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Quin Mistoke's room

The room is rather cluttered, with bright blue bookcases a purple desk that's acrossed from the bed, piles of books and CDs (up against walls and in piles on the floor, and a pile of dark colored clothes laying at the foot of bed. The bed itself was up against the wall to your left as you come in, bedding is rather bright, with blues, pinks, greens and purple its an assault on ones eyes.
The color of the walls can hardly be seen through all the Band and obscure tv series posters.

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2014-01-04 [Kbird]: do I describe the room where it says "This room is empty"?

2014-01-04 [Figgy]: Yup!

2014-01-04 [Kbird]: does that work?

2014-01-04 [Figgy]: Sure

2014-01-04 [Kbird]: and rpging is under the time and date area, correct?

2014-01-04 [Figgy]: Yup!

2014-01-04 [Kbird]: :3 sweetness

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