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David Ze'ev's room

David's room is well kept, and dressed. He has made it a point to keep everything organized. He his bed is made with a black comforter and red sheets, with red pillow cases. His bow hangs above his desk when not in use, and the desk it self has his class books on one side and his binders on the other. His closet holds hangers spaced two inches apart holding his collard shirts to the right and his jackets to the left. His foot wear all sits under the right side of his bed organized simpler to his closet. On his night stand sits a photo of David and his sister, they look happy, David is even smiling- something not to many people see."

X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

David went straight to the locked gun case, and placed it on the bed, it was large, to big for just one rifle, as David opened the case, he removed the top layer and reviled his Assault rifle and side arm. A faint smell of gun metal filled the room, and David pulled out the fire offering it to Kiora after locking the bolt to the rear. "What do you think?" He asked her, not seeming to impressed or any emotion for holding a rifle of this grade.

Kiroa took the rifle, looking at it with an expression akin to awe. She first tested the weight, then looked down the sights. She'd seemed almost sullen since she left her room earlier that day, not she looked excited. "This is so cool!" she exclaimed with a grin

David now had a smile on his face. "If you like it that much you can shoot it today." He had the ammo to burn, that was clear, he moved to the closet and pulled out a black t-shirt, and took his off. His body was scared, and he had bandages around his mid section, now with blood showing slightly through. He had forgotten to Chang them after the walk up to the manor gate, not that he minded all that much. He folded his T-shirt and put in the the drawer of his dresser, and put on the all black t-shirt. He then looked to Kiora and smiled not realising she would see his scares and burns, or even the Tattoo on his arm.

"Really?" Kiora asked excitedly, looking up from the weapon. "You should probably change those bandages." She pointed out, not appearing to think much of it, "Do you have a medical kit?" she asked, setting the rifle back in the case.

"It's just a cut. He said removing his shirt, and placing it on the bed. "It's under the the food of the bed. The hole hard box. It's all emergency medical supplies. Just grab an ITB, it will do for now." He honestly just didn't want to waist the circlex. He removed the bandages revealing a gash in his side where his father got him with a K-bar, the bastard.

"It's deep." Kiora observed, pulling the hard box from under the bed. She looked at the contents for a moment before pulling out one of the dressings. "Do you have anything to keep it from getting infected?" she asked, looking through the contents.

"The ITB has it on the dressing portion." David Pointed out a smile on his face, and thought that he might be able to get a kiss out of this as the least.

She nodded and opened the packaging, applying the bandage. "How did you get this?" Kiora asked him as she finished and slid the box back under the bed.

David shook his head then decided it would be just fine to let her know. "I was clearing room, and my father got me with a K-bar for not checking the dead space behind the door... He is not one to allow mistakes to stand, not with out major punishment." He admited before putting his shirt back on then looking at her and smiling. HE placed his hands on her hips, and looked into her eyes. "thank you by the way, no one other than my sister worries about my wounds. It's nice to have someone that cares even a slight bit."

Kiora shook her head, "You're lucky you were just training, you could have been killed, then where would you be? Always check the dead space." She shrugged in response to his thanks, "It's not always easy to change your own bandages. I guess I figure I would rather have somebody help me than do it myself." She'd had to change her own bandages plenty of times before.

David smiled and nodded. "Like I said I was getting rusty." He then leaned in with no warning and kissed Kiora. "Thank you all the same for helping me Kiora." He then releaced her hips and packed his rifle, and put on his Flic.

Kiora looked a little startled for a second, but then she figured that if she no longer had a master, then she had no one who cared who kissed her. She smiled as she stood up and watched him, "Ready?" She asked, standing by the door.

David smiled, and nodded, "Lead the way."

Kiora headed out to X-Men West 2nd.

X-Men West 2nd

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