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Shade and Light Blackburn's room

Shade's room is a bit like an antique shop, different, mismatched pieces of colorless old furniture, shadowported at one point or another by Shade or Anton, are scattered across the room, along with several dozen other strange objects. Across the room from the bed, there is an old desk with several piles of notebooks, notepads and loose papers, probably things belonging to Anton that Shade considered convenient to have around. The most surprising thing, however, is that the windows are boarded up, making the room almost unbearably dark, and anyone who enters is suddenly assailed by the ominous feeling that something is off, like the feeling you get when you do something you should not be doing, or are somewhere where you shouldn't be.

X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

Shade suddenly came through the floor of his bedroom wearing nothing but his boxers. In here, where there was barely any light at all, Brunelda's little psychic light sensitivity trick did not really bother him and he could open his eyes. Shade intertwined his fingers together and stretched his hands and arms over his head. Stretching, he yawned as he cracked his knuckles and then brought his hands back down. Soon after while whistling the theme from "The Great Escape", he walked over to the closet and pulled out some clothes to get dressed. After all, he'd showered right before bed the previous night so he ought to be ok.

Pulling out his clothes, Shade then stopped for a second and sniffed his shirt lightly. Brunelda's power seemed to have finally worn out too, so with a shrug, Shade turned around and stepped into the bathroom. After a couple of minutes, the shower could be heard running. About 10 minutes later, Shade emerged from the shower, drying his hair with a hand towel while he kept another, larger towel, wrapped around his waist. After he finished drying his hair, he absent-mindedly threw the towel onto a chair and pulled some clothes from his dresser. Soon enough, the young man was dressed in a pair of dress pants, black shoes and a white pin stripped dress shirt. Now that his vision was back to normal, Shade checked the alarm clock he kept by the bed, he had left the strange girl waiting upstairs for about 20 minutes now, so he should probably go back and see how she was doing. With that in mind, he stepped out onto the X-Men East 2nd.

In his usual manner, Shade walked into the bedroom by opening a shadow-portal on a nearby wall. He was carrying much of his stuff from Light's room, as the girl had a new rather anti-social roommate and the young man couldn't picture either him or Light being in that girl's company for too long. Considering the psychic woman's attitude, he figured his own bedroom might become their new haunt, so with that in mind Shade set about to straightening out the room and making it more livable. He had to shadow-port a lot of the old furniture his old self had brought in for some reason, leaving only some choice pieces and the standard mansion fare. He figured he could teleport the stuff to the grounds first and then find a more permanent dumping ground. Shade dropped the things he was carrying on the bed, then rolled up his sleeves and got to work, creating shadow portals underneath the pieces of furniture he had chosen to evict.

In the midst of Shade's room rearrangements, his phone began ringing, showing a picture of Light's face and her name on the caller ID.

Only a dozen people knew Shade's phone number, and out of those, ten were dead, one was Light and the other one delivered sushi. Considering he did not remember ordering any sushi, Shade figured the phone call came from Light even while he was on the other side of the room. With a slight flick of his wrist, he shadow-ported the phone to the ceiling of the room, letting it fall straight onto his hand before he answered. The young man pressed the answer button and brought the phone to his ear, letting out a simple "Hello, who am I speaking to?"

For the first couple of seconds, Light's voice was silent on the other end, though Shade could hear someone else speaking in the background. However, the girl finally spoke up, venom in her voice as she asked, instead of answering the man's question, "Who is this bitch in my room, and where the hell are you?"

"Ah, hello my dear." replied Shade nonchalantly as he continued to more around the room, tidying stuff up as he went. "I'm in my room, or, our room I guess. Directly below you." he replied as he shadow-ported a light bulb he had in one of the drawers and started trying to get it back on the light fixture on the ceiling, after all, Light probably didn't wanting to live in darkness 24/7. "Ah, that girl? She's your roommate, apparently. She seems to be a psychic, though I've got no confirmation. She also reacts sullenly and defensively to pretty much anything, so I doubt you can reason with her. I figured it would simply be easier to stay in my room from now on."

