comedian, a genius.
Charlie Chaplin - see above.
Charles the Bald - name for [iippo] by the Ginger One.
Cheese! - A type of dairy product that is preferably yellow and really tasty. Don’t get the one that’s called blue and smelly, that's all wrong.
Cherry-tomatos - Small red berry-like tomatoes that come to Finland from Spain. They have also been spotted in England, but it is uncertain whether they came from Spain.
Chicken Run - A wax animation film about chicken and their run for freedom.
Chocklad - Chocolate typed wrongly.
Civilisation 2 - A computergame where player controls a nation through history.
Claire, aka [Highwaywench] - A person who is interesting, may be located at The Stake and Hogwarts Express.
Clockwork Orange, A - Cool, disturbing futuristic film, ”the Ultraviolent” starring Malcolm McDowell.
Chris Kattan - see Kattan, Chris
Crish DeBurgh - see DeBurgh, Chris
Coelho, Paulo - A Brasilian author. This man is very wise, you really should read his books, like The Alchemist.
Coffee - A legal stimulant that is usually brown or black, steemy hot and tastes like... coffee.
Coltrane, Robbie - Actor, plays Hagrid, also did a tv-thing 'Coltrane in a Cadillac' which is so fun.
Conan O’Brien - see O’Brien, Conan also known as ”The Cone Zone”.
Contra bass - Big and fat (wait, that’s a pig that’s supposed to look like that) and has the uberist sound.
Corrupt a wish Something really uber that everything should try out.
Coventry University - University that is located at Coventry, England. [iippo] goes there, whoo!
Cowell, Simon - Funny man, judges in the Idol-stuff in some place or something.
Cusack, John - Actor, brilliant. Films: High Fidelity, Identity.
Dark Angel - Tv-show about mutants, directed at a male-audience. But has a nice dog-boy Joshua. They've made a movie now too that is Dark Angel ripped off to the bone, except not alba as the star but some fugly one.
David Bowie - see Bowie, David
David Eddings - see Eddings, David
Death 1. Happens. One of the reasons why Vanitas-paintings are done: it'll happen to all of us. But that will not make it any less difficult to deal with. 2. A lovable character in books by Terry Pratchett. He is cool (both the author and the character)
DeBurgh, Chris - A british singer/songwriter, has lovely voice and songs.
[deus-ex-machina] - Has proven to be impossible to describe in this dictionary. If you know what his name means, then I don't need to write it in this dictionary, if you don't know what it means then go ask him. If you want to know what kind of person he is, then... well.. read his house.
Devenir Saint - An rp... about... boys... and nuns... let your imagination do the math (and if you are thinking what you are thinking, then you need to go to Perverted Minds United) RP is closed. :O :(
Dharma & Greg - A hippie girl and a lawyer guy that married in the spur of the moment. Very funny tv-show.
Dogs - Canines, animals that go ‘woof’ and ‘bark’ and have ‘hairs’ and are very cute and sweet and useful.
Don Rosa -see Rosa, Don
[Dory] - 1. A sort of fish. 2. Character in Pixar’s Finding Nemo. 3. [iippo]’s sister.
Doublets A brain teaser word game that originated from Lewis Carroll.
Door hinge - A mechanic solution to keeping doors to walls. It kills if you put your fingers in it while closing the door.
DragonBall - see Ball, Dragon.
Dragonfly - An insect that doesn’t frighten iippo, on the contrary, she likes them.
Drama - Form of theatre, icluding actors and playwrights.
Drawing - Form of visual art, including pencils and pens.
Dumbledore, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian - The greatest modern wizard, Head of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardy. A genius. Probably not dead, although it would be better if he were. :(
Dustin Hoffman - see Hoffman, Dustin
Eddings, David - An american fantasy author, creator of the best fantasy story Belgariad and Malloreon. Also other works.
Edward Norton - see, Norton, Edward
ELBOW - 1. A body part that you can't lick. 2. A memory-helper to remember the subject matters of the impressionists - I have forgotten how to use the ELBOW. If you know, tell me please! Ó_Ò
El Dorado, Road To - An animation film about these two fellows who find the golden city. Donald Duck thinks that El Dorado is a man who lived in French Guyana.
Elephants - Mammals, two different kinds, the Indian one and African one. Frank is an excellent specimen.
Elftown - located physically in Sweden, it is the greatest online-hangout place imaginable, offering many features like wiki, forums aaand... well that’s about it. See also Elfwood.
Elfwood - An online gallery-thing offering amateur artists and writers to show their work. Also in Sweden.
English - Language that belongs to the germanic group, basis’s of the words come from Greek and Latin.
Eric Idle - see Idle, Eric.
EU - European Union, formed sometime earlier, has many europen nations in it that some have the same currency, Euro, and some have different, like Pound.
Ewan McGregor - see McGregor, Ewan
