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This is the former Democratic capital of the United States and houses many of the Nation's monuments and historical records. The city was the hardest hit city by the Nazi's attacks and much of the city is uninhabitable and just downright dangerous to be in. The Nazis thoroughly patrol the area with troops ranging from infantry to Tiger Tanks..

Sergeant First Class "Blitz" Krieg Adelbert walked around the city streets. The place was filthy, it disgusted him to even be here. He had orders to follow and like a good soldier, he intended to do them, despite the revolting filth of this forsaken country.

As he walked he saw a few groups of Steamers and Clockworks being ordered into abandoned and dilapidated buildings while others plant explosives in key points on the same buildings. An officer stands in the middle of the street pointing and shouting orders.

Krieg walked up to the officer and stood at a proper salute, "<May I be of assistance, Sir?>" He hadn't intended to offer to help, but it was quite boring just walking about a conquered city.

"<No, this is work specifically for these Reanimated troops.>" The officer said without turning to look at Krieg. "<We just started, but it shouldnt take too long before we have this city cleared of undesirables>."

"<Undesirables, sir?>" Krieg asked him curiously, he could wager what the officer had meant by that, but it was always best to have a solid response.

"<Yes. Beggars, homeless, other derelicts like that.>" The officer explained as a line of them began to file out of the nearest building, being escorted by a few Clockworks. "<The General has decided they, along with these buildings, pose a risk of housing Resistance against us.>"

"<Indeed.>" Krieg replied with a polite nod. He understood that part perfectly well.

Before the officer could speak again, there was some turmoil in the procession. Apparently one of the women wasnt moving fast enough so the Clockwork nearest to her gave her a shove that put her on the ground roughly. This triggered one of the men to strike the soldier, which was a mistake considering he had a gas mask on, before tackling him to the ground and wrestling away the soldier's gun. He stood and emptied a round into him before taking off. "<Catch that man!>" he yelled as the other soldiers took chase or fired at the fleeing man.

"<Yes, Sir!>" Krieg responded and ran after the culprit. It didn't take him long to outrun the other soldiers, and his hand instinctively found it's way to the long saber strapped to his leg. He pulled it silently from it's sheath and closed the distance to the runner

Durer, whom had returned to his post, watched Krieg chase after the run-away, his enchanted eye gleaming brightly as it narrowed in a vicious manner. His sniper was hoisted on his knee for support, one arm steadying it and the other on the trigger. He kept the aim directly on the 'rebel man', should he suddenly lash out at Krieg and prove a tricky customer.

The man looked over his shoulder with a horrified look as Krieg continued to gain on him. The rifle he had stolen was too big for the man to try and fire a shot at the speedy Nazi. When running was clearly no longer an option he stopped suddenly and swung the rifle around, using the butt of the gun like a club.

Krieg planted his foot and pivoted as the man swung the rifle at him. It didn't take much speed to avoid the blow, but a little extra for him to slash the man's arms off with his saber. He was going to feel that one in the morning...

The man stared at the bloody stump where his arm used to be. The shocked look on his face grew worse with each squirt of blood that shot out like a drinking fountain. Finally the pain hit him and he fell to his knees, screaming and clutching the stump.

After wiping the blood from his saber, Krieg knelt and grabbed the man's other arm. "Einfrieren!" He ordered the rebel man, though given the state of his wound, the order was not really necessary.

The man just looked at Krieg, his face growing paler as the blood left his body. Even if he wasn't weak from blood-loss he still wouldn't have understood him. His eyes started to flutter as he began to black out.

Krieg looked back at the officer and the soldiers of his who were finally catching up. "<I hope you did not want him alive. Unless you can stop him from bleeding from the stump.>"

The officer walked up to the man and fired one shot from his pistol into the man's forehead, causing the man's head to kick back and his body to slump backwards onto the ground. A mournful scream could be heard back where the line of refugees were, presumably the woman who was knocked down. "<Take the body to the labs for use in their tests.>"

Krieg nodded, he knew what tests the officer was speaking of, he had been a subject at one point in time himself. He bent and picked up the limp body of the man

Durer gave a gleeful chuckle and a clap as he watched the Officer blast the mans brains out, his body tumbling backwards onto the cold floor like some broken marinate. "<Almost poetic.>" The sniper sighed deeply and the distinct lack of gun, what was the point in this patrol anyway, nothing fun every happened. Durer stared at Krieg and began to descend from his vantage point, hoping to possible get a little conversation before the man hauled the dead body off to the labs.