"Oh, Jesus fucking---," swore Light as Shade let her know the freakishly irritable girl was her new roommate and they'd be staying somewhere else, and he simultaneously heard some sort of insult coming from Burnleda. She paused mid-curse, however, and there was a short moment of silence before Light snarled, her voice directed away from the phone, "And you need to shut the hell up." There was another pause, and this time Light's voice came through, speaking lower, directly into the phone, "Can you just.. get me down there? Otherwise this room is going to end up being a mutant crime scene."

"Sure thing." said Shade, smirking to himself as he managed to get the light bulb into the fixture, stepping off the chair on which he'd gotten to reach the ceiling. The young man walked over to the light switch and hit it, trying to make sure the fixture worked, which it luckily did. The young man winced a bit as the lights went on, but was still able to use the shadow he himself cast to open a portal to Light's old bedroom. "If you would please step into the portal, fair lady." he said simply to his wife over the phone.

As soon as the portal had been opened on Light's end, the girl had hung up the phone call and stepped through, appearing immediately afterwards in Shade's room. With a loud, annoyed groan, the young woman marched straight over to Shade's bed and collapsed onto the mattress, face first. She growled again, this time the noise muffled a bit by the sheets, and soon she grew silent. After a few moments, however, Light sat up, looking a little grossed out. "Jeez, when's the last time you washed your sheets?" she questioned with a frown, pinching a piece of the fabric between her thumb and forefinger and holding it up a few inches from the bed, the rest of her fingers extended outward and her nose wrinkled.

Shade leaned back against the desk and crossed his arms as the girl stepped out of the shadow portal. He was amazed at how accustomed the girl had gotten at using his shadow-portals. It was often disorienting for people, after all, they would retain all their momentum but could find themselves falling vertically before moving horizontally out of the portal. At least Light didn't get sick anymore from it. The young man's quicksilver eyes followed his wife's path across the bedroom until she plopped down on the bed. After she asked about the state of the sheets, Shade simply placed his index finger perpendicularly over his lips while pushing his thumb against the underside of his jaw, "Uhm..." he said, "How long have I been staying in your room?..." he answered simply, since that's how long it had been since he had washed his sheets. "I guess we ought to give the whole place a good cleaning if we're going to be staying here from now on." he added, uncrossing his arms and resting the palms of his hands on the desk as well. "Now, it's not like we are hurting for money, we could always just ditch the mansion and get a place in the city." he said playfully, knowing the mansion was, unfortunately, probably the only place mutants, even those as powerful as them, were safe right now.

"Oh, gross," gagged the girl, dropping the fabric onto the bed and immediately standing. She wasted no time in beginning to pull away the comforter and sheets, tugging them off the mattress and tossing them into the floor. She glanced up at her husband when he mentioned moving to his room, and he was met with an eyeroll before Light looked away again. "Stupid A-I knew you were living there," she grumbled, wadding up a pillowcase and taking out some of her frustration on it as she threw it a bit more forcefully into the floor. A more sober Light may not have been quite as frustrated as the slightly more tipsy Light, but as it was, she was rather annoyed at the thought of having to move all of her things down to Shade's room and adjust to living there, instead. AS she moved over to the closet to retrieve some cleaner, though probably musty, bed sheets, Shade spoke again, mentioning something about moving to the city. The young woman turned to face him, sheets bundled in her arms, and she lifted an eyebrow, wondering briefly if he was serious. "Sure, and then we can even leave our door unlocked so the mutie kidnappers can get us without having to put forth the effort to break it down," sassed the girl, though a smirk slowly spread across her lips as she walked over to the bed. Unfolding the fabric in her hands, the girl grabbed one end and tossed the rest of the sheet through the air, trying to position it to fall evenly on top of the bed.

