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Welcome to Dint's art page!

I've seen other artists make similar pages to show their work here on Elftown. So, here I am sharing with you Towners my own doodles and drawings! I hope you enjoy it here.

Dint's Older Work

This is where all of my older artwork will live from now on. All the stuff I had on this page has been relocated to the wiki above! ^_^

[Last updated:]


[Please, please feel free to give helpful criticism! I desperately need it, and I want to improve! Thank you in advance. ^^]


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2006-11-16 [Dint]: Thanks! :) That was one of my first Naruto fanarts. XD

2006-11-16 [XxTsomexX]: awesome!! its really good

2006-11-22 [Pillowthief]: Hmm, this is not the first itme Ive seen your art [Dint], but it still seems to amaze me. I wish I had as much time on my hands as you seem to, it would take me a life time to do what you've done...

2006-11-22 [Pillowthief]: Oooh, thats a really good one from Shadow of the Collosus...

2006-11-22 [Dint]: Thanks [Pillowthief], I appreciate it. ^_^
Yup--art takes time, and lots of it. What free-time I have for myself I spend it to improve and to do what I love, and that's drawing. ^^;

Wander and Agro are way cool, I had to give fanart a crack after playing the game. XD

2006-11-23 [iippo]: Would you mind exporting the wiki, I would like to suggest it to be rated for the most artistic wikis -list..? :)

2006-11-23 [Dint]: Seriously?! I'd be happy to oblige!
Thanks so much [iippo]! :D

2006-11-24 [Hedda]: [Dint]: You should put a link to you house at the bottom too <img:img/mood/44166_1164145241.gif>

2006-11-24 [Dint]: I certainly will! I can't thank you guys enough for adding my humble page to such a fantastic wiki! *Is deeply honored*

2006-12-17 [Case Open]: You have such beautiful artwork, wow.

2006-12-17 [Dint]: Thanks very much, Rain! *gleeful smile* :D

2006-12-22 [Sienta]: Wahhh!! You're amazing [Dint]!! I wish I could draw like that...

2006-12-23 [Dint]: Thanks [Sienta]! *hugs* ^__^

2006-12-27 [eyes of frost]: Reno, Roxas and cool is that? R3...buahaha...

2006-12-27 [Dint]: Gotta love those guys! I'll have to draw a better picture of them in the future interacting with one another. Perhaps playing a roudy game of Texas Hold 'Em. The chaos!! XD

2006-12-27 [eyes of frost]: Who do you think would win? REnji with his monkey? Reno with his "go get em" attitude, of Roxas with his heartfelt warping ability? Who knows....*mysterious voice*

2006-12-27 [Dint]: Ah haa! That is a good question. Nobody shall know unless it is drawn! Will it happen?? That is another question one will never know. >_> *fades into the shadows of the coat closet*

2006-12-27 [eyes of frost]: *fades with her to watch the mysterious unknowing game*

2007-01-07 [Erubeus]: OMG!!! 0.0
-steals the smexy Zuko pic-

2007-01-07 [Dint]: H-hey!! Come back with Zuko!! XD
He's got a date with Katara at 7:30! XD

2007-01-07 [Erubeus]: Neva!! Katara can kiss my butt XD

2007-01-11 [eyes of frost]: Wow Dint, you've been ramping it up. *looks at the many new additions*

2007-01-12 [Kesela]: *wanders in* oooo...pretty. Graphically done, no?

2007-01-12 [Sienta]: [Dint], I am desprately aching to see the picture you are, have, or will draw of R3 playing Texas Hold 'Em. It will be so funny that I'm giggling just thinking about it. *giggles*

2007-01-14 [Dint]: *Pants* Whew, these past weeks have been a little busy! Thanks for all the comments, guys!! Most of my art is done entirely in photoshop with a wacom tablet, [Kesela]. ^_^ My pencil drawings need lots of work and TLC. XD [Sienta], I will so try and doodle a funny scenario of the R3's playing cards--but I have a lame sense of humor so it may or may not turn out. *needs to brush up on cards* >_> It's something to think about though! :D

2007-01-15 [Sienta]: Awww, I think you have a great sense of humor. Don't sell yourself short!!

2007-01-15 [Kesela]: short is a relative term anyway:)

2007-01-16 [Sienta]: Shut up [Kesela]. Don't make me growl at you.