Fantasy General - A computergame where player has to direct his/her army to battle and win. What makes it ‘Fantasy’ is that there’s all sorts of wierd races there, like unicorns and orcs. This game rules.
Fasu Pala - see Pala, Fasu/Fani
Favourite URL: - Thinger in people's ET-houses that is usually the most interesting one. [iippo] changes hers frequently, don't forget to visit all hers. (past ones can be viewed in iippo's favorites)
Finnish Mythology Classroom - A wikipage teaching people about finnish epic, Kalevala. Temporarely slightly halted due to the professor’s problemic change of scenery (=going to another country to live).
Finding Nemo - A computer animation film about a fish whose son gets kidnapped and he tries to find him.] Finding Nemo fans are loonies but nice people otherwise. Just don’t speak whale to them, they’ll freak.
Friends - 1. People that a person considers close and trustworthy. 2. A tv-show considered to be the best sitcom in television history, starring Lisa Kudrow, Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc, Courteney Cox-Arquette, Jennifer Aniston and David.
Football, American - A game of sports where grown men struggle for 40 seconds about a ”ball” and then stand around and then do that again.
Ford, Harrison - American actor, starring in Star Wars films and Indiana Jones films. Sorta hot, he can really fly a plane, he learnt because he’s rich.
For the USA - A notice for all American citizens to read. So do that, otherwise you'll be hopelessly ignorant of what is going on in your own country.
Forums - Not a chatroom, be aware. So much fun, ask me if you wanna join the movies-forum, it’s really cool. Or ask someone else who is in that forum.
Frank - Elephant in Magical Bus Stop who is the bus. Had a child Lucille Dog Something, whose godfather [iippo] is.
Freaky Links - A paranormal tv-show. Can’t remember much about it, really, except that it was probably quite cool.
Freedom, Peace, Truth, Love - The keywords of the bohemians of the change of the century.
Gary Oldman - see Oldman, Gary.
Garfield - A really great comic/cartoon cat, which recently was made into a sensless, stupid movie and a sequel.
George Harrison - see Harrison, George
Ginger One - Has Ginger Powers. Also known as Spuffy the ChavSlayer and Fishbisquit.
God - Something you shouldn’t search in the internet but inside yourself or holy scriptures or something like that. Pschht.
Grammer, Kelsey. Frasier. Also a pig in Animal Farm and the Beast in X-Men, Sideshow Bob, and Lorelai Gilmore's second dream guy (Luke barely cut across Grammer when he made her dinner).
Grasshoppers - Insects that don’t frighten [iippo], small and often considered to be lazy, thanks to a tale by Aisopos. Also considered eager to learn by some cool Chinese guys, or why does everyone say "young grasshoppa!"
Great Apes - see Apes, Great
Greyhound - The neatest breed of dog, if you own one you have to own two. Greyhounds come in pairs, except [nokaredes]'s.
Griiechhhccchcch, griiechhhccchcch - A mating call of the "Fuckyawannalia Petrostroikalia" or "The common 40-year-old, balding paedophile". It appears commonly through internet and it is sometimes hunted for it's rare ability of wanting to hump innocent little children like [thuthuca] who want to watch pictures of Bambi on the net. It's most distinguishable features are a username that may or may not be sexually hinting, may or may not say to be a little girl and a wanting to know specific little details like "where do you live" and "what time do you get off school" Should be avoided, since it is poisonous and not good even after boiling, buttering, peeling, greasing or hitting in the head with a baseball bat.
Grint, Rupert - A young actor, played Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter-films. He’s so cool and very suiting as Ron, he rocks. I hope the kids (others Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson as Harry and Hermione) get to make all seven films.
Groucho Marx - see Marx, Groucho
Guitar - musical instrument, relative to the Banjo except without the drum-part.
Gwooohhohohoohohoh Shriek of laughter, made by [iippo] and inspired by Pixar's short film 'For the Birds'.
Hair - 1. Dead cells dangling from people’s heads (exception bald) 2. Musical about the hippies of 1969ish.
Halloween - 1. A holiday celebrating holy men (at least in Finland) and in other countries people get to wear costumes but that habit never took fire in Finland which is a pity. 2. Some film that’s of no importance.
Harold Lloyd - see Lloyd, Harold
Harpo Marx - see Marx, Harpo
Harrison Ford - see Ford, Harrison
Harrison, George - One of the Beatles (others Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr), the cool one, quiet one, [iippo]’s favourite one.
Harry Potter - see Potter, Harry
hats - 1. Items to wear on the head (whether you're bald or have hair is irrelevant). 2. Place for people who like hats like [iippo].
Herbology - Art of growing plants for use, taught by Professor Sprout.
High Fidelity - 1. What the shortening hi-fi stands for. 2. A film based on Nick Hornby’s book of the same name which is way better than the film, that starred John Cusack.
