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2006-10-07 01:41:32
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Dil: A take on Death

I'm not afraid of dying. I don't know if it's terrible. I have never experienced my own death. It's not really comparable to any other experience in one's life, unless one speaks about 'sleep'. I don't find sleep that scary. Death is something unknown. The real question one has to ask is: should we fear the unknown? I guess I don't.

I don't fear death, but I'm still very mortal. I fear pain much more, I mean, it's something I know I despise.

Death is inevitable, get used to the idea.

One could argue that I do fear rape, even though I have never experienced rape before. But rape is a comparable experience. 1. I don't like to be forced into anything 2.I'm a prude, and I hate being touched. Especially by men. 3.It is probably painful.

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2006-10-07 [ceridwen]: Funny... Most strong xians I know don't fear death. They're positive they're going to heaven so it's fine with them. But when you think about it, if atheists are right and there is no heaven or hell, there's nothing to worry about anyways. So the xians are good to go. xP

2006-10-07 [Dil*]: That's Pascal's Wager. I've addressed that.

2006-10-08 [NOOOPE]: WEEE! Yey for Dil! I think all the crazyness around death is silly. Like, I seriously don't believe in an afterlife. I think when you're dead, your dead, like an orange, or a hamster or a frog. Poof! Nothing more!

Yet, like you, that doesn't scare me... doesn't leave me unsatisfied. I don't need there to be anything more, for there to be any meaning. As far as I care NOTHING has meaning. Life is a cool little thing that just happened to form and all humans are are really cool monkeys.

Death's death. No big deal. No one's scared of being born. It's all silly.

And like, worrying about the things you leave unfinished... what will you care? You'll be dead! You could die in your sleep and the end. You'll never know ya didn't wake. You're gone!

I'm freakish in that I find that comforting in a way.

2006-10-08 [Dil*]: You don't have the ability to care if you're dead :)

2006-10-08 [Fizban]: I would...what if my death was a catalyst for a series of horrible events to friends or family...

what if I die when I have several dependents.

2006-10-08 [Dil*]: That's why my motto is: "Never have children."

2006-10-08 [Fizban]: loyls...

2006-10-08 [The Scarlet Pumpernickle]: I'm not afraid of death.. in fact I look forward to it.. (sounds morbid I know) but it;s part of life...and this life is only the begining...

2006-10-10 [M_Sinner]: I admit that death has frightened me in the past, but I'm over it now. I'm virtually over pain, too, but that's for far different reasons. I do admit that I fear the unknown, which is likely why I feared death for a while. But once I came to realize that everyone experiences it, and most of them do just fine, I accepted the fact.

2006-10-10 [Dil*]: Oh, I'm a coward with pain.

2006-10-10 [Fizban]: You are will invent new pain for you, don't worry.

course, so am I, so who am I to talk XD

2006-10-10 [Dil*]: physical pain, I think I handle mental pain a bit better.

2006-10-11 [M_Sinner]: Mental pain, I'm not sure how I measure up. I don't really compare much. And I think we've ALL heard enough of the "Oh, my life has been so tough and hard, so your life must be easy!" to make anyone puke, so I suppose that there is no real comparing in that regard. Everyone thinks that their life is hard.

2006-10-11 [Dil*]: yeah, being mortal sucks.

2006-10-11 [Fizban]: one of those down sides of mortality lol.

hey, life would prolly be boring without it...

so have a finate but intrinsically interesting life...

or an infinate, but pointlessly boring life...forever?

least ofcourse the end for us is to go to a pit of flaming pain, then immortatily has its perks.

2006-10-11 [Dil*]: I want to be harry potter XD

2006-10-11 [M_Sinner]: "Life would prolly be boring without it..." -- fizban

Exactly! Suffering is what makes lifes joys worthwhile. Hence why I don't really think that my life is that bad... not because I haven't had a harder (or easier) time than other people, but I can draw from that. ^_^

And to be Harry Potter would be Meh... I'd rather be one of the random extras... because then I get magic, but I don't have to worry about the most powerful evil wizard in the world being after my ass.

2006-10-11 [Fizban]: HAHA! Lols...theres a plan.

but then you have a mudane life ahead of you in the world of magic. VS a more magical and adventurours purpose of life.

I found that to be one of the major drawbacks of the books. They mundanized the life of magic we commonly hold to be amazing, and reduced them to mere day to day occourances.

in some parts the scenes were good...but the way it was went about...almost took the magic out of magic.

2006-10-12 [Dil*]: No wait, I want to be the evil mage character from Dragonlance. Raistlin.

2006-10-12 [Fizban]: *sigh* everyone wants to be raistlin...

I loved palin, but he was too unselfish, not drawn enough to sacrifice enough to get the power he needed. To weak...

Either way fizban was the best, so I don't care.

2006-10-12 [Dil*]: Raistlin is quite deep.

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