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Sarah Criss and Isabelle Black's room

This room is bare.

X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

Isabelle sat in the corner of the room on a beanbag chair beneath the window, giving a serious glare at whatever was on the screen of her laptop. She was dressed in black workout pants and a pink bra, her hair twisted into a bun with stray strands sticking out this way and that. Every couple of seconds she'd blow back a piece that had fallen over her eyes and then grumble softly to herself. Since returning to the mansion a few days ago she'd rarely stepped out of her room, seeming rather on edge, and her appearance had changed noticeably. She was gaunter now, with much of the fat gone from her face and body, and her form, which had always carried a bit of softness from a comfy lifestyle, was now leaner and more defined.

"I see you found the new room just fine." Rage said as she caught sight of her roommate. She looked and sounded annoyed as her bag fell into a heap on the floor. She fell silent after a moment as she finally seemed to notice the change in the girl. "What happened to you?" She asked concernedly, her annoyance suddenly seeming to have disappeared.

The younger woman looked up as the door opened, eyes narrowing to suspicious slits and her hand moving to close the laptop automatically until she realized who it was. Though the aggressively guarded look dropped from her face she still set the thing aside so she could stand and stretch, her gaze never leaving Rage's as she did so. "Same rules apply as before," Isabelle said with a deadpan expression instead of answering the question, "don't touch my shit."

"Huh. Well I guess you're still a ray of fucking sunshine." Rage snapped back as her earlier irritation surfacing once more. "Speaking of which. Where the hell is my shit?" She demanded as she looked over the room. She knew she couldn't exactly blame Danger, she had disappeared for 5 months without telling anyone, but she was used to coming home and finding everything exactly how she'd left it; though there was a huge difference between a house she owned and the school.

Isabelle raised her eyebrows in response. "I wouldn't fucking know, this room was empty when I got to it." She wasn't happy about the return of her previous roommate, it would complicate things, and meant she'd have to keep her things locked up- not that she thought Rage was smart enough to figure her way out of a paper bag even. "Why don't you go ask that scaly red bitch? She probably knows." She sat on the edge of the bed then fell back against it.

Rage's eyes narrowed, "That 'scaly red bitch' is called Flame. You might want to learn that since she's letting you stay here." She snapped irritably but then waved dismissively, sending her bag to the side of the bed in the process. "Forget it." She said as she took a deep breath, "I have better things to do than dealing with you. I'm going to town to buy some much needed booze and then I'm going to the party. I guess it's safe to assume you won't be there?" She finished imperiously, her tone challenging. She was worried about the girl's appearance but she knew better than to think Izzy would listen to any concerns and instead hoped Izzy would accept her challenge and go outside just for spite, maybe even eat something.

Letting me huh? The blonde girls lips puckered together as she thought about it. Maybe I could use her... Rage seemed to know a little bit more about this place, while she had less than a week's experience. It was her job now to get information, the very reason they sent her back here. Suddenly, Isabelle sat up and swung her legs over the edge to stand. "Let me come with you." She said, seeming unaware of how demanding it sounded, or just uncaring. Schemes were already forming in her mind; she could play nice if meant getting in closer to where she needed to be. Because if I don't- Izzy didn't allow that thought to come to fruition, she'd seen what would happen already.

Well shit. That didn't take much. Rage thought to herself as she crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow. "Fine." She consented as she took in the girl's features once more. Maybe if she was lucky she could convince her to smoke some weed... that would get her eating. "Go ahead and get ready."

Isabelle blinked, a little surprised at how easy it had been. She had expected to have to try and convince her, maybe even though down the ace up her sleeve. Dead mommies let you get away with lot of shit. she though, though there was no real humor in it, only an empty feeling deep in the pit of her stomach. Dead boyfriends too. Without saying anything else she slid her sweat pants down her long, pale legs and, as she approached her dresser, slid her arms behind her back to undo the clasps of her bra. After ruffling through some drawers she pulled out a pair of jeans and black, spaghetti-strap tank top and got dressed. After shoving her wallet and phone, the all important and always on device, into her back pockets and snatching a pair of sunglasses she walked out into the X-Men West 3rd, expecting Rage to follow her.

Rage watched the girl get ready, she wasn't doing the best job at keeping her worried expression hidden but she managed to straighten her face when Izzy turned back towards her. Just what the hell had happened? She was still frowning thoughtfully when she followed her out to X-Men West 3rd

After a while Rage stepped into her room. She was carrying a box of liquors and a crate of wine was floating around behind her. She placed the box on the floor and turned to drop her purse on the bed while her winds lowered her crate down to the floor. Her winds reached back and blew the door shut as she started peeling off her dress. She bent down over her suit case and rummaged around until she'd picked out a white one bikini with gold colored trimming. It didn't exactly seem practical to go swimming in it but it was stunning. She was shedding her clothes dropping them as she removed then and allowing her winds to pick them up and let them fall into a heap on the bed until she was able to slip into her suit.