2007-01-22 [Lerune]: art. ^^ Especially Zuko...I am addicted. XD

2007-01-22 [Erubeus]: -pokes [Lerune]-
Me too

2007-01-22 [Dint]: Thanks [Lerune]! You guys should start a Zuko fan club! I'd join it for sure. ^__^ Zuko is just too cool. XD

2007-01-22 [Erubeus]: I'LL DO IT!!!

2007-01-23 [Lerune]: I want a bow...for my birthday. =oP

2007-01-23 [Erubeus]: Hey Dint, I'm not trying to advertise on your wiki, but here Zuko lovers

2007-01-27 [NOOOPE]: woort! I love your art! Kudos!!!

2007-01-28 [Sienta]: YAY!!! You put the pictures for me up here!! Thank you so much for those. I know it's only the, I don't know, fourth time I've thanked you, but...... *gives in and huggle tackles again* THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!

2007-01-28 [Dint]: *Is huggle tackled!!* Whee!! No problem [Sienta]! I was really glad to do it! It's the least I could do for the awesome picture you drew for me! I have it printed off and tacked on my wall for all to see. My sisters also thought it was awesome. XD

We'll have to do some more artsy stuff again sometime, ne?!

2007-02-08 [Sienta]: Yay!!! Artsie stuff is so much fun. WE should indeed do this sort of thing again sometime. ^_^ I really enjoyed it.
Ooooooo, wiki ideas popping into my head.....

2007-02-08 [Ashoka Virlym]: those are awsome drawings

2007-02-08 [Dint]: Hmm, I wonder what those wiki ideas are about Sienta?? *excitement*

2007-02-08 [Dint]: Thank you so much [Dragonnight]!! :D Glad you like my sutff! ^__^

2007-02-08 [Ashoka Virlym]: *nods*yep^^*smiles and nods*

2007-02-08 [XxTsomexX]: weeee!!

2007-02-08 [XxTsomexX]: your art is so much better than mine...

2007-02-08 [Dint]: Nonsense, [XxTsomexX]! Don't go an' sell yourself short. Every artist has to start somewhere, right? Your art is awesome! *Sings like Dori* Just keep drawing, just keep drawin, just keep drawing! XD

2007-02-08 [XxTsomexX]: XD lol

2007-02-08 [XxTsomexX]: byw, the salty pic on yhour page... I can do that, as sad as it is :P

2007-02-08 [Ashoka Virlym]: lol *smiles* i really like your art style^^

2007-02-08 [XxTsomexX]: thanks

2007-02-08 [Erubeus]: you're a very good artist..
Much better then me TT
I wish I could draw like you

2007-02-13 [Sienta]: I'll tell you when I have some ideas finalized.... *looks mysterious* I'm still playing with them.....*tries to sneak away*

2007-02-13 [XxTsomexX]: XD

2007-02-14 [Ashoka Virlym]: *walks in*

2007-02-14 [Sienta]: *trips when sneaking away and runs into wall multiple times looking for the door* Hah!!!! There you are!! I assure you my friends, I am cone sold stober.

2007-02-14 [Erubeus]: O.O
Are you sure about that?

2007-02-14 [Dint]: *hides empty bottles* >_>
HUH...who's drunk?! [Sienta]?! You're drunk?
Don't hurt yourself, now. Remember that door is made of...solid...matter. Yeah. Solid matter. And you could hurt yourself on that in your stupor. *sage-like nod*

2007-02-14 [Erubeus]: -sighs and rubs head-

2007-02-15 [Sienta]: HAH!!! That's what you think!! Mind over matter my friend, mind over matter. *hic*
*Intense concentration* You will let me through.... *walks into door and gets knocked out cold*

2007-02-15 [Erubeus]: ._.

2007-02-16 [Tesa]: .....*Sets up a pub* *Irish drinking music playing in background* *Drys out a mug and sighs*

2007-02-16 [Sienta]: *sits up, suddenly conscious* Oooooo, more alcohol!! Do you perhaps have a fine red wine? *pulls up a chair and holds out glass with a big grin on face*

2007-02-16 [Erubeus]: ._.