Shouldering the load of the man, Krieg was glad he had taken the arm off him, it made him significantly lighter. It was a long walk back to the lab...

"<Wonderful night!>" Durer hoped down the final few levels of his post and landed rather carelessly by Krieg. He smiled pleasantly, his sniper rifle casually lent on his shoulder and supported by one arm. He looked at the dead body slumped over the man's shoulders and chuckled.

"<One could say that.>" Krieg replied, taking in the sniper's appearance. Judging by the large rifle he carried, he could not assume he was anything other than a sniper. "<Should you not be guarding something? I was under the impression that snipers were glorified guards around this city.>"

Durer burst out laughing. "<Oh you are quite the little cracker,>" he paced forwards, poking the now dead guy in the head causing it to wobble from side to side. "<Don't worry, I have my eye on everything," the man blinked, tapping his one eye-patch as if he had made a pun or something. "<I just came down for a quick chat, it's terribly boring wouldn't you say?>"

<"Indeed. As it usually is when there is not any fighting going on."> Krieg replied with a nod.

Durer grinned fondly and walked along side Krieg. "<So....>" He paused and thought for a second, realizing he didn't know the mans named. "<My name's Logan Durer, at your service,>" he hoped backwards and did a little playful bow.

"<Sergeant First Class Krieg Adelbert.>" He replied, shifting the dead man's weight so he could bow his head at the sniper. "<I go by Blitz to my comrades.>" He smirked, wondering if Durer would get the joke that he had been plastered with

Durer just smiled, either really dense or not responding to what Krieg had said, either options were probably. "<Blitz her, like the cake? Or that a tactical maneuver...hmm..I think I have my phrases mixed up,>" the pale man stalked forwards, very happy with his new friend. "<A Sergeant huh? And first class,>" he whispered to himself, the man was possible one rank beneath him though to be honest Durer had never really paid attention to the hierarchical ranking system, for all he knew this guy could be a king. What a wonderful thought.

"<Blitz as in a blitzkrieg.>" Krieg explained after a thought. "<Back when I was a PFC, they thought it was entertaining to call me such. A play on my birth name of Krieg.>"

Durer let out a light chuckle. "<Very clever,>" His tone was a little ambiguous as to where he was sincere or not. "<I suppose that body is going to the labs? Oh what a tiresome hike,>" he kicked a stone with his shoes and groaned loudly. "<It's so boring out here, nothing every happens, say friend!>" Durer spun around, his monologue going off the tracks within seconds, his attention span very fickle apparently. <"That was some interesting fighting back there, good hand to hand skills, me I'm not so good with close combat, care to show me something?>"

"<I am under orders to deliver this body to the labs. Is showing you this going to deter me from my orders?>" Krieg asked him curiously. He wasn't in the business of disobeying orders.

"<Of course not, what's ten minutes difference, tell you what if you show me some moves I'll help you get the body to the labs,>" Durer held both arms out in what could only be his impersonation of a diplomatic stance. "With two of us we'll get there quicker, trouble don't like pairs, you know,>" he clumsily slurred his words.

"<The only reason I am moving so slow right now is because I am speaking with you.>" Krieg told them man. He wasn't trying to be harsh, though it certainly sounded that way. "<What need does a sniper have for hand to hand combat?>"

Durer seemed unaffected by the harshness, his smile never faltering. "<It's fun, passes the lonely times,>" he drowned off mid-sentence. "<But if you're all about the game then I won't bother, such a sour puss.>" He waved his arms hand dismissively. "<Like people are quantified in such just terms, I have many talents, sniping is just a hobby and earns a mere portion of the keep.>" The man began to wander off, now thinking Krieg had little sort of socialization to offer.

"<Durer. I would be happy to show you a few things, but I must complete my orders first.>" Krieg told the man truthfully. If he could prove to be a worthy opponent, he would greatly enjoy sparring with him.

"<Really?>" That was the emotional turn around of the century, Durer spun around with new vigor and enthusiasm. "<Well then we best start getting this little orders ticked off,>" he came to a pause by Krieg and then began to walk with him. "<What's your favorite colour?>" Here came the 20 questions from the man who couldn't stay quiet for more than 10 seconds.

