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Mark Banster's room

The room is empty.

X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

The technopath had decided to sleep in that day. He had gotten no where with his mission to get into Dr. McCoys lab in the previous days and he was honestly fed up with it. Mark hoisted himself into his chair and procured some simply white shirt and jeans from his dresser, forgoing a shower since he took one last night. He spun and accessed his computer to check his elftown account for the time being.

Mark finished up his posts and wheeled himself back from his computer. He did a quick scan of the local files in the public school sever and saw that there was a pool party today. "Hmm well as much as i despise going out, or even being near a pool i may as well see who is there, maybe someone with access to Dr. McCoys lab. I might be able to gain their trust." He slipped on a white plain t-shirt and pulled some short onto his week legs, afterwards securing his bio enhanced braces on in case he felt the need to walk for a short period of time. Then he applied a liberal amount of sunscreen, he burned so easy with his pale skin. With that he wheeled out to X-Men West 2nd.

X-Men West 2nd

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2013-07-09 [AccountUnavaili able]: I'll have a post up by tomorrow if that's ok? Just getting over a few headache problems.

2013-07-09 [twitchboy]: np

2013-07-29 [AccountUnavaili able]: Umm, Twitch?

2013-07-29 [twitchboy]: oh sorry

2013-07-29 [AccountUnavaili able]: It's ok, I haven't been on in a while anyway :)

2013-08-09 [twitchboy]: ?

2013-08-15 [twitchboy]: hey

2013-08-20 [AccountUnavaili able]: Apologies, laptop has been out of commission for a while, just got it back from repairs, phone isn't advanced enough to come on here.

2013-09-05 [Figgy]: Mark?

2013-11-07 [Figgy]: Mark post here?

2013-11-07 [twitchboy]: i keep forgetting this one my bad

2013-11-07 [Figgy]: It's alright, when one's RP partner isn't active, one tends to forget about stuff. So I put him to sleep.

2013-11-07 [Ms. Steel]: It was the humane thing to do.

2013-11-07 [twitchboy]: lol

2014-05-28 [twitchboy]: A familiar shimmering portal opened up in the hall as Justin tumbled though from X-men The Void sprawling out on the floor before it closed again. Instantly he was up on his feet diving back though the hole that was no longer there. He collapsed, yelling out to the air from on his sprawled mess. "Dammit Chronos come back here and answer me, i have so many more questions now." He seemed like a crazy persons.

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