2007-02-17 [Sienta]: Am not!!! I'm a.... conoisseur. *grin*

2007-02-17 [Erubeus]: Fine...I belive you -sarcasm-

2007-02-17 [XxTsomexX]: i dont like that stuff....

2007-02-17 [Tesa]: *gives you a small glass of sweet red wine* Just a tad though-- it's healthy you know! But, when you over do it..*nod nod nod* Who wants a Shirley Temple?!?!? Any one?!?!

2007-02-17 [XxTsomexX]: XD

2007-02-17 [Dint]: Oh my gah! There's a pub here all of the sudden?! I've been missing out you guys! [Tesa], set up two glasses of Arbor Mist for me an' [Sienta]! XD

2007-02-17 [Tesa]: *Rolls two glasses out all suave like and fills them* "Welcome! Welcome!!" *Tightens pink apron* "Can I interest you in a burger?! On the house?!?!"

2007-02-17 [Sienta]: No thank you, I like cheese with my wine. And crackers. And chocolate. *sips wine*Thank you [Tesa]!! That's just what I wanted. *Moves over to make space for [Dint]*

2007-02-18 [Tesa]: *Hands [Sienta] cheese and crackers.* "You are so VERY welcome." *Gaelic Storm strikes up the band* "I LOVE this place..." *swoons*

2007-02-18 [XxTsomexX]: weee! Im doing another art contest XD

2007-02-20 [Dint]: Which art contest, Tsome??? :D

2007-02-20 [XxTsomexX]: in my mood <3

2007-02-23 [Nightfall]: yay! Drizzt and Cattie Brie! and Renji! Absolutely fabulous work! I love it and am envious hehe.

2007-02-23 [XxTsomexX]: lol

2007-02-23 [Dint]: Thank you [Nightfall]! I'm glad you like my stuff! :D Who can't love Drizzt and Cattie-brie! They're just so...adorable...(for lack of a way better word.) XD *3am and brain dead* XD

2007-02-23 [Mack]: wow, very good

2007-02-23 [Sienta]: Where did the pub go?!?! Oh well, no matter. I have a confession to make. I don't know who Drizzt and Cattie-brie are. *sweatdrop*

2007-02-23 [Linderel]: Drizzt is... Drizzt Do'Urden, the most famous drow in history. Mainly because he's so unlike his kin. Search for R. A. Salvatore's Dark Elf Trilogy. Or, well...
Catti-brie is one of his friends.

2007-02-23 [Sienta]: ...... okay. I feel slightly sheepish now. <img:stuff/sh-gif.gif>

2007-02-23 [XxTsomexX]: lol

2007-02-23 [Sienta]: IT'S SO COOL!!!!! Now I want to read it.

2007-02-23 [Linderel]: Read it! It'll definitely be worth your while. :D

2007-02-23 [Sienta]: Now I just have to find the time to go to the library. I'm suffering from new book withdrawl. ^_^

2007-02-23 [Linderel]: I'll have no problems of that variety any time soon, as you probably saw from the reading list. xD

2007-02-23 [Sienta]: Yup. My problem is that I read too fast. I read Harry Potter #4 (Triwizard Tournament) in a day. Gift and a curse. he he

2007-02-23 [Linderel]: Dude, that's fast. o_O I could probably do that only if I had the whole day to dedicate to reading, and not have to do anything else. :P

2007-02-23 [Sienta]: I know. -_-;

2007-02-24 [blackMermaid]: dude you have awsome work! i really like your style

2007-02-24 [Nightfall]: You're very welcome! :) I've yet to meet anyone who's read drizzt books and loved him. he's so awesome :D *thinks* criticism... criticism... uhmmm you're stuff is awesomeandbetter than mine so that's hard to say. uhmmm Catti-Brie's hair should be more red? lol

2007-02-26 [Dint]: Holy crud! I've been missin' out on a lot of conversation here. *pant pant* I can't seem to keep up with you guys!! XD [Sienta], you should totally look up the Drizzt books. *nods with [Linderel] and [Nightfall]* Dark Elf Trilogy rules! XD

As for Cattie-brie's hair... I agree it should be a bit redder. But I was imagining them in Drizzt's cave in the Sojourn book, so the colors would be more subdued?? I dunno???! *le twitch* XD Thanks for the input though. I need it mucho grande! Maybe I’ll mess around with her hair color sometime and see what else I can do to make it a bit redder! XD

2007-02-26 [Dint]: And thank you [blackMermaid]!! Glad you like my stuff! :D I appreciate it!!