"<Charcoal.>" Krieg replied simply as they walked. It was a simple color, but he did rather enjoy it

"<How mysterious,>" Durer walked beside him though his steps were far more chipper as if they were casually walking through the park. "<Do you like potatoes? I love them, I was sad to learn they aren't a vegetable,>" he pulled a sad expression, he'd always felt he was being healthy by eating them but apparently they were terrible for digestion.

"<They are not?>" Krieg asked him, his focus dragged away from the road to look at his companion. "<I always thought they were a vegetable.>"

Durer looked at Krieg like he had just said the greatest thing in the world. "<I know, I refuse to believe they are not a vegetable, it's stupid, they grow in the ground and all and go very well with meat,>" he sighed deeply as if truly troubled by this pressing matter. "<Like tomatoes being a fruit and eggs being a meat as apposed to an egg, I don't know where people get off saying all this stuff,>" on cue the mans stomach grumbled loudly. "<And now I'm hungry!>"

"<Of course eggs are meat. Though it is appalling to think of them as babies, that is essentially what they are.>" Krieg replied with a shrug. "<Because tomatoes have seeds, they are the fruit of the plant. Now what is this business of the potato not being a vegetable? If it is not, then neither must be the carrot, onion, or turnip, yes?>"

"<A potato is a tuber because it is actually the root of a plant, or something like that,>" Durer flicked his hand at the notion of it. "<It's mainly starch and holds none of the nutrients of your typical vegetable, which is said since they're so tasty.>" His stomach grumbled again.

"<Bah. A potato is a vegetable. It is a part of a plant that you eat, that's what a vegetable is. It doesn't matter if it's a tuber or not, it is still a vegetable by simple definition.>" Krieg could help but smirk as his own stomach started to growl. He had expended alot of energy chasing after the dead man slung over his shoulder.

"<Damn right!>" His walk was now at a slow pace as he began to look around casually. "<So how far is this walk anyway?>" Durer didn't know offhand where the labs were.

Krieg shrugged, he had only been to the labs a couple of times.

An impressive black limo came down the road being escorted by four Half-Tracks. Dulhelm looked out the window and watched as a building a few blocks down was demolished following his orders. His attention was then drawn to two men walking down the road carrying the corpse of a civilian. He let out a sigh when he realized that one of them was the sniper he had spoken with earlier. "<At least he is in the field.>" he muttered to himself.

"<I should have brought a picnic,>" Durer, while oblivious to the lack of charm in having a picnic in a waste land slowly turned towards the limo. He paused mid step and then slowly lowered his head, shifting his eye-patch to his right eye so his enchanted left one was clear. His vision closed in on the limo and he attempted to see through the foggy windows, he smiled as he realized who it was. "<We have company, how delightful.>" Durer quickly switched his eye-patch back, rubbing at it as it began to itch.

"<What was that, sir?>" Kao asked him, looking out the window and seeing the two soldiers. The one was loaded with a dead body. "<I suppose he is heading to the labs as well?>"

"<Company? Wonderful...>" Krieg told him with a sigh, "<Anyone important?>"

"<Seems that our evictions have already resulted in casualties.>" Dulhelm explained as he returned his gaze to the front of the limo. "<They are taking the corpse to the labs for use in one of the many on going experiments. Let's hope that he proves to be useful.>"

"<He is missing an arm.>" Kao spoke the obvious about the corpse, "<Are we in the business of creating what do they call them, cyborgs?>"

"<You would be amazed at the progress they have made with clockwork technology.>" Dulhelm said as they rounded a corner.

"<My lovely friend Dulhelm, and another passenger I didn't see,>" Durer smiled fondly and trotted along, pulling a sad face as the limo drove off leaving them. "<I wonder where their going? And why do we have to walk all the way to the labs we could hitch a ride,>" he sighed loudly as if to make a point. "<Busy man I guess.>"

"<Would you expect the general to allow us to ride with him? With this corpse?>" Krieg asked him curiously, looking over at the sniper. "<Busy man or not, nobody would want to ride with a corpse.>"

"<I have seen some of the clockworks, though I must say it would be interesting to watch the transitions.>" Kao told the general with a smile. He had never seen that before

"<I have seen the transition before, and I did not get my appetite back for three days.>" Dulhelm said as their destination came into view. "<I would not recommend it to anyone.">. The convoy pulled up in front of The Smithsonian Labs and, once the driver exited the vehicle and opened the door, Dulhelm stepped out and walked in.

"<Aw come on it's only a corpse, it doesn't even smell yet,>" Durer strolled up to The Smithsonian Labs. "<Come on, come on, we can catch them before they enter and have a quick chat,>" he broke out into a little brisk walk, stopping for Krieg.