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Book (and film) by Douglas Adams that totally rocks. Other books by him: Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency and The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul.
Hobb, Robin - Author of these cool fantasybooks about this dude and this fool.
Hoffman, Dustin - Actor whose career got of from the film Graduate in the 60s and has succeeded in doing brilliant films since.
Hogwarts Expess - A great wiki roleplaying game about the Harry Potter -world that everyone who has read the books should join.
Hornby, Nick - British author that uses his surrounding popular culture in his books, like Quentin Tarantino does in his films. Hornby’s books ”High Fidelity” and ”How to be good” and some others. Most of his books are filmed, although books are always way better. - A film-clip that you should go see. Now.
Husband noun. A very emotionally charged word, meaning a married man. Word includes such emotions as trust, love, faith, friendship and safety.
Ice Age - 1. Time when the Earth was covered with ice, comes seasonally every howmany million years. 2. A kick-ass animation movie about a mammoth, sloth, tiger and a baby. 3. Not called the Nippy Era although some have suggested the name to be changed to that. It’s called the Ice Age because... of all... The ICE! 3. Something that [SilverFire] must see!
Idiot, the - 1. A person... 2. Book by Dostojevski that is a classic.
Idle, Eric - The coolest Monty Python (others Terry Jones, Michael Palin, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam and Graham Chapman), sings and wrote the Universe Song and a bunch of others. He’s so cool.
Idol, Billy - 1. An 80s solo-singer, earlier the lead singer of... I wanna say Generation X? Wrote Rebel Yell, therefore is legend. 2. Name given to the Immunity Idol in Survivors by [iippo] and [Dory]
Immortal Beloved - A film about Beethoven starring Gary Oldman.
Immortal Lands - A roleplaying game, sequel to the other one, name of which was Immortal Column or something like that (you don’t need to know the name, it’s not open anymore).
inarinkuvat A wiki for peepsters. The hidden, un-ET-ey (also called 'real') life of [iippo] unveiles...
Inc Monsters - see Monsters, inc
Indiana Jones - Film trilogy about an archeologist played by Harrison Ford. Quoth Indiana Jones: ”And the X never marks the spot.”
Internet - Way of communication across the globe, one of the reasons why the young of 21st century are called N(et) generation.
Invisible Man, the - Tv show about a fellow called Darien Fawkes who can go invisible because he has a gland in his brain and he works for the US government.
IrfanView - The best multimediaviewing program that you can get for free.
Isla Tortuga - 1. Island where pirates dwelled. It was well-known fact that the governor of Tortuga gave permissions to be a buccaneer (what is the verb for that, ‘buccan’? ”He buccaned the Caribbean”?!?) to a lot of people for immoral reasons, so in other words the island was basically ran by pirates. It’s all true, learn yer history-lessons better ye landlubbers! 2. Wiki where pirates dwell and it’s governor gives bucca-permissions and so on and on.
Jaana Kapari - see Kapari, Jaana
Jeans - Piece of clothing worn around the legs like trousers, actually they *are* trousers made of denim.
Jesus Christ Superstar - 1. The saviour. 2. A musical - actually a rock-opera - about the last days of Jesus Christ. Lappeenrannan Kaupunginteatteri (City theatre of Lappeenranta) did an awesome version of it, Jesus and Judas both rocked.
John Cusack - see Cusack, John
John Malcovich in Johnny English - Played ”Frenchie”, the frenchman who wanted to be King of England because he wanted to make the island the biggest prison in the world. Not to be confused with Frenchie who was not french nor king, but the worst tailor in New York and a brilliant cook, if the word of Harpo Marx is to be believed (and it bloody heck is to be believed so you better believe it!) Quote Malcovich’s Frenchie: ”Meeerde!!”
Jokers of Elftown - Link to here due to [iippo] being a great big fan of humour and joking. Click the link.... now.
Julius Cumember - A third year Slytherin student in Hogwarts. He’s pretty cool isn’t he...? ;-P (<-- not-patronising smiley).
Jussi Lampi - see Lampi, Jussi
Kal Ho Na Ho - An absolutely brilliant movie starring Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan who both rock everything. Absolute sobfest.
Kapari, Jaana - The brilliant woman who translated the Harry Potter -books to finnish and enriched the finnish language with such words as ‘Jästi’ (muggle), ‘Tylypahka’ (Hogwarts), ‘Huispaus’ (Quidditch) and ‘Dumbledore’ (Dumbledore)
Kari "Hissu" Hietalahti - A finnish actor known from the Vintiöt-group, best know sketch: The Myrskyluodon Maija and other Tervasaaren Kesäteatteri clips. (”Maija of Small Rocky Stormy Island” and ”Summer Theatre of Tar Island”).
Karloff, Boris - A horror actor, played the original monster of Frankenstein.