2007-02-26 [Sienta]: He looks sexy.... it may be worth my while. *mischievous grin*

2007-02-26 [Dint]: Drizzt is...*cough* very handsome. ^__- And now, because I am a crazy fangirl, and because I want you to become obsessed too, check out the awesome Drizzt art by the amazing...TODD LOCKWOOD!
*applauds* XD

2007-02-26 [Sienta]: I'm going to look immediately..... and I should warn you, it doesn't take much fro me to become a fangirl. Totally off subject, but did you watch the Oscars?

2007-02-26 [Dint]: I was watching the Ocars a while ago, but then I got kind of...bored with 'em. XD I'm not interested in any of the movies that were nominated...except for Pan's Labyrinth, and Pirates.

2007-02-26 [Sienta]: OH..... MY.... GOODY GUMDROPS.... HE'S SO HOT!!!!!!!!!! *salivates* And the artist! The skill! *tears* It's so beautiful.....

Yeah, I'm one of those sad people who's addicted to the Oscars. I write down the results and all. ^_^;;

2007-02-26 [Dint]: Todd Lockwood sure is fantastic! (and Drizzt! XD) :D *nod nod*

You're not a sad person for doing that! Since I didn't watch all of the Oscars, could you tell me if you can...did Pirates win anything else besides special effects????

2007-02-26 [Sienta]: No.... *sniff sniff* Nothing truly interesting happened in the fantasy realm... Oh, I have a question. I haven't seen Pan's Labyrinth yet. Did you, and if you did, was it good?

2007-02-26 [Dint]: *Sadness* Pirates deserves more!
No, I haven't seen Pan's Labyrinth...yet! I really want to, though! I stalk the website and watch the trailers and listen to the soundtrack. I hope it comes out on DVD soon so I can rent it! ;__;

2007-02-26 [Sienta]: Yeah, Poor Pirates... And poor Peter O'Toole!! He lost leading actor, AGAIN!!! Eighth Oscar nomination, no wins...
I want to see it, but I have to convince my parents to let me see it. The whole rated R thing gets in the way again...

2007-02-26 [Dint]: I love Peter O'Toole! Can I just say...Lawrence of Arabia! He was excellent in that movie. But that was a looong time ago. XD Poor guy. He's got to win something before he dies. :(

Dang those R ratings! My mom was strict about what I watched too. But now that I'm older she doesn't mind so much. I remember when Nightmare Before Christmas first came out. She wouldn't let me see it. XD But that was probably a good thing because I got scared very easily. XD *pathetic* Mother knows me too well. XD

Hopefully your parents will let you see it though. Do they watch movies that you want to see first? You know, like screen it? XD (Again, my mom used to do that. XD)

2007-02-26 [Sienta]: Oh my god yes!! They have to see it before I can... but then after seeing it once they don't want to see it again!!! So I can't watch it! *huff* But I'm old enough now, and I'm much more mature than my age (according to adults), soooo.... Agh! whatever.

Yeah, my mom's friend let us see Nightmare Before Christmas when I was about, uh, seven? Don't remember. But it scared the living daylights out of me. My mom was so mad. I'm one of those people who love ghost stories and thrillers, but ends up huddled on my bed trying to convince myself it was not Jack Skellington I just saw in the closet. ^_^

2007-02-26 [Dint]: *laughs* Yeah, I can relate with you there! Luckily though, I have older siblings to take me, and to convince my mom about certain movies. Glad those days are over though! Poor parents, they're just trying their darndest to look out for our well-being. XD

I didn't see Nightmare until I was 12 or 13...I can't quite remember. I now think that Jack is a huggly skeleton man, and I think Sally is purdy. ^__^

To this day, I still get scared easily. I can't handle zombie movies. I don't know what it is about them, but they scare the crap outta me. I love to watch my brother play Resident Evil on the playstation though. But I have crazy dreams afterwords. XD

2007-02-26 [Sienta]: I loves my Jackie. *huggles* He's so.... nieve. Which is odd, but true. Sally is sweet. JACK!!! WHY WON'T YOU AKNOWLEDGE SALLY?!?!? This is why I play Kingdom Hearts. Then I can see Sally and Jack get together, and it makes me happy. And then there's Riku.... But that's not why at all. *lecherous grin*

I'm the oldest in the family. It's a pain, especially when the younger sister is the perfect one... *sigh* But I do my best. But my mom and I ... don't exactly see eye to eye on a lot of things. Love her to bits (most of the time)but I guess we're too much alike. Which I hate to admit.