Stepping into the room while she yawned into her hand, Isabelle only spared her roommate a brief glance before shoving whatever was on her bed off to throw herself down onto it with a groan, her bag dropping down to the floor beside her. She blinked open an eye and scoffed against the bedspread. "You going to the pool or a fucking photoshoot?" She grumbled, unreasonably annoyed by her roommates flashiness, like she would fucking die if the attention wasn't on her at all time.

Well fuck. Rage had kinda been looking forward to being able to dress in peace but apparently her roommate had other plans. "Nothing wrong with looking my best." She shrugged as she studied herself critically in the mirror. After a few moments she decided that she looked fine and bent down to rummage through the boxes and picking out a couple bottles of whiskey and one of wine. "Are you coming?"

Isabelle rolled her eyes at Rage's response, but didn't reply. Instead she threw an arm over her eyes and let out a yawn as she listened to the woman rifling through the bags and the bottles she'd brought. "No, I'm taking a nap." The girl replied, for once without sarcasm or some kind of unwarranted malice. "I'll be out later, save me some booze."

A very heavy knocking on the door was followed by "Raaaaggeee!"

"mmmhmmm" Rage nodded as she noticed the lack of rudeness, "Will do." She finished as she scooped up a towel and slipped her feet into a pair of flip flops and picked up a bottle of bourbon and one of wine. It was at this moment that the door knocked and put the alcohol down, "Just a minute!" She called out before opening the door. "Yea?"

The blonde stretching out on the bed groaned and lifted her head with a scowl. "Tell whoever it is to go fuck off, I'm trying to sleep." Isabelle snapped, her anger mostly directed towards whoever it was out in the hall.

When the door did open, it showed a tired and possibly annoyed looking Flame. She eyed Rage's outfit before connecting the fact there was still a pool party going on. "I was going to drag you out to a bar, but think you'll get jumped if you wear that out."

Fuuuuuck.... Rage frowned as she listened to Flame's invitation. A bar would be fun though it might be a bit early to start drinking. Then again she had been about to step out the door with an armful of liquor. "I can change." She offered and grinned, "I don't like swimming anyways." Besides, she hadn't really had time to chill with her friend and Flame was looking a bit stressed out.

Yes, very early. No, Flame didn't care. She did however feel a pang of guilt at the idea of dragging Rage away from the party. "We can do it later after you've strutted around the pool for a bit. Not sure any decent places will even be open at this time anyways." Also, ignoring Isabelle. She did not need that girl's attitude right now.

“Could you move the conversation out to the goddamn hall?” Isabelle piped up after a few moments of trying to ignore them while hoping they’d just make up their minds and leave. “Some of us are trying to take a fucking nap, thank you.” The young woman shot the two a look and then rolled over, jerking up a sheet to cover herself with. It wasn’t like she was tired, not really. She didn’t think she could sleep even if these two shut up and left. It was more a general sense of restlessness and dissatisfaction; she had shit she was supposed to be doing, but she didn’t know where to start. Important shit too, the kind that would keep her head off the chopping block. And out of the tanks. She shuddered thinking about it, then wondered she wasn’t feeling so low because she hadn’t gotten a chance to drain something. There were always too many people around, many of whom she’d love the chance to suck dry. There was the woods, if she could head out there without being noticed or followed, which was stupid, why would someone follow her anyway? That was paranoid of her; no one here had any idea what she was up to, what had happened. After all, there wasn’t a mark on her except for the thing in the back of her neck and that was easy to cover with bandaids, collared shirts, and just leaving her hair down.

With a brow raised high in Isabelle's direction, Flame gave a shake of her head before heading back out into X-Men West 3rd.

Rage sent a rather irritated glare in Izzy's direction before stepping out into X-Men West 3rd after Flame.

X-Men West 3rd

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2012-09-05 [Figgy]: There's also an indoor pool should Emily ever want to do some really deep diving :3

2012-09-06 [La Luna]: Erh, Hi there. It seems our characters are sharing a room.

2012-09-06 [Eyelash-Wishes]: hi lol yeah it seems so..if you want to make any additions to the room descript then go ahead

2012-09-06 [La Luna]: Oh, Ill just add another room, Eli is very go with the flow. She'd let Emily do it how ever she wanted.

2014-05-16 [The Black Goat]: I miss playing izzy ^^

2014-05-16 [Lirerial]: lol I miss playing against her! Imagine her reaction when she sees Lire with Rene!

2014-05-16 [Lirerial]: Come to think of it... Rage is going to be miffed about that too. Hmmmmm future sabotage team?

2014-05-16 [The Black Goat]: nah izzy's got better things to do, though she might try to undercut lire just for funsies

2014-10-11 [The Black Goat]: TY Dur <3

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