Kattan, Chris - Awesome comedian who was in the Saturday Night Live, he so cool and small. ^_^ Quote Kattan in character: ”Why does everyone think I’m one of those homo-gay?!”
[Kayne] - A husband.
Keaton, Buster - A silent film comedian whose trademark was his neverchanging expression, therefore named ”the stoneface” or something like that. See him in the film The General.
KillCharInc - Are you one of those people who have an excess rp-character lying around? Then donate him/her/it to KillChar! Your donation will be muchly appreciated, and KillChar promises totake very good care of him/her/it. Why? Because KillChar cares. ((created by [Augury], no one takes responsibility what the staff of KillChar shall do, calls to helpline cost 8.57 per minute plus the international call fee))
Kilmer, Val - Pretty actor, played Morrison in Doors and Thunderheart in Thunderheart.
Kinnunen, Santeri - Finnish actor plays the voice of Nigel in the finnish translation of Finding Nemo and hosts Kuutamolla.
Kurt Nielsen - see Nielsen, Kurt
Kyrandia, the Legend of - A computergame sequel to.... I wanna say Hand of Fate(??). Player controls the evil dude from the sequel, Malcolm.
Ladybugs - Insects that are usually red in colour and have black spots in their shell.
Lampi, Jussi - A really really tall finnish actor, fun and cool.
Larry, Leisure Suit - A desperate fellow who is in these computer games that are rated R. Created by Al Lowe. Huzzah!
Learn To Pronounce - Let this be a lesson for all of you!
Le Fabuleux Destin D'Amelie Poulain - Movie that should be mandatory to view to all humanbeings. It will inspire you to be a better person, to love and to see world as it is: a great place of imagination and pretty colours!
Leftöver Crack - A punkband that has the punkiest name of all the punkbands.
legs - Parts of body that strech down from the pelvis and are used to move around. Prettyful :3
Leisure Suit Larry - see Larry, Leisure Suit
Leon - A film about an assassin and little girl and crooked DEA cop, all which are played by top actors.
Liek - ”Like” spelled wrongly, mostly used by [iippo] because her ‘e’ is faster than her ‘k’.
Lionboy - A book by Zizou Corder, which is a fake name for a woman and her daughter. Lionboy is a very good british children’s book that grown-ups can read as well - like Harry Potter.
Lloyd, Harold - A silent film comedian, not a genius like Chaplin but really funny too.
Lord of the Rings - 1. A book by J. R. R. Tolkien about Hobbits, elves, wizards and what-not. 2. Film of the same name and topic by Peter Jackson.
[LordYu] - He was supposed to come to my uni but he went some other place because they wanted him after all. How mean of them to take [iippo]’s free friend when she’s moving to a new place. Ah well, see laa vii like the french say. He must be given tomatoes not cucumbers.
Mad About You - A television show that actually IS the greatest sitcom on tv. Ah Paul and Jamie are so brilliant, but that Lisa-character causes me physical pain.
Magical Bus Stop - Home of Frank the elephant and its child Lucille Dog Something.
Magnum Opus - 1. The single greatest piece of work by an artist. So you can say "Mona Lisa is the magnum opus of Leonardo Da Vinci" if you don't know a lot about art. Plural of opus = opera.
Manga - A form of Japanese comic, recommendable: DragonBall, Oh My Goddess, Son of Hiroshima.
Man on the Moon - Film starring Jim Carrey about Andy Kaufman, ”the anticomedian” who plays Latka in Taxi.
Marx, Groucho - One of the Marx Brothers (Others Chico, Harpo, Gummo and Zeppo), the really witty one.
Marx, Harpo - The mute one of the Marx Brothers, a great American comedian. See wikipage Harpo Speaks!.
Master & Commander - A film with Russell Crowe, the little british dude that also plays a hobbit and big ships and cool action.
Matrix - 1. A weird computer term, not the sort of cloth above a window that you often see outside shops and stuff. 2. Film about the computer thing, not the sort of cloth that you see above a window outside shops and stuff, starring Keanu Reeves.
Maus - An awesome comicbook about the holocaust.
McGregor, Ewan - A scottish actor who is really cool, films: Trainspotting, Star Wars 1-3, Moulin Rouge.
Mice - Plural for mice, does not cover one of the moons of Saturn, ice does.
Meri - 1. Finnish word for sea, ocean. 2. A word for 'mine' in the best language (female possession - ie 'meri dost' - my female friend. 'Mera dost' would be male friend and 'mere dost' my friends.) 3. [iippo]’s sister, [Dory].
Merry and Pippin - Hobbits, one of them is in master and commander, but not as the one that loses his hand. They're not gay!
Milliways - 1. Restaurant at the End of the Universe. 2. Forum at the End of the Universe, see also <URL:>
[Mom] - 1. The most important person in most people's lives. 2. A very talented artist here in Elftown. [iippo] haunts her to all the contests she enters... ^'^;;
Monkees - A band around the 60s that was formed for a tv-show which is uber-cool.
Monkey Islands - Computergame-series by LucasArts about this wannabe-pirate Guybrush Threepwood. It’s not an actual place.