ACK!!! Zombie movies... EVIL!!!! I got nightmares from watching Wishbone, The Time Machine, I can't handle zombie movies. (I was young give me a break. That well monster was scary) I can handle M. Night Shamalan though.... odd.

2007-02-28 [Your Favorite Stranger]: AHH! The Thief and the Cobbler! I love that movie, nice artwork!

2007-02-28 [Dint]: AH-HA!!! I knew somebody would recognize Tack sooner or later! Right on! Right on! XD Thief and The Cobbler rules! :D
Thanks for the awesome compliment! :D

2007-03-01 [Darian Hawke]: Dint I dont have much to add from whats already been said but bear with me please while I rehash a bit.
You're freakin' awesome! I absolutly love your work! If disney doesnt scoop you up then they are crazy!
*Claps for Jacinta!*
Will you remember me when you're famous? :-)
*Reserves tickets to Jacinta's cartoons*

2007-03-22 [-Opi-]: OMG I LOVE YOU! YOU DREW FAUN! ^.^;; sorry...He was such as awesome character, and the movie was soo good! You're an amazing artist. Keep up the wondrous work!

2007-03-23 [ketsu]: The new one is creepy... good, but creepy.

2007-04-14 [Lolli Love]: your art is like awsome and it soooo beautiful too ^^ you are very good

2007-04-14 [Dint]: I've been very fortunate to have such nice people comment on my work!! Thank you very much everyone! :D
Thank you [Lolli Love]! :D

2007-04-19 [Nightfall]: Amazing, I finally noticed something I can actually honestly give you a constructive criticism on. The study you have, I think it's called eldaris 2007, his forearm is toooo long in the one where he's sorta steepling his fingers :D Everything else is still way better than I can do hehe

2007-04-30 [Milena]: ta-len-ted!

2007-06-08 [General]: Yeah, I'm just gonna stalk this page too. XD And your Deviant... MUWAHAHAHAHAHA

2007-06-15 [Entropy]: I love your art, you're extremely talented and I really enjoy studying all of your peices. Really, good job, it's so amazing. The only thing that I would offer in constructive critism would be that I've noticed in a lot of your drawings, the legs seem a little short. Perhaps it's just how you draw, and it still looks great, but I thought I should mention it anyways :P

2007-07-26 [iippo]: I am so glad you discovered opacity in brushes ^^ Looks awesome, mate :D

2007-07-30 [Nightfall]: Drizzt and Guen! woot! I don't think the hind legs are quite right on the cat, namely on the top right sketch, but awesome otherwise :)

2007-08-11 [GoneGone]: I'm kinda curious about the story behind the angry woman and boy. I'm probably wrong, but the sack around his neck -- is that his bond price?

Please tell me there is a story. I can't stand tantilization.

2007-08-11 [Tesa]: It's a Drizz-it!! And there are a whole SERIES!!!...@___@....*oogles over Drizzt*

2007-08-11 [Dint]: There certainly is a story to that picture, [GoneGone]! Those are my interpretations of the characters from a series of books called "The Dark Elf Trilogy" by R.A. Salvatore! AMAZING read! They're brother and sister, males are lower than the females, aaaaand that little pouch hanging from little Drizzt's neck holds the family's House emblem. Or something. Why can't I remember now?? At any rate, it's a really good read!

2007-08-11 [GoneGone]: Oh. Right. That series. *is embarrassed*

Thank you!

2007-08-22 [Zab]: Great work^^

2007-08-24 [Dint]: Thank you, [Zab]!! :D *glee*

2007-09-20 [ketsu]: I like the vamp

2007-09-21 [Dint]: Thanks, [ketsu]!! When my sister saw it she said, "Gosh, that's scary. But he's happy!" I was trying to make him as cute as possible. >__>

2007-10-24 [Maeve104]: Ooooh! All so pwetty! You're great at drawing hands and faces from different angles-something I haven't quite got the hang of yet. Great art!