Kao stepped out of the vehicle and joined the general in The Smithsonian Labs

Krieg arched his brow, "<You wish to have a chat with the general?>" He asked him as he followed them to The Smithsonian Labs

Rocco was walking patiently through the streets, looking around at all the bombed out buildings. This was just... ugh... they'd taken a country and stomped all over it. Not that America was any better, but damn this place was like a graveyard. And the demon part of him liked it. "<Is anywhere in this place open? Do people even live here anymore?>"

"<I do not believe so. We killed all of them.>" Sigu was not affected in the slightest by the destruction. She ignored it for the most part. "<Maybe further out?>"

"<Come on then>" Rocco muttered, continuing his slow stroll along the streets. It was like a nightmare, a nightmare in reality. Dead buildings, and even more dead bodies, just poking out from the broken homes like they the guts of this city, spilling out onto the streets. They'd murdered this entire place. And now they were left with a wasteland.

Sigu followed, not even looking at the wasteland. This was once a clean place, but with the war and everything, the destruction was only to be expected. She kicked aside a charred doll laying in the street, not even stopping to look at it.

Rocco shook his head as he gazed at Sigu's emotionless feet kicking away the rubble that used to be a lively city. "<I wonder what would have happened to Germany if we would have lost? Would it have looked like this? Would all these dead just be... laying there?>" he sighed, looking around at the remains of a once proud land "<Where do we go from here?>"

"<We clean up, I would guess,>" Sigu replied. She paused at a charred skeleton, crouching down to look at it. "<I wonder if he died instantly or felt it all.>"

"<Felt it all.>" Rocco said, staring at the charred skeleton "<At least that's what I'm told.>" Though he was suspicious, it could just be the demon inside his head wanting to mess with him after all. Sigu might not know where he was getting his information though, so she might be a little confused.

Sigu didn't question his answer. "<I wonder how that feels,>" she said, standing again and walking along. They were coming to the end of the burned out street, and hopefully to a section where there were still people.

"<Keep on the moral path you are now and you'll probably experience it a few times over>" Rocco sighed, hands in jacket pockets as he slouched along. To be honest, these two walking down the street would probably make anyone who was still living hide away...

"<Might as well just join the other side now and be done with it,>" Sigu said emotionlessly. It wasn't a bad idea, come to think of it. But she loved her home, and would not give it up for anything or anyone.

"<Trust me when I say that when you join the other side you will not 'be done with it'>" eternity meant eternity. That's why Rocco had hated his Japan mission. So many suicides...

"<I know that, but it would be simpler and I would not have to work for someone I keep having the urge to kill.>" That was the closest that Sigu had ever come to admitting emotions towards another person. She really wanted to kill some of the Nazi higher ups.

"<Well why don't you? I'm pretty sure slaughtering some of your superiors would get you some brownie points in the after life. With all the atrocities they make you'd probably get a saint hood>" Rocco pointed out, trying not to laugh. He certainly fancied doing a little bit of murdering himself...

Sigu gave Rocco a strange look. "<I have no wish to be a saint,>" she said simply. "<I just wish to do away with the idiots and the warmongers. Yes, some people need to be killed, but the entire city? That is just a waist.>"

"<Hey, you don't ask to be a saint, people just point at you and say 'youre a saint now'>" Rocco let out a weak chuckle, shaking his head at Sigu "<Just try not to make it any worse around here. Now come on... MAYBE there will be people further out.>" To be honest, he just wanted to walk as far away from this place as he could.

With a shrug, Sigu followed him towards the not so ruined part of the city. Maybe there were people around. Or somewhere she could get some food and drink.

"HELLO!" maybe speaking English would help... not by much, but maybe it would get one head out "ANYONE STILL ALIVE ROUND HERE!?" Rocco paused for a moment, then bellowed out "ANY BARS STILL OPEN?"

In the part of the town that received the least amount of damage, there were still people milling about and some diners/bars open. Most people kept there eye diverted or just stared at the ground to avoid "antagonizing" the Nazis who were a large presence here. When Rocco yelled, the people around him flinched away and a few people turned around or crossed the street.