Monsters, inc - Animation film by Pixar about the city of monsters who get their power from screams.
Monty Python - A group of british comedians (and one american) formed before [iippo] was born and parted before iippo had reached smartness. Consists of Eric Idle, Michael Palin, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam (amer) Terry Jones and Graham Chapman (late).
Moomin - A finnish cartoon-comic-fairytale by Tove Jansson about thes elovely creatures called moomintrolls and other things. Snuffkin is the best, Groke is so frightening.
Morissette, Alanis - Singer/songwriter who is rather cool and extraordinary.
Moulin Rouge - fr, Red Mill. A film about that place. If you are a decent person, you don’t want to know more about the place. If you are not decent, you already know what sort of place it is.
Mr. Bean - see Bean, Mr.
Mythology - Lore of humans, all nations have some sort of mythology.
Newsradio - A television sitcom that is fairly funny. Jimmy James is so uber, hah!
Nick Hornby - see Hornby, Nick.
Nielsen, Kurt - A norweigan dude who won the first World Idol contest although he looked like a hobbit.
Nightmare before christmas - A puppet animation film by Tim Burton about the king of Halloween: Jack Skellington.
Nirvana - 1. Buddhist state of mind that can be achieved through meditation. 2. 1990’s hit punkband led by Kurt Cobain who died tragically by his own hand 1994.
Nokia - 1. Place in Finland. Behind it there is forest, forest. 2. A finnish company that makes cell phones and rubber boots.
Noriko Show - A tv-program where a finnish actress pretends to be a japanese journalist, Noriko, and interviews finnish celebrities. Speaks really bad english and makes amusing mistakes.
Norton, Edward - American actor who has a strange boyish charm, see him in Fight Club and 25th Hour.
Nyman, Peter - A handsome and amusing finnish man.
NYPD Blue - A television series about a New York police prisinct or that thing what I can’t type and it feels really realistic.
O’Brien, Conan - Talkshow host, tall, red haired, handsome... married. (Damn). It’s a dream to be interviewed in Late Night. It’s so much fun. He should make a web-page called the COBweb.something....
O Brother, Where Art thou? - A film starring George Clooney and these two other fellows who like break out of jail for a strange reason, although I guess you don’t really need a good reason to want to get out of prison.
Ocean - Body of water that is big and salty where fish live. Holy.
Offended - An intelligent rant that you should all read, specially if you yourself are intelligent or if you get easily offended by things.
Offspring - 1. A child. 2. A punkband that keeks ass.
Oh My Goddess - Manga about these three goddesess. Kinda cool although there is stuff that I think aren’t that good (one of them is way too... something).
Oil paints - Medium of art used to paint paintings. Surprise anyone? No longer [iippo]'s favourite medium, because she has stopped painting. She is now a draftsman and an animator.
Oldman, Gary - Very cool american actor, in films like Leon, Fifth Element, Immortal Beloved, and Harry Potter 3. He’s so awesome.
Orange - 1. A very bright colour. 2. A very bright fruit. Not to be confused with satsumas, tangerines, mandarins, lemons, limes or kumquatses.
Orbison, Roy - ”The Big O” Singer and songwriter, hits 'Penny Arcade' and 'Oh, Pretty Woman'.
Orios! - Sort of cookies that have brown cookie and white stuff in the middle of two cookiehalves. I’m not even sure they’re called orios, in Finland they’re called Domino-cookies. Don’t confuse with Domino-game or the Domino-theory.
Orlando Bloom - see Bloom, Orlando
Pacino, Al - American actor whose charisma knocks ladies in the audience off their feet.
Painting - Form of art made with paints onto paper, canvas, wood ect. or a produce of the art form.
Pala, Fasu/Fani - Nice woffly chocolate treat that used to be called Fasu Pala (which is a good name) but was changed to Fani Pala (which is awful).
Pancakes - Edible flat things that you can slip under a door, assuming that there’s room under the door. If there isn’t it’s better to open the door.
PA. Pirates Anonymous - A roleplaying game about these pirates that are anonymous.
Paulo Coelho - See Coelho, Paulo.
Peanuts, the - A cartoon by Schultz about kids and a dog.
Peppers, Red Hot Chili - A band that’s sorta cool that [iippo] has seen live twice.
Peter Nyman - see Nyman, Peter
Pineapple-mandarin -juice - Juice made of Pineapple and mandarin.
Pirates of the Caribbean - 1. Outlaws that sailed in the Caribbean because it’s not cold in the Caribbean so their ships wouldn’t freeze because they really needed to flee sometimes, but sometimes they fought too. 2. Film about the outlaws described above, starring Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush and a bunch of other insignificant people.
Pirates - Same as Pirates of the Caribbean except they weren’t necessarely in the Caribbean all the time.
Platypus - A mammal that lays eggs and has a beak that lives in australia. Often considered to be a natural joke.
Pleb - A person... Also something to do with ancient Roman persons.