2007-10-25 [Dint]: Thanks very much, [Maeve104]! I love drawing faces---they're hard to do, so I can totally understand where you're coming from! @__@ You also have some rockin' art in your house! :D You have crazy-good color pencil skills!

2007-10-27 [ketsu]: The latest one, that's good. I like the pose a lot.

2007-10-27 [Dint]: Thanks! ^__^ I was doodling around trying to draw bodies and that lizard dude popped out. His body is still wonky looking, but I posted him anyway. <( ^_^ )> Thanks for the comment, [ketsu]! It's always nice to get some feedback! :D

2007-10-31 [Sienta]: *pops in* Well lookie here. Hello Dint, nice work you've put up here since the last time I was in. *sage nod* Wine?

2007-10-31 [Dint]: [Sienta]!! It's nice to see you around! :D Yeah, I've been updating here a bit--unfortunately been neglecting my Deviant account again. (doh!) 
Make yourself at home here! *thankfully takes some wine and brings out cheese to have with it* :D

2007-11-01 [Lady Evangeline]: does dint have a fanpage? me thinks if she doesn't then she should...

2007-11-18 [earmuffs]: dem fishies be very nice

aka (nice pictures captain)

2007-11-19 [Dint]: Glad you like my fishies, [earmuffs]. XD I'm very much obliged you left a comment. Thank you!! :D

2007-12-02 [Sienta]: Agh!! I just saw that picture you drew for me forever ago of my character Simon, and I STILL love him! especially the colored one.

2007-12-03 [Dint]: Awright for long-lasting doodle love! :D Now that I look back on Simon, I'm all, "Dang, I wish I would have drawn him better!!" Maybe I'll resketch him and see what changes...?? If I do, you'll be the first to know! XD

2007-12-12 [Cathos]: Ha! Your neutron dance! A friend of mine does what we call a physics dance, he gets so excited when he explains things that he ends up almost bouncing up and down with glee!

2007-12-12 [Dint]: I'm surprised you could read my sloppy writing. I was listening to the Pointer Sisters on Youtube and felt all 80's for a half hour.
 That's hilarious!! XD I love it when people bust out's like you're living in a musical...and I like musicals. XD

2007-12-17 [Sienta]: Don't be rough on yourself!! I love that picture of Simon. The color one... he looks so sad, and pretty, and simonish, and pretty....

2007-12-18 [iippo]: The new harpist is wonderful! It's my new favourite of your drawings. :) Moar traditional drawery pls?

2007-12-18 [Dint]: Thanks so much [iippo]!! I forgot how nice drawing with a pencil is after using the tablet so much. I have so much more control with the pencil!! XD Why did it take me this long to realize?! XD But yeah, I'm totally going to use traditional means for my linework more often, I think! :D

2007-12-29 [Easterling]: This is amazing! I love that scary bald guy.. :D

2007-12-29 [Dint]: Thanks [Easterling]! :D That scary bald dude was so much fun to paint. It felt awesome to do draw something that I don't usually do. I listenened to the Silent Hill soundtracks while doing it...spoooookyyy! XD Thanks again! :D

2008-01-06 [nathie]: ooh, you have some really nice stuff here! :)

2008-01-07 [Dint]: *gasp* Thank you, [nathie]!! That means a lot coming from you! :O I'm glad you like my scribbles! *excited grin* You've made my day by commenting! :D

2008-01-07 [nathie]: you´re most welcome! i love the new one - the warrior holding the kid. that´s really cute. anyway, i´m watching this wiki now. ^_^

2008-01-10 [Caoinceol]: I think your work is great! I really can't think of any criticism that might help .... maybe with the lady on the couch, I think the perspective may be a little off on the furniture, that's the only thing I can see, but it's all sooo good

2008-01-11 [Dint]: All of you guys seriously rock! Nathie, I can't thank you enough for watching my wiki! I'm really, REALLY honored!

