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Luloah Esther Akins and Nora White's room

Halo's side of the room was furnished with the bare necessities-- a neatly-made bed, desk, dresser and nightstand. Other than a desktop computer, a couple of books, some notebooks and writing implements on the desktop and a pair of well-worn black shoes tucked underneath the bed, there is very little else in the way of personalization.

X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

Sitting quietly at her desk, Halo had a couple of books open, and a notebook in which she periodically wrote things down. Her attention switched from notebook to textbook, her left index finger scanning over the surface of the page as she carefully studied the words there. Leave it to her to commit to homework on Memorial Day, when almost everyone else was out, enjoying the beautiful spring weather.

Three short knocks came from the door.

Pausing to sit back in her chair, which squeaked under the weight of her movement, Halo turned her attention to the door-- she hadn't been expecting any one. She pushed up out of her seat and stuck her pencil behind her ear as she crossed the room to see who was there.

A bag of luggage rolled into the room from the hallway, followed by its owner, Nora. She paused for a moment to look around the rather bare room, unsure where she should put her things. "Which side is mine?" she asked as she turned her head to look at Halo.

After Nora had make it into their room, Halo shut the door behind her. She regarded the other mutant, looked at the suitcase with the strange-looking splotch that was moving seemingly of its own volition, then back to her roommate. 'Over there,' she indicated with a tilt of her chin toward the currently-unoccupied side of the room. 'We can rearrange things if you want to, though.' Then, without further adieu, Halo asked a question by way of stating, 'You're telekinetic.'

Nora turned away yet again after Halo pointed out her side of the room. Her arm had fallen by her side and she walked over to her bed, her suitcase seemingly magically following her. It maneuvered itself into the corner nearest her bad, and slowly she took a seat on her mattress, lifting her head to look around the room. A smile was directed at Halo as she assumed the girl's powers. "Not exactly," the girl admitted as she reached up to the vial on her neck. "At least, I don't classify it that way," she added, unscrewing the cap of the small glass bottle. She placed her finger over the opening and turned the bottle upside down then rightside up, quickly and in one motion. This left a splotch of the black inky substance on her fingertip, and she held it out to show the tall girl. "This stuff lets me control whatever I want, as if it were another part of me."

Remaining where she was standing, Halo crossed her arms loosely over her chest, but her attention followed Nora and her suitcase. 'Not telekinetic,' the masculinely-dressed girl then stated, her expression deeply contemplative as she was apparently trying work work out exactly what the nature of Nora's magical mutant potion was. It was as though Halo had no further use for the typical pleasantries associated with meeting someone new. 'And that is a... secretion? A corporeal extension of usually a non-substantial part of your being? Or...' she then stopped speaking, really unable to think of anything else at the moment. Whatever it was, it wasn't something with which she was familiar.

"My blood," Nora corrected with a mischievous smile after Halo made her round of guesses. The girl pulled her legs onto her bed and sat cross-legged, a concentrated on her face as she watched the black ink-like substance on her fingertip remove itself and float through the air like a tiny blob of gelatin. She always expected people to have a mini heart attack when they learned she used her blood, so she had grown accustomed to secretly making the claim sound as eerie as possible in hopes that she might get a funny reaction. "Pick something in the room," she then said as she looked up at Halo, a smile returning to her face. Showing off her powers was always a blast.

With a stagnantly calm expression, Halo regarded Nora silently when she revealed the source of her power. She was staring at her new roommate, more concerned with the function of the power than the fact it was, well... kind of gross. 'So you... have to cut yourself open?' There was a subtle change in the tall girl's expression that indicated that she might find that a bit distasteful. Even after Nora insisted she select an item in the dormitory, Halo still stood, looking down at the other girl-- maybe she was looking for scars or evidence of recent cutting. Inhaling deeply and slowly, the vibrationally-gifted student eventually looking around the room, trying to locate something smallish. She had little in the way of unnecessary belongings, so, after a long moment, Halo finally said, 'The blue-bound book on my desk.' She paused, then added, 'If it doesn't stain permanently.'

Nora tilted her head downwards a bit as she observed the black droplets spinning slowly in the air, her eyes squinting as she watched it. She looked up at Halo as she spoke and shook her head lightly, her wave hair bouncing on her shoulders. "I use syringes. It's easier to draw the blood out, since it clots so quickly," the girl explained as the droplet began to float higher. She didn't consider the whole ordeal to be gross now - it was all very natural to her these days, despite the fact that she had spent a couple of days being somewhat afraid of her mutation. Luckily, she had never had a weakness to seeing blood. Nora followed her roommate's eyes as she scanned the room, and her gaze fell on the book just as Halo appointed it. Sitting up, Nora held her hand out towards the book, and the blood droplet floating it's way over to the book, settling onto the surface. "I can draw it out," said the girl as she worked her magic, twisting her wrist so that her fingers made a 'come here' motion. The book seemed to follow, wiggling its way out of place and floating through the air towards Nora. However, a knock at the door distracted the girl, and she turned to face the door as the book halted in mid-air, hovering just in front of Halo.

