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Kyle Bedlington's room

At first glance, it appears as if this is another empty room. Upon closer inspection, however, one might notice that the pillow and a blanket have been poached from the bed, and that the garbage can is full of food wrappers, apple cores and a few other cast-off, crumpled-up things. At least one-half of the room has recently been occupied, even if it doesn't appear immediately obvious. This is Kyle's half of the room.

X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

Staggering into his dorm and promptly slamming the door shut after Kyle ricocheted off of the door frame, the boy headed in a zig-zag across the carpet floor to the bathroom to tend to his arm. The bleeding had lessened, and he'd held constant pressure on his wound since receiving it, so blood loss wasn't so much the issue, but it hurt like hell and he was angry as a nest of hornets.

Seemingly out of nowhere, and somehow just in time, Danger's voice piped up in the yellow mutant's room. "Shana Tilar has directed that Kyle Bedlington be taken immediately to the Infirmary. Please come with me. Thank you." As her voice disappeared, a strange series of events happened - the ground beneath the young man's feet seemed to slide away and in its place, a wheelchair just for him arose, letting him fall into its seat. Taken by surprise, Kyle was immediately strapped into the wheelchairs, and he disappeared into the ground once more, the panels of the hardwood floor sliding back into place.

Quite some time later, a rather pallid Kyle slid back into the room, his movements very slow, calculated and careful. He probably should have at least been escorted to his room, if not kept in the Infirmary until it didn't look like he could be knocked over with a feather. Evidence of what had happened to his now-bandaged arm was present in the dribbled and dotted spots of red-brown that dappled his worn cut-off shorts. He tentatively touched his gauze-wrapped appendage with his free hand and picked a bit at an end of adhesive tape, although the bitten0down nub of his finger nail did very little. He might have been contemplating removing the whole thing-- all it was going to do was get itchy soon, anyway. The young man pushed a weak breath through his lips as he pitched his lanky body toward the bathroom and staggered inside. Kyle turned the spigot on, bent over the sink, and, using his hand as a cup, scooped water into his mouth. He paused, leaned heavily on the sink, then, after standing several moments as such, pushed himself up, turned the water off, then lurched back out of the bathroom and headed for his bed, upon which he collapsed, legs dangling over the side. Apparently, he was too pooped to care.

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2013-07-13 [Figgy]: There's nothing else he needs to do. It's a free-for-all right now. I would take a look at all the other pages in the mansion, figure out where people are, and have him go to one of those places.

2013-07-13 [ancienteye]: Ok. I hope I'm not asking too many questions.

2013-07-13 [Figgy]: Nah, it's fine. There's not really a lot of requirements in the RP. Just do as you please. If something goes wrong, we'll let you know ;3

2013-07-13 [ancienteye]: Thank you. :)

2013-07-13 [Ms. Steel]: Olivio did pass his roommate on the way into his room; Kyle's passed-out on the floor outside of the dorm room, so they could get their relationship off to an awesome start.

2013-07-13 [ancienteye]: Nice. XP Sounds good to me!

2013-07-15 [ancienteye]: How ill is Kyle right now? Should he be at an infirmary or something soon?

2013-07-15 [Ms. Steel]: Yeah, he SHOULD go to the infirmary, but he won't voluntarily go, especially with a stranger. He's got mild hypothermia, frostbite on his feet and fingertips, is suffering from overall exhaustion, is dehydrated, and is experiencing the onset of an upper respiratory infection.

2013-07-15 [ancienteye]: *has pulled up the appropriate eHow articles* There really isn't much Olivio can do to help with the infection. Is Kyle wearing anything wet? What about anything metal or restrictive?

2013-07-15 [ancienteye]: Or that works, too. XP

2013-07-15 [ancienteye]: ...Kyle isn't going to warm up to Olivio for a while, is he? XD

2013-07-16 [ancienteye]: ...Hey, what exactly is going to happen after this point? Should we go to the planning page about this, or what? :/

2013-07-16 [Ms. Steel]: mmm, Kyle should probably just sleep for a while, and Olivio could go find someone much nicer to hang out with. :-)

If it's just a plot between you and another player, you can just message each other, too.

The plottage page is good for planting little plot seeds and for plots involving potentially more than two people; at least that's what I use it for. If you have something specific in mind with yours and another person's character, you can always message them directly, especially if you don't want to broadcast what you intend to happen.

2013-07-16 [ancienteye]: Ok, but Olivio probably won't leave the room until Kyle gets out of the bathroom and goes to bed. He's kind of worried the guy drowned or something. XP

2013-07-17 [ancienteye]: I'm going to figure out where Olivio should go before I post for him. >___>

2013-07-17 [Ms. Steel]: Gotcha. :-)

2013-08-15 [Figgy]: Ancient , ms steel is absent right now so you should probably assume that kyle IS still asleep.

2013-08-15 [Duredhel]: What Figgy said :>

2013-08-15 [ancienteye]: Ah. XP

2014-06-19 [Ms. Steel]: Oh I already DID post him here. Oops!

2014-06-19 [Figgy]: hahaha he's gone now!

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