Sigu looked around, a bit disappointed. She sighed and walked up to a man, putting on her best 'I'm a lost, helpless female' impression. "Sir, my friend and I vere vondering...Ve kind of got dragged here against our vill and ve just vant to get to know ze locals." She pouted at him, using her entire seduction skills on him to get information. "Ve vill help you in any vay ve can once ve know your problems." It was all an act, a very carefully orchestrated act. One that people, mainly men, fell for time and again.

Rocco rolled his eyes, shaking his head and looking around. There were a few places open... maybe they'd visit them. He stuck his hand in his pocket... he still had some money. He looked over at Sigu as she... what the hell WAS she doing? Acting like a lost little girl, which was difficult in that uniform. Maybe he'd go fetch her after the guy had freaked out.

The man she stopped looked at her terrified, then quickly looked around to see if this was some sort of trap. When he spotted Rocco looking at him he sputtered something before quickly turning and walking off in a hurry, just hoping he didn't get shot in the back.

"See... thing is" Rocco didn't bother speaking in German "No one likes us round here. Doesn't matter how friendly you seem, you're going to either get attacked or people will run away." He sighed, standing right behind Sigu, shrugging slightly "You want to try again or do you want to just try somewhere?"

"I do not understand zese people," Sigu said loud enough for anyone nearby to hear. This was also part of the ploy. Had she been alone, the first part would have worked just fine. Even if she was the 'enemy', most people saw her as small and insignificant. Even her own people saw her as such. "I just vant to sit down and have a good time. And no one is villing to do zat." From her tone of voice, it sounded like she was about to burst into tears.

There were a few civilians that were passing by, one man stopped and looked like he was getting ready to say something till a patrol of Nazis pushed him down to the ground, "<Get out of here, American.>" they said as he pushed him away with his boot before turning to Sigu. "<Hello angel. I know ze best place to go for a good time.>"

"Can I kill him?" Rocco said quietly, he knew Sigu would pick him up, she was the kind of person to always be listening in on others. They'd looked for a bar and found a jackass. He wasn't sure if he WOULD kill him if Sigu said yes, but it was good to know that he could at any point.

Sigu gave Rocco the slightest of nods before going over and helping the American to his feet once more. "Are you okay?" she asked the man, feigning concern. Shooting the Nazi patrol a glare, she put herself firmly between the American and the Nazis. "<I was not asking you for help, now was I?>" She gestured at Rocco with a nod. "<We were looking for someplace you louts had not wrecked yet. Go take your masturbations someplace else.>" Now she was just looking for a fight. Seeing the senselessness of the Nazis, she just wanted an excuse to kill someone. Plus, it would make it easier to convince this American to show here where the good stuff was.

The American gave Sigu a look of astonishment that could only be beaten by the one she was getting from the Nazi. While the American got to his feet, the Nazi got irritated, "<Ruined? These Amercians don't have a single good bar in this country. I know where the German one is, and would be happy to escort you.>" He added as he placed his hand on her shoulder.

The arm that belonged to the hand was slowly encompassed by a hand big enough to touch thumb and fore finger once it had taken hold of the Nazi's arm. "<Did you not hear the lady?>" there was an edge to Rocco's voice now, more than just the growl of German, it was like there was a second voice just below that "<She does not want your help boy>"

The Nazi couldn't believe what was going on. "<Your seriously going to choose this American over your fellow German?>"

"<If you haven't noticed>" Rocco hissed at the man "<We've sort of won. And now we're standing in another bombed out country, with a bunch of frightened people on a hair trigger between fear and rebellion. We cannot all go around punching the people who live here in the FACE!>" The grip got a little tighter around the man's arm "<Make nice to the people here boy. Maybe if you do, you won't get ripped to shreds.>"

Sigu mostly ignored what Rocco was doing, he was having all the fun. She turned to the American again and looked at him with sincerity that was faked so well it was believable. "Are you okay?" she asked again.

The Nazi looked at Rocco with a look of fear and hate. "<You will let go of me now or I will report you my superior and have you brought up on treason charges.>"

The man looked up at Sigu with a look of confusion, "I...I think so." he stammered as he stood up and dusted himself off.

"<You think you could even get out of my grip boy?>" Rocco laughed, giving him a firm yank, only a faint tug with his demonic strength. "<You think you will walk out of this keeping this arm? I've taken quite a fancy to it. I feel like keeping it for myself>" he slowly twisted the arm in his grip, as if he was going to twist it right off.

