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Maria Bortolotto and Jadean Pemoda's room

One side of the room, the one belonging to Maria, appears to be well-lived in despite her only having lived in the academy for a short time. Her bed is rarely made, some items of laundry usually end up on the floor, and her bedside table has a variety of make-up and accessories scattered across it. At the end of her bed are a number of small dumbbells, varying from 3kg to 7kg. Her desk does have a laptop on it, but this is rarely used and usually found closed.

The side belonging to Jae will be fairly tidy. Her bed will resemble Maria in the sense that it will never... NEVER be made. She just ends up unmaking in so why take the effort? On her bedside table will be her deodorant, her favorite smelly stuff eyeliner, mascara and her tablet. The rest of her things she'll keep picked up. She brought with her a fold-up hamper so she wouldn't be tempted to throw things on the floor. 

X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

Faro entered her room - partly her room now - and looked back to see if Jadean was coming in too. In the meantime, she grabbed some underwear and pajama shorts that she'd left lying on the floor by her bed.

Jadean glanced around the room and smiled softly. "This is going to be interesting." Shaking her head she walked over to what was clearly her side of the room. Slipping first her back pack off onto the bed and finally taking her duffel bag off she sighed heavily. Setting her packet aside she looked over at her new roommate. "So what should I call you?"

"Maria or Faro, whichever you prefer," Faro said as she headed for the bathroom. She pulled the door to but left a gap so they could still hear each other. As she stripped off she called back out to the newcomer. "You can call me Bitch Tits for all I care." A small giggle escaped her, making her now free breasts jiggle. "What's your name?" She pulled on her panties and started clasping her bra together.

"Jadean or Jae here... Faro, neat name...Hmmm how'd you get that name? Is it a nickname?" Opening up her bags she began pulling clothes out of them and slipping them into drawers and placing her other things on top of the bedside table and such. Opening her perfume she took a sniff of it and sprayed her bed and smiled. Hearing her phone vibrate she unlocked it. "Where are you?! Send me a picture I want to see! Rolling her eyes she clicked a picture of the room and threw her phone back on the bed to finish unpacking. "Do you have any family?"

Coming out of the bathroom now properly dressed, Faro shrugged. "I saw on the news about the X-Men and how they used, well, mostly used, pseudonyms. Faro's my street name. It's Italian for light." She lay on the floor next to her bed and reached under it. "My family's a proper Italian-American bunch in Brooklyn, so much so that my ma and nana still sometimes talk the language to each other." She resurfaced clutching a bottle of vodka by the neck. "Just what I wanted!"

"Hmmm... My sister calls me Terra. For a few years now she has, so I think I get what you mean." Giggling softly she shook her head. Stuffing her empty bags under her bed she finally sat down on her bed and watched as Faro grabbed a bottle out from under her own bed. "She wasn't kidding..." Jae chewed down on her bottom lip, holding back her laughter. It was her first day getting to know her roommate but so far she liked her.

Faro gave Jae a mischievous grin and waved the nearly full bottle in her direction. "Want to get drunk and watch crap on TV? I'm headed down to the den now to meet a friend." She then gave an exaggerated shrug. "Or you could hang out here alone, or go see the idiots down at the pool." She gave a short bark of laughter.

Tucking her phone into the back pocket of her skinny jeans Jae shrugged. "I won't drink but I'll come with." Sliding from her bed she ran a hand through her hair, brushing it with her fingers. It would be nice to be introduced to more people. Not that Jae had problems meeting people. She was okay in that department. Her mother had always worried about her stranger danger techniques when she was a child. She had never really grown out of it.

"More for me, then," Faro said with a shrug before leading the way out to X-Men West 3rd.

"Guess so." Jae smiled and shook her head as she followed Faro out to X-Men West 3rd.

X-Men West 3rd

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2014-10-17 [Figgy]: Yeah that.

I probably have a folder but i have no fucking idea where it is XD

2014-10-17 [Figgy]: I imagine there's desks too. I don't think I had that option when making it

2014-10-17 [Celtore]: Don't need one just checking lol, thanks loves!

2014-10-18 [Figgy]: Seriously? Men playing women is so weird XD

2014-10-18 [Duredhel]: I play women sometimes XD!

2014-10-18 [Figgy]: But ya breasts don't jiggle when ya giggle.

2014-10-18 [Duredhel]: .. Well I'm not THAT fat...

2014-10-18 [ancienteye]: That really depends on size and perkiness/floppiness, I think.

2014-10-18 [Figgy]: Point is, as a woman, my last thought is whether or not my tits jiggle around when I laugh, so I'm certainly not gonna put it in a post XD

I'm gonna start posting that Rene's junk flops around when he walks around naked or in boxers, and floats when he's in the bath tub.

2014-10-18 [ancienteye]: It's generally I don't think of it much, either. But my mom and aunt are always telling me not to run, so I tend to assume other women are more conscious of it. XD

2014-10-18 [Figgy]: I'm conscious of it when I run, cause damn if it doesn't hurt. So I gotta hold em down. But otherwise, it doesn't cross my mind XD

2014-10-18 [Celtore]: *raises eyebrows and chokes down a laugh* There's no window, correct? If I remember the map correctly

2014-10-18 [Figgy]: There's one out the bathroom, I think XD It was kind of a badly designed room. I ought to redo it.

2014-10-18 [Figgy]: This is completely relevant:

2014-10-19 [CuteCommander]: My posting can be crap at times. Right now I am fixated on Faro's tits, so apologies. But Figgs, you should definitely mention Rene's dong more often

2014-10-19 [Figgy]: I'm gonna do it.

2014-10-19 [Figgy]: But nah, I was just making a big deal out of it cause I see some weird stuff posted by men playing women, and the jiggling tits caught me off guard XD

Maybe us girls do weird for men too :P

2014-10-20 [Celtore]: I dont think I've ever posted anything like that while playing one of my male characters... *Taps chin* But I do have a terrible memory.

2014-10-21 [CuteCommander]: Can you remind me to post here please?

2014-10-21 [CuteCommander]: Nevermind :P

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