Watching attentively as Nora displayed what she could do and simultaneously explained how she acquired her blood, Halo, looked away from the levitating book and also focused her attention to the door when she heard the knocking. Her brow furrowed slightly-- she very rarely had much in the way of people wanting to visit her-- and she made a small berth around the book to see who was on the other side of the door. She stood motionlessly in the doorway for a moment, taking stock of what was happening in X-Men West 3rd before tentatively inquiring, 'Yes?' She stood like a statue at the door, then after a moment, said, 'Oh,' to the person in the hallway, then turned and started to say, 'It's for--,' as she turned toward Nora. With a peek into the hallway, Halo retreated slightly from the open door and closed it most of the way. 'There's a woman with beads and feathers in her hair asking about you.' She then paused and pursed her lips. '...but you might want to wait a moment before going out there,' she added without explanation.

Nora slowly slid her legs from the bed to place her feet on the floor and seat herself more properly while her new roommate took to answering the door. She waited patiently, hearing the little commotion out in the hallway and simply responding with a raise of her eyebrows. Part of her social awkwardness meant that she was strangely immune to the fear or nervousness that usually came from hearing arguments or encountering people. A moment later, Halo turned back from the door and pushed it shut, and Nora stood. " Oh, that must be... Rage," the girl pondered as she looked to the door. She walked towards Halo and paused, waiting for the young woman to step out of her way. "It's okay. I think they might be done now," explained the girl, nodding her head slightly towards the door to indicate the silence.

In the short time that Rage had been at the mansion, Halo hadn't had any interaction with the woman, thus she shrugged, seeming to accept Nora's assessment. Opening the door again, Halo stepped to the side so that Nora could pass, but not before glancing outside. That mouthy blonde had left, but that chatterbox who lived a couple rooms down was still out there. Inhaling deeply, the tall, quiet girl released it slowly, not quite sighing. Gesturing with her hand, she indicated after you to her roommate.

Nora gave Halo a kind smile before following the gesture of her hand and stepping through the door and out to X-Men West 3rd.

With her new roommate gone, Halo looked around the room, and her eyes fell on the book that, until a few moments ago, had been levitating. She walked over to pick it up, then to her desk to grab the notebook and a couple of pencils and pens, which she tucked into the breast pocket of her shirt. Certain the she had what she needed, Halo stepped out into X-Men West 3rd and shut the door gently behind her.

Nora observed that her roommate seemed to have vacated the room since she had left, noting that the lights were off and there was no sign of movement. Flipping the light switch on, the girl moved over to her bed, laying her bag down and pulling out the bikini. She pulled off the price tags from both pieces before tossing them over her arm and heading towards the bathroom. The girl proceeded to strip down and pull on the suit, which fit her thin body almost perfectly, and then headed back out. Nora simply laid her old clothes on the bed before she began digging through her suitcase and pulling out a red ribbon hair tie and two small lady-bug shaped hair clips. Ever since she could remember, her dad had always called her his Ladybug, and it was something that really stuck with her, and so she had brought the hairclips, a Christmas gift from his some years ago, as a reminder of him - and because she was fairly attached. The girl proceeded to pull her hair into a ponytail, placing the hairclips on top of the ribbon as a final decoration.

Standing straight and bouncing a little on her feet, Nora smile at her own reflection in the mirror, then set about grabbing the rest of her supplies, which were really only a bathroom towel and a pair of red-rimmed sunglasses she had brought with her from home. Unfortunately, she hadn't brought any sandals, and had completely forgotten to buy some while she was out. With a mental shrug, the girl decided she would be fine going barefoot, and she tossed the white towel over her shoulder before heading out her door and back into X-Men West 3rd.

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2010-06-28 [Duredhel]: Any details on Summer's bikini?

2010-06-29 [Lepellier]: Nope, just plain blue, unless you're looking for other details. Just simply ties up behind the neck and around the back...

2010-09-11 [Roma]: Nice touch that she's crying into her pillow, Lep. Tomorrow should be an interesting day for everyone. Lets get to know Summer a bit more!

2010-09-13 [Lepellier]: Thanks. I plan on trying. She's very insecure right now with everything that's happened. I'm just really busy right now with school just starting back up, so I'm trying to keep up best I can.

2012-09-10 [Ms. Steel]: Uh. I dunno what that extra #39;s] is up top thar.

2012-09-10 [Duredhel]: apostrophe was in the wrong place XD

2012-09-10 [Ms. Steel]: I am so smrt.

2012-09-10 [XxTsomexX]: Lol

2012-12-18 [Ms. Steel]: nudgie-poo.

2012-12-20 [XxTsomexX]: Sorryyyyy, I haven't been on very much with the holiday season coming up. I work in retail and they've been working me like a dog.

Zeke figured Halo wouldn't fully understand the joking around, so she didn't bother to explain and to keep the conversation alive. "Breakfast... Hmmm.... nah, I'll skip that today I think." She finally decided, opening the door room door and watching Tobias walk out. "After you."

2012-12-20 [Roma]: She watched? :3

2012-12-20 [XxTsomexX]: Well shit ill fix that

2012-12-20 [XxTsomexX]: That's what happens when I answer right before bed lmao sorry bout that?

2014-05-15 [Figgy]: I'm starting to like Nora now >_>

2014-05-15 [Ms. Steel]: Yeeeah, it takes a bit to get into a new character, sometimes.

2014-05-15 [Figgy]: Yahp :3

2014-05-15 [Ms. Steel]: So, uh... does her power go haywire when she's on the rag?

2014-05-16 [Figgy]: Oh man hahaha. Maybe she doesn't use it during that time of the month

2014-05-16 [Ms. Steel]: heh heh heh.

2014-05-17 [Ms. Steel]: Did you want to get a post in, or should I just add onto Halo's?

2014-05-17 [Figgy]: You can add to Halo's :O

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