Pokemon - Anime, manga, computergame, consolegame, tradingcardgame, accessorysellingindustry about these monsters that humans can catch and use as pets or train them and make them fight each other. Addictive.
Poortvliet, Rien - An artist whose best work is illustrating, he’s done some great animal-paintings on books about Noah’s Ark and dogs.
Pope - Usually a fairly old fellow who is catholic and represents Jesus on earth and is said to hold the keys to heaven, kinda like St. Peter. Oh and he’s cool.
Porridge - Edible, made by boiling oats. Looks weird.
Potter, Harry - A character in J. K. Rowling’s books, a wizard boy who goes to wizard school. Every kid knows his name in the wizarding world and in this world too. When in the book a muggle is a person who can’t do magic, in this world a muggle could be a person who hasn’t read the Harry Potter books.
Pratchett, Terry - An author who has these amazing fantasy-parody books that you have to read!
Puppy - A child dog. Age of a puppy can be subjective: my puppy is three years now and no less puppy than the day he came to me.
Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha - A Bollywood film - name means ‘love had to happen’ - about love, starring this uber hot fellow whose name I can’t remember although it was only one word (it's Ajay Devgan) and a girl who totally rocks too (who is the one with only one word: Kajol) Man, this film is so great. And Ajay and Kajol are really married! How cool is that?! Oh and my Indian friends say it's not that good, but it is.
Rain - When liquid stuff (=water) comes down from the clouds to ground and makes everything wet. Holy.
Rajat 1. Finnish for "boundaries" or "borders". 2. Hindi for "silver". 3. Darling.
R. A. Salvatore - see Salvatore, R. A.
Red Hot Chili Peppers - see Peppers, Red Hot Chili
R.E.M - A very cool american band that has inspiring songs and a hot (but, sadly, gay) lead singer Michael Stipe.
Ressu - The amazing little mixed breed puppy who lives in [iippo]’s house and loves her back.
Rice - These small things that are thrown at people at weddings although they’re ment to be eaten with currysauce or as eggfriedrice.
Richard Dean Anderson - see Anderson, Richard Dean
Rien Poortvliet - see Poortvliet, Rien
Road to El Dorado - see El Dorado, Road to
Robbie Coltrane - see Coltrane, Robbie
Robin Hobb - see Hobb, Robin
Rosa, Don - A cartoonist, extremely talented in Donald Duck cartoons. The king of DD. Man, he’s so uber.
Roy Orbison - see Orbison, Roy
Rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle - A devise that can be used to glide across a huge hole if there is a rope over the hole. Must own one, I must!
Rui-bread - Rye-bread for real. Edible brown clump of thing that is recommendable to be eaten with cheese, and perhaps tomato.
Rupert Grint - see Grint, Rupert
SAGAS - Society Againts Goths And Smoking.
Salvador Dali - see Dali, Salvador
Salvatore, R. A. - A fantasy author whose most famous character is the dark elf Drizzt Do’Urden.
Santeri Kinnunen - see Kinnunen, Santeri
Saturday Night Live - Ah, it’s so cool, every comedian who is anything has been on SNL. Will Ferrell, Jimmy Fallon, Darrell Hammond, Chris Kattan, Tina Fey, Chris Parnell are just a few recent ones. Andy Kaufman was in the first SNL ever, Phil Hartman has been on it, that Belushi-fellow too. It’s a dream to get to host SNL...
Sculpting - A form of art where this dude chops pieces of marble to reveal the statue hidden inside the marble.
Seven Samurai - see Shichinin no Samurai and <poll:49741>
Sex Pistols - A punkband, the only and only true punkband.
Shalhoub, Tony - A brilliant actor, played the mad writer in Stark Raving Mad and the slightly mad detective in Monk. It seems that he has only the freaky parts, that are either insane or foreign.
Shrek - A film about an ogre Shrek and other stuff (princess, donkey, the sort)
Shichinin no Samurai - 1. Kambei, Kikuchio, Gorobei, Kyuzo, Heihachi, Shichiroji and Katsushiro. 2. Directed by Akira Kurosawa. Legendary, classic. gorgeous. <poll:49741>
[SilverFire] - The queen of Elftown, inventor of Hogwarts Express, The Black Haired Nine and [ara].
Simon Cowell - see Cowell, Simon
Simon & Garfunkel - Paul and Art(hur), well-known duo of the 60s, famous for their beautiful songs and awesome harmonies.
Simpsons - The all-american tv-family that Matt Groenig or whatever invented, consisting of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie. Also Snowball II and Santa’s Little Helper.
Singing - A form of musical expression that anything that can talk can do.
Smileys - A computer invention of forming facial gestures with puntual marks and whatnot. For example :-) ^_^
Snape, Severus - (aka Kalkaros, which is such an uber name, the translator Jaana Kapari is a genius!). The most brilliant teacher in Hogwarts (Dumbledore doesn’t count, he doesn’t teach anything), ah the fella who plays him in the films is so perfect, what is his name?
Snoopy/Ressu - 1. A cartoon dog of Charlie Brown in the Peanuts. 2. A real dog of [iippo]'s, lives in Finland.
