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Dormitory 210
Anthony Havelock's and Timothy Maxwell's room

This room is bare.

X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

There was a puff of smoke that heralded Addy's arrival. Her swimsuit was possibly smaller than most others, the two piece sitting low on her hips on the bottom and tight to her torso on the top. She landed in a crouch on the floor, quickly perking up her ears to see if Anthony was here. She was going to go down to the party even if he didn't want to, but she figured it would be polite to extend the invitation. He was the one telling her she wasn't social enough, after all.

Anthony came out of the bathroom in his trunks. He almost jumped when he saw Addy, but managed to contain it. She liked to enter rooms without declaring herself sometimes. "Oh, hey Addy." Anthony said with a smile, eyes rolling over her body. Honestly, she went around naked a lot, so the swimsuit shouldn't actually do anything... special... but something about it just looked... nice on her. He smiled when he saw her, arms wrapped around himself as he stood there in just his trunks. He didn't enjoy his own body too much unfortunately. "You wanted to go to the pool right?"

"Yes!" Addy said, looking somewhat childish in her innocent excitement. Pool parties hadn't really been something that she participated in so this was her first. She straightened and moved over so she could take his hand despite it being wrapped around himself. Unlike him, she had no body shame and didn't see why he would either. It didn't occur to her. "Did you want to walk down?" There was the open invitation for her to 'port them, but not everyone always enjoyed that. And she never assumed Anthony wanted to 'port. There was always the times when he might want to take the slow way down.

Well it was either teleport or Anthony could take a walk of personal shame through the entire school. "Teleport would be handy, thanks." he said, letting Addy take his hand and giving her a little smile as she seemed so... exited about this. It was good to see her active and eager to take part in something, specially something that involved other people.

There was a quick nod. Addy smiled again and couldn't help herself as she stood on her toes and kissed his cheek. She wouldn't do that when they got downstairs, mainly because she wasn't sure if Anthony wanted other people to know, but she would do that here. With that, she teleported them both to the X-Men Hot Tub so they wouldn't suddenly appear where there were other people.

The pink tinge now had less to do with embarrassment about Anthony's body, and more about the kiss. Addy always surprised him with her kisses, because she was so shy sometimes, and otherwise... He smiled, then let out a small "meep" noise as Addy teleported them.

Much later in the day Tim returned to the room, piling up the stack of books he planned to read onto their normal shelf, as well as Rook's cellphone.

X-Men East 2nd

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2012-11-06 [XxTsomexX]: D: Endelyn would be so sad to see him this upset :(

2012-11-06 [Evolution X]: Well, she does know where he lives...

2012-11-06 [XxTsomexX]: I might have her check on him if that's alright.

2012-11-06 [Evolution X]: Yeah, sure. We're trying to figure out how to make him stay anyway.

2012-11-06 [XxTsomexX]: Awwww

2012-12-13 [Evolution X]: So there's been about three week jump?

2012-12-13 [Figgy]: Yes.

2012-12-13 [Evolution X]: should we just post? Also, Anthony might have freaked out a bit over his room mate being a skull...

2012-12-13 [Figgy]: Go for it. And if you want to RP that, PM [The Past] and either figure out what went down, or ask me for a side page.

2014-01-25 [Ms. Steel]: Anthony could be hilariously an dangerously destructive in his feverish state. Well... in a funny-but-someone-could-get-very-badly-injured way. OKAY, maybe it's not THAT funny.

2014-01-25 [Evolution X]: too much use of his powers could actually kill him though...

2014-01-25 [Ms. Steel]: Saaaaaay whaaaaat?

2014-01-25 [Evolution X]: he uses his own energy... too much of it involuntarily could kill him.

2014-01-25 [Ms. Steel]: I see said the blind man...

2014-03-10 [Flisky]: And they sleep. Again. :P

2014-04-30 [Figgy]: Poke?

2014-04-30 [Evolution X]: I am. Just not on this page.

2014-04-30 [Figgy]: gotcha

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