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2012-09-15 [Duredhel]: poor Catherine XD.
Who did she strike out with?

2012-09-15 [ZeoOfFire]: Kinda a lot of people. She apparently has the plague, only Lucas hasn't ran away from her. :P
UIn her mind at least.

2012-09-15 [Duredhel]: I think you should find a character Catherine would find interesting with a player who posts often and put up a plot in the plottage page :>

2012-09-15 [ZeoOfFire]: Yeah, she's happy to just float around for a bit.

2013-03-06 [ZeoOfFire]: Catherine's in here, will post later, but if anyone comes in, assume she's slumped on the bed.

2013-03-12 [Figgy]: Where is Catherine?

2013-03-13 [ZeoOfFire]: Sorry, lost track of her. She's in here. Posting now.

2013-03-20 [ZeoOfFire]: Feel free to "decorate" the room in the description. You can mess with the colour scheme if you want :P

2013-03-21 [Haunted Fate]: Okay! I'll have to figure out what I would do... Not very interior decorator-y. xD

2013-03-21 [ZeoOfFire]: I just went "lol, Catherine wears green, so green. Her hair is dyed blue, so blue duvet."
I dunno why the carpet is brown, but now my brain is going dirty.

2013-03-21 [Haunted Fate]: lmao xD

2013-04-10 [Figgy]: Sorry if my postings with Shana are totally weird :X She's in a transition right now between personalities (yay character development XD) and it's really awkward to post with her.

2013-04-10 [Figgy]: OMG you should have Lillium run into René... just... yeah >_>

2013-04-10 [Haunted Fate]: I hear you. I'm trying to stay true to Lillium's goofball nature. :P But sure! Where is he at currently? xD

2013-04-10 [Figgy]: Hes in the cafeteria :O
Don't have her go out of her way to meet up with him. :3 I was just planning on having him ask her to the hot tub for a... more private party >_>

2013-04-10 [Haunted Fate]: Ahaha. This idea I like. :> I'll just have her lag behind then, to get changed, and try to un-successfully find her way down there. ;D

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