Sonic - For some weird reason I want to continue this name with ”The Nuclear Hedgehog” although that isn’t said in the game, at least not in the one I have. Has a cool friend called Miles ”Tails” Prowler who has two tails. Oh, it’s a computergame.
Son of Hiroshima - A manga cartoon about the World War II in Hiroshima, Japan. Brilliant yet disturbing.
Sopranos - A realistic tv-show about the mafia, especially this man called Tony Soprano.
Spiders - An ugly, scary insect that miraculously can produse the strongest substance in the world and make beautiful geometric patters with it. One of God’s weirdest miracles.
Spirited Away - Such a lovely lovely lovely film about Chihiro/Sen who gets lost and I don’t want to give away the plot you have to see it! Made by the same guy who made Princess Mononoke, Miyazaki.
Star Wars - see Wars, Star
Summer - Time of year when sun shines, is warm and holiday. On the southern half of the globe christmas is during the summer which would be so cool, like the best parts of both seasons.
Sundays - Depending on the view of it, either the last day of the week, or the first day of it. Internet was accessible to [iippo] at those days back in the old days. Now it's every day.
Survivors - Hosted by a dude called Jeff, has americans sent to distant places without food to see if they die and who of them they vote off.
Surrealism - Style of art that either evolved into dada or evolved from dada or maybe they just were little alike or liked by the same people, but it’s intriuging. (fr. ‘over-realism’)
Tim Berner-Lee - see Berner-Lee, Tim
Terry Pratchett - see Pratchett, Terry
The Deus Awards - The only awards that actually matter. Go on and add yourself, you know you want to.
Theme Hospital - Bullfrog’s computergame where the player has to build and run a hospital and try not to get anyone killed.
The Idiot - see Idiot, the
The Invisible Man - see Invisible Man, the
The Legend of Kyrandia - see Kyrandia, the Legend of
The Monty Python Club - Place for Monty Python likers.
The Peanuts - see Peanuts, the
The Realm of Otterworld - War between humans and humansize otters is waged there, everyone should join.
The Stake - Wiki roleplaying game about mutants, not to be confused with steak.
The Tribe - see Tribe, the
The Wiki Awards! - an award that the Dictionary of iippo was given, among with some other cool wikis for the months of april and may, hopefully 2006.
Tim Burton Fanatics - A fanlisting for people who adore the moviedirector Tim Burton (Nightmare Before Christman, Sleepy hollow, Beetlejuice, ect)
To Be Or Not To Be - A film by Mel Brooks about jews around World War II and their theatre. Bloody brilliant.
Tony Shalhoub - see Shalhoub, Tony.
Tribe, the - A tv-show about future where there are no adults because they all somehow died.
Troy - 1. Ancient city near the Aigeian sea, setting of the Trojan war. 2. Film about the Trojan war where Sean Bean played Odysseus (nice nice)
T-shirts - Piece of clothing worn in the torso-part of body so everyone couldn’t see your bra (female) or your............... torso (male).
[thuthuca] - aka, El Greco. Pwns muchos, at least on the glompability-scale. He has the uberest hair, yep yep. Appendix A - meet El Greco:
Two Guys and A Girl - They also used to have a pizzaplace, but I never watched it with the pizzaplace so I don’t know about it, therefore it is not of importance. Irene rocks, she’s the loony redhead.
Val Kilmer - see Kilmer, Val
Voyager - 1. A traveller. 2. Branch of Star Trek, the awesomest branch.
Warhol, Andy - A great american pop artist, lived a fascinating life and painted everyday subjects like money and soup cans.
Wars, Star - A group of films by George Lucas that are cool.
Water - Element consisting of H2O and covering really much of the globe and the human body. Holy and very drinkable.
Whale - Very large animal that lives in water. One got lost and ended up in Finland.
Wiki - This thing where people can edit the same page and it’s really fun whence you get the hang of it.
Will & Grace - Television sitcom about a gay guy and straigh girl being friends. Amusing, especially their friends Karen and Jack are funny.
Willis, Bruce - American actor starring in Fifth Element and Sixth Sense.
Wind in the Willows - Fairytale about small animals and their life. Lo-ve-ly.
Wallace & Gromit - Three wax animation short films and one feature about a man and his dog. Do these rock or what?!
Wayne's World - A film about Wayne who sings ”Wayne’s World, Wayne’s World, Party time, Excellent!”
Weasley Twins - Fred and George, uber-cool guys in the Harry Potter books, I wish I knew the names of the fellas who play them in the films.... hint hint ;-)
What if... - A wikiplace for storywriters and artists, holds regularly contests to make story or image of a ”What if...” starter.
Writers block - First aid for writers to get help with their story and for people who like stories to help writers with their stories.
X-files - Television show about FBI agents who try to find the Truth that’s out there.
X-Men - 1. Men who used to have girlfriends or wives. 2. Mutants to Marvel at.