"Oh, come on." replied Shade, approaching Light with the pretense of helping out with the sheets. "I mean, we're probably two of the most powerful mutants in the mansion." continued the young man as he tried to take the edges of the sheet, standing right in front of light while pulling the edges apart to straighten out his end of the sheet. "We can take a couple of commandos every now and then, at least." he added, now leaning forward slightly until his lips were a couple of inches away from Light's. The man's quicksilver eyes fixed on the young woman's for a second before darting down to glance at her lips and neck. "It'll be good practice." he added with his usual bravado as he leaned in a bit more, swiftly pressing his lips against Light's before pulling back just as quickly and hoping he had caught his girl off-guard.

With Shade's help, Light managed to get the sheet spread out evenly across the bed and tucked in at the sides and corners of the mattress. She grabbed the next layer of fabric and did the same, unfolding it and tossing it out across the bed. At her husband's defense for his suggestion to move out to the city, the girl lifted her eyebrows and gave a small nod. "This is true," she began to say, pulling on side of the sheet down and tucking it in before standing up a little straighter. She opened her mouth to speak again, but was instead met with Shade's lips, to which she responded by closing her eyes and quickly trying to kiss him back. However, the man pulled away, and Light opened her eyes to gaze at him with a smirk. She was quiet for a short moment, regathering her thoughts after the surprise kiss, before opening her mouth to speak once more. "None of that changes the fact that you got your ass handed to you last November." The girl, still clad in her bikini, and her skin covered in goosebumps from the cold air inside the mansion, stopped what she was doing and took a couple of deliberately slow steps around the bed towards Shade. "I do like the idea of a little more privacy, though," she added, stepping right up to him and lifting a hand up to his chest. Drawing closer, she hooked a finger in the collar of his shirt and lifted her chin so that her lips almost brushed against his. "Perhaps we can reach a compromise?"

It was hard for Shade to resist Light while the girl was still wearing her bikini, as she leaned forward and down to tuck in the sheet, he couldn't help but move his gaze down her back, following the curvature of her body and taking a peek of her buttocks as well. The young woman's swimsuit clung nicely to her skin, and Shade found himself smirking without even noticing. Once she stood back up, however, he quickly forced his eyes away from her body and up to hers once more. As she spoke, Shade noticed the goosebumps on her skin and slowly placed his hands on either side of her waist, letting the palms of his hands rest gently on her soft, cool skin. He didn't draw in close yet, however, lifting an eyebrow as she mentioned November. "Excuse me, I was drunk, had not slept in a few days and severely outnumbered." he said, shaking his head a bit. He smelled the faint perfume of alcohol in her breath as she stepped close, though and helped her out a bit by pulling her against him as when she rested her hands on his chest. "I know, right? I never get to take my time with you anymore." grinned Shade, as he slowly slipped his middle fingers under the sides of her bikini bottoms, only up to the top of his fingernails. Slowly, Shade slid his hands, fingertips still under the fabric of her bikini, behind Light, "Oh? What could that be?" replied the young man, resisting the urge to kiss her as he grinned a bit bigger and wrapped his arms around her further.

Light's phone lit up only a second before it began to ring, displaying Shana's name and number along with a badly photoshopped picture of her cartoonishly beheaded body.