And [Caoinceol], thank YOU for the awesome critique and comment! It's nice to get some feedback on what I need to fix and it helps me out a lot! Thanks guys!! :D

2008-01-14 [nathie]: i love the new scribble sheet you uploaded. so many different faces and expressions. :)

2008-01-21 [Dint]: Thanks Nathie!! :D *happy smile*

2008-02-14 [nathie]: the new one is really neat and clean, good job! i love how you draw faces, every person has a real character. :)

2008-02-14 [Dint]: Thanks Nathie!! This one is a fanart of Frollo from Disney's version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame. (I thought it would be kinda suiting in an odd sort of way to draw him on Valentine's Day. XD) It's really hard for me to do clean line art, but I did it, by golly! :P

2008-02-28 [Calico Tiger]: *stalking wiki page* I love your artwork!

2008-02-28 [Dint]: Wow! [Calico Tiger]! :D I've seen your stuff all over Elftown!! I'm really happy that you like my stuff and I'm honored that you're watching my wiki! Thank you so much!! :D

2008-02-29 [Zab]: You're evil you know..*steals talent*

2008-02-29 [nathie]: rrrrawr! who is that dark haired sexy man? :)

2008-03-04 [Dint]: *chases after [Zab]* Come baaaaaaaaack! I need that to rule the world!! XD
*giggles at [nathie]'s comment* He's just some drunken samurai dude. Facial hair is sooo nice! XD

2008-03-04 [Calico Tiger]: *starts giggling at Basch* I imagine it'd be pretty disconcerting having these icons suddenly appearing over your head XD

2008-03-05 [Zab]: Noooooooo! Nevah! *clings to talent* x)

2008-03-06 [Lerune]: *squees* Sokka!

2008-03-06 [nathie]: aaaw, the "nap" pic is sooo cute! :)

2008-05-30 [emerald_phenix]: ok so, i saw some pics where the proportioning was off and some where the clothes and hair need more detail....

2008-05-30 [Dint]: Thanks for the insight, Emerald. =) I struggle with proportions in anatomy, and I'm working to improve that. I'm trying to improve on detailing as well. I gotta stop being lazy! XD
Thanks again! It's much appreciated. ^__^

2008-06-06 [Calico Tiger]: Oooooo he's evil-looking and pretty. Excellent! >:D

2008-06-06 [Dint]: Thanks Calico!! :D Eldaris is a really old character--I don't know why I don't draw him more often...???
He's good deeep, deeeeep, deeeeeeep down. Somewhere. XD

2008-06-06 [HardRockAngel]: <img:44166_1164145147.gif>
you have some serious talent

2008-06-06 [Dint]: Thanks so much [HardRockAngel]! *humbly bows back to you* ^___^

2008-07-13 [Perplexity]: Do you work professionally as an artist? If yes, where and what projects have you worked on. If no, WHY THE HECK NOT?!?! I've been haunting your house and this page for a little while now, and I just wanted to finally let you know how much I admire your talent.

2008-07-16 [Dint]: [Perplexity], your kind words made me ooze with happiness! Do you see my ooze?! It's pink and sparkly looking!

I wish I worked professionally--that would be a life-long dream! But right now, my stuff isn't up to par. I must keep practicing and perfecting! Also, I can never seem to finish a drawing, and that's something I really need to work on by putting more effort into what I ought to finish. *so, so, so, laaazy* XD
 Thanks so much for "haunting" me! :D Getting wonderful feedback and support from people like you really helps to push me onward!

2008-07-16 [Zab]: Of course you're good enough to work professionally..O_o
You just need to find out how to start and build up a contact net:P

2008-07-19 [Perplexity]: It is pink and sparkly looking... and smells a little bit like bubblegum... *pokes it*

2008-07-25 [Galatea]: Yay new arts! ^_~

2008-07-26 [Dint]: [Zab], you too have the power to make me ooze with delight and happiness! Man, I won't have enough ooze to goosh pretty soon! XD Call me retarded, but I have no idea what a "contact net" means---or what it consists of---or what they do. XD I am forever dooooomed!

2008-08-15 [iippo]: That OC meme thing so incredibly awesome. You should put it on a wiki of its own, and people from far and wide would come to marvel at it: it would be declared a national treasure; people would believe it had healing powers; happiness would spread throughout the land; that meme would spread throughout the land too...