The aggresive action of Rocco brought the attention of the other four soldiers that were part of the man's patrol. They immediatly leveled their guns at Rocco's head. "<I do believe I will be. If yoi so much as flinch the wrong way the rest of my group will turn that silly little mask of yours into swiss cheese.>"

"<You're going to really try this boy?>" Rocco laughed, gripping tighter onto the boy's arm. He moved in closer, so he was practically whispering in the boy's ear "<Thing is. I'm protecting my superior, boy. The girl you just laid a hand on, she's a higher rank than you. Higher rank than me. Not only will killing you be fun, but I'll be rewarded for not breaking our cover. We're TRYING to chum up with the Americans to search out any rebels. And you are ruining our mission... boy.>"

The Nazi looked right back at him. "<See, the problem with that is I have four other men that can vouch for me. You only have her, and once your brains are on the sidewalk, there won't be much of your side of the story left.>"

The bone creaked now, Rocco's grip tightened even more, and a little giggle came from his lips "<Or... they'll run screaming for the hills the moment they see what I do to you. I believe men tend to go running once you've taken a chunk out of someone else's skull with your teeth.>" Rocco tutted softly "<such a shame. I started this perfectly willing to let you leave without injury, now you're almost asking to be killed.>"

A knife suddenly whizzed out of nowhere, slicing as easily through two of the guns as if it were slicing through swiss cheese. Sigu moved with lightning speed, retrieving her weapon and laying it on the throat of the third man holding a gun, leaping around him so that her own gun could be pointed to his back. Yes, the American would see, but maybe he would judge her for her actions thus far, not for the way the Nazi regime was painted. "<Drop it,>" she whispered into his ear. "<And you, tough one, I would stop if I were you. The General would have much to say if he learned that you were trouble the Fuhrer's hand chosen soldiers.>"

Sigu's sudden involvement changed things, the soldier she had gotten behind dropped his gun like it was the hot end of a red hot poker. The others seemed a little unsure now of what they were supposed to do and followed suit, just in case. The ringleader of the group tried not to look concerned, but it was betrayed by his eyes, "<You cowards. Giving up like that.>"

"<Shhhhh... You've got your own troubles boy>" Rocco said, reaching down to the hand of the arm he was holding. After some annoying wriggling around he grasped the man's trigger finger "<Lets show these boys what happens to soldiers who point guns towards superior officers. You ready boy?>" He'd rather not, he'd rather the Nazi burst out crying and beg for mercy, but that demon inside was niggling at him and... it would be so easy.

Sigu looked towards where Rocco was, her gun still pointed at the other man's back. With a quick movement, he was on the ground in front of her, and she was standing over him, her gun trained on his head. Gesturing at the other two to get on the ground with her knife, she nodded at Rocco.

The other Nazis got down on the ground, wondering if this woman was going to kill them. The one in Rocco's grip didn't waver. "<Do it. Your nothing more then a demon possessed sadist, and nothing I say would keep you from satisfying your urge.>" he said defiantly.

"<Ohhhh... you know me too well. And the Fuhrer, remember he's in the same boat as me>" Rocco said before the faint pop sounded as the finger was pulled out of it's socket. Rocco let it go, then moved over to the next one, speaking as he dislocated the man's fingers "<Now... see here is just a problem to communicate>" he was up to the ring finger now "<We're looking for a normal american... and then you barge in...>" Pinky was almost yanked off then, a horrible noise. He was going for the thumb as well "<And we tell you to leave... and you don't...>" the entire hand was dislocated, but he wasn't done. "<And we warn you to leave... and you don't...>" the elbow was popped out of it's socket, dangling lamely in a way it should not be able to bend "<I tell you you're going to die... and you just taunt me. See how this could be a bad idea? Maybe I should break your jaw as well, to make sure you don't speak like that again. Hmm?>" The shoulder crunched as it was yanked from the socket. Rocco let the arm go, watching every single joint on it swinging loosely "<What do you say boy? You'll never shoot a gun straight with this hand. But it's survivable. What do you say to your superiors that let you live?>" the last one was audible to all the german speaker's around, so they knew just how cocky this idiot had been.