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2006-01-03 [SilverFire]: *hauntage*

2006-01-04 [ally]: *phew* (relieved sigh)

2006-04-24 [General Jelly Jiggler]: ...I recommend the manga, Death Note...

2006-06-09 [thuthuca]: Whoa! wiki-awarded! *congrats/hugs iippo* :P

2006-06-10 [iippo]: Ta. :3

2006-06-10 [thuthuca]: o.@ uh

2006-06-14 [nokaredes]: "Summer - Time of year when sun shines, is warm and holiday" isn't true for everyone, you know...I get my biggest break in winter, and another, smaller break in spring. >_>

2006-06-14 [iippo]: Then I suggest you go and make a "Dictionary of nokaredes" or something >_> Everything in the dictionary is the truth in my world, but you are free to have your own world and own truths.

2006-06-14 [SilverFire]: *points to tip 4*

2006-06-24 [nokaredes]: ...but making a dictionary of nook would be...copyright infringement!

2006-06-24 [iippo]: So your world is a copyright infringement? Well, mine isn't, it's all original and mine.

2006-06-24 [nokaredes]: ...not my world...the dictionary itself...

2006-06-24 [iippo]: But if you made a dictionary about your world, how could it be rip-offy, unless you live in someone else's world (whoa, that would be cool, to visit someone else's world...)

2006-11-08 [Delladreing]: *left out* :O :P

2006-11-09 [iippo]: ^^;
:D Phear not, the Second Edition: Return of the Dictionary is at hand!

2006-11-09 [Yncke]: Wiiiiiiii!

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