"Excuses, excuses," hummed Light with a smirk, tracing the back of her index finger over the front of Shade's neck, over the bump of his Adam's apple and feeling the roughness of his unshaven skin. "Oh, come on, we had two whole weeks to ourselves. I'd say you took your time then," grinned the girl, beginning to take slow steps to the side, trying to get Shade to turn so that his back was facing the bed. He smirk only widened when he brought up the question of their compromise. "Well, for starters, we could both agree to ignore any outside noises if we're... busy," suggested Light, taking a step closer so that her nearly bare body was pressed directly against her husband's. "I will consider moving out of the mansion," began the girl, tilting her head to the side to plant a soft kiss on Shade's jaw as she pushed him further towards the bed. "If you can promise a place with as good security,"she continued, moving a hand down and tugging at the hem of the man's shirt. "Or a place close to the mansion, where we can come here if we need to." The girl tilted her head to the opposite side and planted another kiss on his neck. "If things go as planned, we will need a babysitter, after all," Light reminded Shade, pulling back and looking up at him through her eyelashes. Just at the wrong time, her phone began to ring, an she glanced over at it briefly, wondering who would be calling her. Maybe Valerie, or Tory, but why? She had just suggested ignoring outside interference, however, and decided to ignore the phone and simply let it ring, wrapping her arms reassuringly around Shade's waist.

A chill ran down Shade's spine as he felt Light's finger running down his neck, leaving behind a slight, tingling trail of electricity."Two weeks aren't all that long." said the young man, placing a soft, quick kiss on the side of Light's jaw, right off her lips. "After all, time flies when one has fun." he added. The young man was having a hard time hiding his excitement when Light pressed her half naked, cool body against his, feeling her through his own shirt. Shade simply tightened his grip around her, nodding as she listed her conditions to get a place of their own. "That all sounds very doable." he said. Suddenly, the woman's phone went off and Shade sighed loudly... at least it had not gone off 10 minutes later, when they were busier. "Hope its not urgent." said the young man with a mischievous smirk after Light seemingly decided to let the phone ring, leaning in and pushing his lips fiercely against Light while yanking her hips forwards and against his. "Got to say, I usually don't like the sun, but it can be good if it helps get you into a bikini." he added with a grin after he pulled his lips off of hers.

"Touche," conceded Light as he mentioned the short time span and how quickly it passed by. In truth, she wouldn't mind being back out in the city; there was just so much more to do in a big town than in the restricting mansion. Unfortunately, they were safer in the mansion, and until they could actually find a place at least as safe, Light felt like they needed to stay. "Really, now?" the asked, a bit surprised, in fact, that Shade seemed to be so agreeable about her conditions. She thought, for one, that he would want as far away from Xavier's as possible, and two, that he would think security wasn't such a big issue, at least judging by his last statement about moving out. Taking in a deep breath and letting it out gently, Light leaned into Shade and stretched her arms up and over his shoulder, wrapping them loosely around his neck and smirking. "Haven't heard any explosions yet, so I'm sure it's not that big a deal." A tiny gasp escaped the girl's lips when Shade decided to suddenly yank her forward and push his lips against hers, taking her by surprise. Still, she closed her eyes and returned the kiss, wrapping her arms more tightly around her husband's neck before he pulled away again. "My, someone is eager today," grinned the girl, running a finger through his hair. Lifting a brow, Light leaned in and planted one more small kiss on the young man's lips. "All you have to do is ask, you know. It's not that hard to put on a bathing suit."

An invisible speaker somewhere in the room seemed to come alive with static, and in the background, the sounds of nature and murmured voices came through before a loud, obnoxiously annoyed voice piped up, "You know, the least you could do is answer my call to see what I want." Shana had managed to get through to Light's room, since the woman had not answered her phone previously.

Light stopped dead in her tracks, apparently about to lean in for another kiss from Shade, and rolled her eyes upwards, looking at the ceiling. "Really?" she said flatly, disbelieving that the girl would go so far just to get in touch with her. "Maybe if you weren't such a snot every time you spoke to me, I'd be more willing," continued the girl, letting her arms fall away from Shade's neck. "What do you want?"

"I need to ask a favor," the girl admitted after a moment, the sound of grass brushing around under her feet as she paced around on the grounds. "There's a new mission, and I need you to go in my place."

Light decided to take a seat on the bed, next to where Shade was standing, and looking sightly upwards with a raised brow. "And why the hell would I do that?" the girl retorted, placing the palms of her hands on her knees. Did Shana really think Light was going to do anything for her?

