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Dormitory 216
Vincent Gladstone's room

The first thing one would notice when entering the room is clothes everywhere. Strewn across the beds, the floor, the desk, and hanging out of half-opened drawers haphazardly, all clean if the occupant of the room was to be believed, save for the bathroom, where a decent sized pile of dirty laundry permanently resides in the corner. Despite not being the tidiest of rooms, it at least smells clean and open windows allow a nice breeze to come through when the wind picks up. Other than the stray articles of clothing, the room as scarcely decorated. There are no pictures or knickknacks or decorations on either the walls or the desk. What is on the desk though, are a dozen worn paperback novels that looked both well read and well loved, mostly action and spy novels with Tom Clancy and Dean Koontz's names on the sides, as well as a couple Stephen King books thrown into the mix.

X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

Vincent entered his room for the first time, shutting the door behind him and hoisting his duffel bag up onto his bed. He ruffled through it quickly, pulling out a pair of shorts and a tank top and switching out what he was currently wearing for them. Before heading back out into the X-Men East 2nd, Vince skidded over to the bathroom, messed with his hair a little in the mirror, then left to meet back up with Daniela.

X-Men East 2nd

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2012-12-23 [Duredhel]: Did you guys go to a side-page or something? Or do I need to poke someone here?

2012-12-23 [The Black Goat]: ah its my turn, I was just figuring how to safely wrap it up and slight time skip =P

2013-03-12 [Figgy]: Caleb?

2013-03-13 [The Black Goat]: I was planning on moving him once daniela is ready

2013-08-19 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Caleb?

2013-08-19 [Duredhel]: Whoops, this char is gone, lemme clean up the room.

2013-08-19 [Duredhel]: There.

2013-08-19 [The Black Cat in Your Path]: Can I post here later when I'm not in such a bad mood?

2013-08-19 [Duredhel]: Sure thing.

2013-08-19 [Figgy]: You don't have to post now in the dorms. That's really the one place we don't mind limbo.

2014-06-10 [The Black Goat]: Yay :) TY

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