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Justin Alphar's room

The first thing to greet the eye is that everything in the room is a shade of dark blue, from the posters on the wall to the bed sheets to the extra led lights running across the ceiling corners. The bed is raised high so that a hammock is hung under it from the supports, which is blue, and the sheets themselves look untouched. The desk beside his bed holds a impressive gaming computer with, you guessed it, blue lights. Only a black free standing punching bag throws off the scheme.

X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

The teleporter woke groggy again. He hadn't been quite right since he left the void. His energy always seemed at half capacity since then but he was getting better every day. Justin heaved himself from his bed and decided to test his powers, reaching through a portal he snatched a set of jeans and a black shirt from the drawer, but try as he might he couldn't get back to the void to get some more answers out of that bastard Chronos. He sauntered himself through the door to X-Men West 2nd. "Maybe ill go see Addy."

Justin came back in and rummaged through his drawer for some swimming trunks. All he seemed to come across was his old lifeguarding trunks. With a sigh he tugged them on and paused for a second in the mirror. He hand't worked out truely hard in a while but he didn't look half bad, still some abs, muscle tonage, not bad at all. Maybe he could pick up some girls at the pool. ?I wonder If Addy would like this. Wait why am i thinking this? Shes just a friend.. i mean yeah we kissed... but.. screw it dont worry about it. He resigned his train of thought. He plunged his hand through the floor in a shimmer of a puddle and stuck his head through to make sure no one was below him when he jump. Then with a laugh he screamed "Cannonball!" and launched himself out over the X-Men Pools main pool.

X-Men West 2nd

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2012-11-14 [Duredhel]: A magnetic pulse, even without an electric origin, will fry electronics pretty bad (try putting a magnet on your TV XD). And magnetism and electricity are fundamentally linked, however, the railgun is very specific to needing a powerful pulse of electricity. It's why I suggested Jonas and Light. They have the required set of power, electricity in bursts. Lucas's power is related to an entirely different subset, controlled, remote manipulation.

I'm guessing you could say it's the difference between controlling steam and ice, they're both in the same spectrum but you can't say they're the same power.

2012-11-14 [AccountUnavaili able]: Ah ok, think I get it now, thanks for the clear up, I'll have to make a list of do's and do not's with Lucas, maybe get some input from more experienced physics minds.

2012-11-14 [Duredhel]: Aye. It gets a bit tricky, you have to consider what you want your character to do, what your character powers are, realistically, and what is the best choice from a storytelling perspective.

In the same way, if I ever do something silly with my char powers, I'd be thrilled if anyone pointed it out.

PD - Kenna non-withstanding.

Increasing the magnetic field of Justin's portals, for example, would be fun. Or playing with inertia and magnetism (speedy thing goes in, speedy thing comes out >>)

2012-11-14 [AccountUnavaili able]: Oh that'd be fun, if Lucas were to stand behind a portal, and pull something metal towards him, through the portal, and with another portal infront of the other one...

| -> | L

If that makes any sense. And then just would reposition one of the portals infront of a target. I guess that'd be quite destructive.

2012-11-14 [twitchboy]: Physics major here chiming in, Dur by strict definition a rail gun is a set of coils that produce a accumulative magnetic field created from the current going through the field. Now in theory if Lucas can create a doughnut like magnetic field with magnetic vectors pointing out from the center in free space he could make a rail gun without the need for electricity, however that is only in the case that he can free create magnetic fields in free space. If he needs an object however then making a pipe form a set of coils could in fact launch another pipe IF he can create non influenced fields. However if his powers in fact include magnetism then it does somewhat mean he has an influence on electricity but only in so much that he can orient dipoles to form a magnetic dipole (qoute not pure electric lightening bolt throwing electricity or energy but some sort of electric manipulations is required.

2012-11-14 [twitchboy]: So the question is WHAT is Lucas' influence on matter?

2012-11-14 [Duredhel]: Concept artist here, check storytelling concerns.

While there was a physics concern, most of the problem was that adding that layer to Lucas' power did not fit the theme already going for it.

2012-11-14 [twitchboy]: Well my question is what is Lucas' specific influence on matter to create his fields. im not asking so i create a technicality but i just want to figure it out.

2012-11-14 [twitchboy]: if a magnetic solenoid is not aligned magnetically since magnetic fields cannot cross if the majority of the field lines are in the right direction then the out of line lines will auto correct however if it is not and majority in one direction say a 70/30 force in opposing directions (by the way the object fired has to be susceptible to magnetic fields as well, so aluminium and not conductive materials like rocks trees and such cant be ammo) then the object will spin in the direction of most attraction the momentium will keep it spinning basically creating an electric motor... otherwise known as a spinning pole of death that will fly off in any unpredictable direction

2012-11-14 [Duredhel]: Damn XD, Twitch commented first. I'll rephrase my previous comment.
I'll defer to twitch on the feasibility of the rail gun. I still have issues in combat applicability (mentally aligning the needed amount of magnetic fields) and storytelling approach, though.

PD - Damn >> Twitch commented first again. Addendum then; How about simply firing an electric pulse over a pre-built, pre-aligned structure?

2012-11-14 [twitchboy]: But in total let me put this into perspective. IF he can manipulate magnetic feilds in free space, field needed to fire anything of a dangerous nature would have to be massive. <---the size needed to fire a small magnetic piece a few feet <--- current technology needed to fire a bullet at lethal speed.
So he would need a lengthy build up time and stupid amounts of energy but it would be bamf.
However if he has to use matter to create his magnetic fields around (magneto style) he would have to use air molecules meaning a shat ton of them. Ergo allot of concentration and energy for an air inducted magnetic field which would mean a huge volume of air

Railguns... they are complicated

2012-11-14 [twitchboy]: Lucas abide by this.

actually.... if he constantly varies his magnetic field in a sin wave manner through any conducting LOOP he would create an electrical current

2012-11-14 [twitchboy]: Pre created structure = easy rail gun
free space rail gun = stupid hard one shot pony

2012-11-14 [AccountUnavaili able]: Speaking of science, Lucas is wrong. He was created with magneto's X gene, he should have the exact powers of magneto including learning curve and strength of his power.

2012-11-14 [Figgy]: Not yet if he doesn't know how to use it properly. Still takes practice.

2012-11-14 [XxTsomexX]: Eek. So many comments that fried my brain with the science-ness of them.

2012-11-15 [twitchboy]: Do we have our combat suites yet and do wee need them atm?

2012-11-15 [Figgy]: I'm only giving you as much information as you need to know right now. So, no :3

2012-12-14 [XxTsomexX]: Zeke is gonna come by and get him eventually. Will be getting that all ready for tomorrow.

2012-12-14 [twitchboy]: kk

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