"<I say that you kill me and it will find its way back to the General who will have you reprimanded, no matter what your mission is.>" The Nazi said as the pain from his arm and hand was visible on his face, but he worked through it. "<This isn't some secret mission, no one goes around shouting to the Americans about finding a nice place to eat. Your just looking for an excuse, and I'm not going to beg for my life.>"

"<Right. If that's what you think.>" Rocco said, grabbing the man by the neck and dragging him off his feet. He turned around and faced Sigu in order to say in perfect English "I've given him enough chances. I'm going to find an alley, this isn't going to be pretty." And with that he dragged the Nazi off down the street by the throat, the pain in his arm would keep him from resisting. "<Here's a nice one>" Rocco said, pausing outside a dark alley for a moment before dragging the Nazi inside. He lifted the boy up and threw him against a wall "<Right. So you want this clean or can I enjoy myself boy?>"

The Nazi hit the wall and rebounded onto the ground. He stood up and then whipped out his MP40 and unloaded his entire clip into Rocco's chest.

Rocco stood there, round after round thudding into his chest. He coughed hard, then shook his clothes out. The bullets tinkled to the floor in a small rain of spent lead. "Ugh" he grumbled, reaching up and sliding of his helmet, and his mask "<You're a real moron aren't you? I'm surprised you haven't walked into a gas chamber wondering when the shower is going to start.>" He licked his tongue slowly across his pointed teeth, staring at the boy in the darkness with faintly glowing eyes. His face was a nightmare, all needle point teeth and no lips "<One apology. That's what I was after. But nope, you've got to prove that an idiot with a gun is apparently worse at public relations than a guy with a demon in his body. But, I'm feeling nice>" Rocco reached forward before he had a chance to reload, bending the barrel of the gun in his hands "<So I'll let you chose again. Clean or messy?>"

The Nazi watched as the bullets fell to the floor and as Rocco bent the barrel of his gun. "<I'm taking you with me.>" He said as he pulled a grenade and pulled the pin out.

"<Really? Wow you are... you just don't know when to beg for your life do you?>" Rocco sighed, rubbing his eyes for a moment before a hand snapped out and seized the boy's arm. He yanked, gripping with both hands, and bit down hard on the soft forearm, pressing down hard with both hands at the same time. The hand broke off like a twig, the grenade, hand still attached, was sent skywards, out of range by a single baseball toss. Sure it blasted a hole in some abandon room's wall, but it was far away. Well enough for Rocco, if he'd been in front of that when it went off it would have stung. "<See, now you're going to bleed to death>" Rocco tutted, turning back to the by now... COMPLETELY unarmed Nazi.

The man looked at his arms in shock and fell down to his knees, no noise escaped his lips until Rocco had already made it back to the road. From behind him came an awful scream.

Rocco wiped his chin on a piece of tissue paper before he headed back outside, tutting at the scream. NOW he starts being afraid... honestly. He decided to speak in German when he came back so the Americans wouldn't know what had happened "<Moron pulled a gun on me. And a grenade. He might just survive though, he's missing an arm but that's all...>" He sniffed and looked around at Sigu "<should we let him live? It's always better to let them go with a warning after all...>"

"<It is,>" Sigu said, stepping over so she was no longer straddling the soldier. "<Up!>" she commanded of them, watching them closely. "<I want you to march straight back to your report headquarters and tell them that there is a wounded soldier in that alley. You are to leave us out of your report. We are on a sensitive mission, and you all are jeopardizing it.>" With that, she turned on her heel away from the Nazis and approached the American again. "I am so sorry," she said, her face crumpling again as if she was going to cry. "I really do hate having to be like zat. Zey alvays do zese zings vizout zinking zat people should just be left alone." She looked at the American, as if expecting him to commiserate with her.

"<Oh, and you>" Rocco pointed to another kneeling Nazi "<Go bandage him up. He's got one dislocated arm and one... well there's no arm left at all. You need to stop the bleeding before he drops dead.>" He was surprised that the American was still here... or maybe he just liked to see Nazis fight amongst themselves.

The Nazi's got up and went about their new orders, three marched off quickly while the other went to the alleyway to see to his injured comrade.

The American was very unsure of what was going on. If anything, he should be the one getting dismembered in an alleyway. "Thanks?"

"You are very velcome, I zink," Sigu said with a smile. "Do you vant to go get somezing to eat? Ve have plenty of money." She gestured at Rocco with a smile.

Seeing, and hearing Rocco deal with the Nazi seemed to have a split affect. While the American was grateful for them helping him, he was terrified to go anywhere with that monster. "I...I really think I should go home."

"Oh come on, after all that?" Rocco sighed as he looked over towards the American "Can you at least point us in the direction of a nice bar? I could do with a drink..." to get the taste out of his mouth.

The American cringed and flinched a bit when Rocco spoke suddenly, and seemingly upset. " There are a few good bars in this area. Jim's Tavern down the road is probably your best choice."

