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2010-04-30 [Sturmi]: Hey guys, I'll have very limited Internetbduring the weekend (I'm going to rebuild houses that collapsed because of the earthquake.. Or try to at least)

2010-05-01 [Roma]: That's far more important than RP! That's great to her, Sturmi. We'll be glad when you're back. :)

2010-05-01 [Sturmi]: Yeah my carpentry skills are kinda sucky but I'll do my best. If you could move White around or just keep her in her room it would be good :)

2010-05-01 [Roma]: I can get her to the DR if you're not back by then and I'll have her fight later on. :D

2010-05-01 [Priest Kel]: Good luck and have fun! ^_^

2010-05-01 [Ms. Steel]: Be safe, Sturmi!!

2010-05-01 [Roma]: Since they're both already in uniform, anytime you're ready to get Valerie down to the DR, I'll just post the White follows. Or hell, you can if I'm not on. I give you permission.

2010-05-01 [Ms. Steel]: Hokey-dokey!!

2010-05-03 [Ms. Steel]: Well, I failed at getting her there. She's at the elevator. I'm sure Sturmi will return and be, like, WTF?

2010-05-03 [Roma]: Did you just leave her there and have Valerie go on? I haven't had a chance to check everything today and won't until tonight, most likely.

2010-05-03 [Sturmi]: I'm back! I'll rescue White from the elevator now :P

And I'm generally unharmed, just a blister in my hand, some bruises and very sore muscles reminding me of the effort. I'll post a photo of the house we built in my house later hehe

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