2008-09-01 [NOOOPE]: These are all freaking awesome!! You're lucky I'm hungry and tired right now, 'cause my envy would lead me to destroy you. I just read the character meme, and for some reason... when the cop pops out and says, "Did someone say justice?" I exploded. I'm all better now, but that was awesome.

2008-09-04 [Dint]: You guys crack me UP! That meme nearly sucked the life out of me--mainly because I had to make up all the rest of the characters in there besides Hiranan and Eldaris! XD I'm glad it's getting such a positive response though...despite the lame-o gags! Ffffttt, humor destroys me when I have to create it!! XD *brain melts*
That cop was actually my favorite part...hence the comeback!!
And [NOOOPE], thank you for liking my stuff--it's a huge honor. :D
Everyone is so good to me. ;__;

2008-09-07 [Calico Tiger]: That meme is hilarious and well drawn <3

2008-10-24 [Dr. Nurse]: Whoa!!! You are one FREAKIN AMAZING artist! XD
envyenvyenvy~ >3>

2008-10-24 [Zab]: I'm so late with this response..I forgot what I was talking about xD

If I get your talent to draw humans, you can get my talent to draw horses.. >_> What do you say?

2008-10-28 [Dint]: Thank you [Calico Tiger]! That meme nearly killed my left hand. It was all cramped up, my fingers unable to move, looking like a tangled, sad spider! XD I can laugh about it now...XD

[Dr. Nurse], THAAANK YOUUUU! I stalk your house, if you haven't noticed...because your art is freaking amazing tooooo!

2008-10-28 [Dint]: [Zab], I would gladly give up drawing humans if you could bestow me with the power to draw amazing horses like you do.
I've tried, and I fail miserably every time.
You should make amazing tutorials for inept horse/animal drawers like me. I love centaurs...but the horse part...I...can't...DO IT!
*hangs head in shame*

2008-10-28 [Zab]: I know..I draw the horse part, you draw the upper body.. >_> It'll be amazing! :O
I've made tutorials!:O But they doesn't help anyone.. xD And I guess they're not that much about drawing horses..>_> I just put a lot of lines together and there be a horse! :O Even when I try to draw dragons or dogs it ends up as horses.. O_o;

2008-12-21 [Rice]: I love how you can seeso much improvement with each picture.
I love how you colour.
My favourite picture is the grey and black army looking man near the top.

2008-12-21 [Zab]: I have so many favorites I can't pic one..

2009-02-08 [Sienta]: Hey there! It's been a while, huh? You're still as fantastic as ever I see. *sigh* Someday I will measure up. I DID paint one awesome dwarf king tonight...

I hope things are going well for you! So sorry I dropped off the face of the earth.

2009-02-23 [Pnelma Tirian]: Awesome stuff here. :D

2009-03-10 [organicparadox]: just found myself a goldmine. great art in here bro.

2009-04-16 [Zab]: Hate-level is raising..:O TEACH ME TO DRAW!!!! D<

2009-04-16 [organicparadox]: i definitely take a lil sip of hatorade everytime i look at his shit, lol.

2009-04-17 [Zab]: It's nothing less than evil..:(

2009-04-18 [Dint]: I induce people to hate me by scribbling!?!?
What kind of power do I possess?!?!?!
Let me make peace with y'all and offer you profuse amounts of cookies and hugs of looOOooooOOoove!

*timidly hugs Zab and Organic* ^-^;;

2009-04-18 [Zab]: Is the cookies spiked with talent? :(

*pokesd* You forgot to log on again! I never get to chat with you...*cry*

*hugs back*

2010-04-08 [Chimes]: Your art is gorgeous. o.o I'm awed.

2010-05-03 [Hendercrazy]: Yeah, you really have a nice style! :D Yet another art wiki that I've somehow missed watching. Doh! O_O Feel free to add this art wiki over on the Art Wikis of Elftown wiki! This way, hopefully more folks will get to your work and follow your updates. :)

2010-05-04 [Yncke]: Ah yes, this wiki. I wish you'd start updating it again, [Dint]. ;)

2012-01-11 [Galatea]: Glad to see you've gotten even better darlin! ;D

2018-07-11 [Emeni]: Wow your work is amazing. Absolutely gorgeous!!

2018-07-30 [Dint]: Thank you, [Emeni]! I really appreciate it! :)

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