"Yeah well... you probably have... a family to go to a stuff" Rocco muttered "And it might be best if you're not near us when that lot come back. I don't trust them. You can go if you want." No point holding onto this guy really, he was too scared of them to be of any use.

Sigu frowned a bit at the American's reaction. But they did get a location, and that was what she had been after

"Off you go" Rocco said, waving his hands at the American man "Go on, you don't need to get in any trouble. I'm sure we'll find someone else to get scared of us in the bar."

The American didn't have to be told a third time and quickly skedaddled out of there leaving them, again, by themselves on the sidewalk.

Sigu watched him run off and tilted her head to the side. "<Do you think they're all as hopeless as that one?>" she asked.

"<It's the mentality>" Rocco said with a sigh, starting off down towards the bar that the American had spoken about "<After losing the war, now all that bluster and anger is gone, they just feel... weak. Don't want to chance reacting.>"

"<Maybe,>" Sigu said with a frown. She headed towards the bar and looked around at the surrounding areas.

"<Wonder if they'll be scared when we get in there.>" Rocco said with a sigh. He couldn't enjoy his night out could he? Not since the damn accident...

Sigu opened the door to Jim's Tavern, glancing back at Rocco. "<So? Are you coming?>" She disappeared inside.

- Return to Weltherrschaft

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2011-05-06 [Evolution X]: Josmar is gonna hate us for making him play the american guy >_>

2011-05-06 [Flisky]: Heehee. A little GM diversity is a great thing.

2011-05-06 [Lord Josmar]: Lolz. A little GM revenge is good too, lolz. J/k.

2011-05-08 [Lord Josmar]: The Nazi looked at Rocco with a look of fear and hate. "<You will let go of me now or I will report you my superior and have you brought up on treason charges.>"

The man looked up at Sigu with a look of confusion, "I...I think so." he stammered as he stood up and dusted himself off.

2011-05-08 [Lord Josmar]: The aggresive action of Rocco brought the attention of the other four soldiers that were part of the man's patrol. They immediatly leveled their guns at Rocco's head. "<I do believe I will be. If yoi so much as flinch the wrong way the rest of my group will turn that silly little mask of yours into swiss cheese.>"

2011-05-09 [Flisky]: Someone got swiss cheese on my brain. :P

2011-05-10 [Evolution X]: *cough* "before he could reload"? I was thinking the nazi would PAUSE at least dude.

2011-05-10 [Lord Josmar]: Oops. Sorry, I didn't see that part.

2011-05-10 [Lord Josmar]: *Fixed*

2011-05-10 [Evolution X]: Rocco's just PULLING this dumbass apart...

2011-05-10 [Lord Josmar]: I like how Rocco was upset at having to pull a man's ears off but has no problem dragging a man into an alley way and ripping his arms off after dislocating every joint from his fingers to his shoulder on one arm.

2011-05-10 [Evolution X]: Yes, well Rocco knew that the man he was cutting the ears off was telling the truth and not hurting anyone who wasn't a nazi, and the actions were just cruel for the sake of being cruel. Rocco gave the nazi several reason for giving up, several chances, and was even going to let him go if he begged for his life right here... but nope, Rocco's just having to tear him to pieces.

2011-05-10 [Lord Josmar]: Yea, but Rocco started the whole thing because he was hitting on Sigu. I get the whole thing about the American, but if you were getting emasculated infront of someone you were trying to score with, you'd get all tough guy too, lol.

2011-05-10 [Evolution X]: You'd get all tough guy right up until the guy says they're on a mission... or they're his superiors... or all his friends are on the floor... or his arm is dislocated... or he's alone with Rocco in an alley. There's macho and there's dumb.

2011-05-10 [Lord Josmar]: Damn, that was a lot of v's and z's in Sigu's sentence.

2011-05-10 [Flisky]: It's that damn accent. :P

2011-05-10 [Flisky]: I also need the American's reaction, pweese!

2011-05-10 [Lord Josmar]: Oops sorry.

2011-05-10 [Lord Josmar]: The American was very unsure of what was going on. If anything, he should be the one getting dismembered in an alleyway. "Thanks?"

2011-05-12 [Flisky]: Sigu frowned a bit at the American's reaction. But they did get a location, and that was what she had been after.

2011-05-13 [Lord Josmar]: Go ahead and start posting in Jim's Tavern. I will get it put up and described later today.

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