"Be-caaaause I'm going to do something for you in return. Within reason," answered Shana, sounding a bit reluctant to offer such a deal. "You can... electrocute people. If you want. I'm not gonna be there to boss you around," she added.

Light fell quiet, glancing to Shade questioningly, then looking away as she considered her options. Stay and screw around with Shade, or go and fry some probably deserving creeps. It also might not hurt to get a deal in with Shana at this point, considering the options she and Shade had just talked about. Maybe she could convince the dumb girl to give them their own place on the mansion grounds somewhere, so they could be protected by Danger's top-notch security. With one last glance at Shade, Light grinned, having made her decision. "Alright. I'm in. But you have to give me one thing in return, whatever I want."

"Really? Uhm... Sure, I guess. Thanks," Shana answered, sounding a little confused. "So... yeah, just. Go down to mission control, Danger will handle everything there. Thanks, again." concluded the girl before the call ended, leaving the room in silence.

Leaning back onto the bed and resting her weight on her hands, Light looked over to Shade with a sort of smug grin, wondering if he ha caught on to why she agreed to the mission, or if he would have to ask.

Shade had been listening in on the conversation, and as the girl sat down on the bed, he crossed his arm and lifted an eyebrow before asking; "So you're ditching me to get some leverage with your sister?". Shade was actually pleased with Light, as it had been a smart move, but he wanted to tease her a little bit by feigning indignation. "Ok, what's your angle?" he finally asked, smirking back at her.

A small laugh came from Light before she leaned over closer to Shade, reaching up with one hand to gently pull his face closer to hers. Planting her lips on his for a second, the girl pulled back and looked up at her husband, smirking as usual. "Is leverage such a bad thing?" she asked, tilting her head questioningly to the side a bit. "Weeeeell, she is pretty much the one in charge now, yeah? Might not hurt for her to owe me a favor if we're looking for a place by the mansion." The girl leaned in for another kiss, closing her eyes this time as she snaked her arm around his neck.

Shade closed his eyes and took a deep breath as he felt Light's electrified lips push against his. She smelled sweet, with the scent of alcohol mixed up in it. "No, not at all." he smirked in response to his wife, sitting next to her and running his fingertips down the side of her neck and over her shoulder-blade. "Ah, there is the angle." continued the young man, grinning back at Light as she leaned in. Shade closed his eyes and moved his hand up from her shoulder-blade, gripping the back of her neck, he pulled her towards him. He pushed his lips against her rather fiercely at first, then slowly the kiss became softer, more loving and gentle before he pushed away. His hand, however, was still firmly gripping the back of the girl's neck, keeping her from moving away. "No needless risks, ok? It's ok to leave everyone else to die." he said simply, looking into Light's emerald eyes before he let her go.

"Mhmmm," hummed Light against Shade's lips with a tiny smirk, though his sudden fierce kiss caught her off-guard and caused her to breathe in sharply through her nose. After a few seconds, the man pulled away, and so did she, as far s could, at least. Looking up at him through half-lidded eyes, Light couldn't help but grin a bit when her husband showed his concern for her safety. It was a nice change, having someone worry for her for once in her life, though others might have seen that particular brand of worry as selfish. As he let her go, the girl was quiet for a second, looking into Shade's eyes before she leaned in again, this time wrapping both her arms around Shade's neck in a hug. "I'll be fine, you know that," she reassured him after a couple seconds, planting a small peck on his cheek before she finally pulled away. "If things go south, I'll give you a call," she added, standing and taking a couple steps backwards. For emphasis, Light bent over to pick up her phone from the nightstand and hold it in the air. "You should.. clean, or something, while I'm gone." Raising her hand to her face, Light pressed her lips against her index and middle fingers then held them out towards Shade, playfully 'blowing' him the kiss. "See you later," she said finally, then turned and stepped out the door to X-Men East 2nd.

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