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Lirerial's and Kiora Collins's room

Upon entering the room the difference between roommates is obvious. Lire's half is neat and organized, not a single item is out of place. Her bed is covered in a black and red comforter and the cord of an electric blanket can be glimpsed from one side. Her tv is the only thing shared by her roommate, placed front and center with the selection of movies stacked underneath. Other than that not much else is in view, Lire's weapons and tools are carefully locked away and two small duffel bags lay packed and ready for Lire to leave at a moments notice. Kiora's side of the room is rather bare, but the few visible possessions seem to have no organization to them, with one exception. Displayed reverently on the otherwise unused desk is a tiered weapon stand with a full Diasho hand-made in the traditional Japanese style.

X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

Kiora was sick of moping. Everybody was at the pool today for some sort of party, but she had no interest in getting her fur wet at the moment. Tim had been pretty persistent about trying to spend time with her since Mihir had died, but she needed something to vent some aggression. She had heard that there was a student who could shoot, the guy about her age with the weird chitin stuff on his skin. Deciding that she would go see, she crossed to the door and out to X-Men East 3rd.

Some time later, Kiora returned with David. "What kind of weapons can you use?" She asked him as she headed into the closet and pulled a box down off the shelf. It was clear by the way she was acting that she didn't find the idea of a boy no older than her self being out for 'field training.'

David smiled, slightly amused by her tone, no one ever believed his father and the SF team took him to field training. "I can use anything from a Knife to a Maw-Duse, but I proffer my bow." He paused knowing she was talking about guns, and sighed. "I have a H&K G36 with a two stage trigger, a custom gas vent system, thirty or sixty round magazines. As i'm sure you know the weapon has a built in Reflex sight, and four times magnification optic sight, I also attached a Pek fifteen and forward folding arm grip. It's set for seven six two right now, but if the Danger room can't take the rounds, I can put the five five six barrel and bolt in." David then paused. "I also have a SOCOM forty five pistol."

Kiora came out of the closed, eyes wide, holding a handgun case. "Wow, that's some nice hardware. This was all I managed to take with me when I came here." She told him, "Well, this and my diasho." She corrected herself, motioning to the display on her desk.

"Let's see it then." David said with a smile. He wondered if guns and weapons were her turn on, or if she just had an odd lust for things that could kill. Ether way... He was sure to impress the young woman.

Kiora set the case on the bed and opened it, revealing a Colt 1911 nestled safely in the foam. "Isn't it pretty?" she asked as though she was a little girl showing off her doll.

David Watched her expression. It was cute, and the weapon was well kept as if it was her most prised position. "Kiora..." Davies managed out before moving behind her and placing his hands in her hips, and smiling. "It's amassing. Like your body." David whispered into her ear. He wondered how she would react to his hands. She was always showing off her body, but was she the kinda that shied from a touch?

Kiora nodded, smiling. She was glad she liked it, she liked showing it off. Both her weapons and her body. "My diasho is even better though." She said, closing the handgun's case, "It's traditionally made by one of the best smiths in Japan." She turned to look at him, grinning, "Let's go get yours and head down to meet Shawn." She didn't seem to even notice the suggestive nature of the way he'd just been acting.

David nodded and moved to the door, then waited a bit. He wanted to know. "Do you need to change at all?" He asked a smirk on his face and a hopeful tone.

Kiora glanced down at herself, looking a little confused, "No, I'm fine." she said, waiting for him to lead the way out.

David smiled and nodded, walking out to X-Men East 3rd taking Kiora by the hand and moving quickly.

X-Men East 3rd

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2013-11-21 [Lirerial]: Yes :)

2013-11-22 [~Valkyrie~]: I'm guessing there will probably be a pretty clear divide to the room? I've seen dorm rooms where it was obvious just by stepping into the unoccupied room that the roommates had very little to do with one another just by the setup. I'm assuming that even though they don't really hate each other, they'll probably keep their stuff pretty separate.

2013-11-22 [Figgy]: check out the dorm room design I linked on X-Men Announcements

2013-11-22 [Lirerial]: Yea, I would think so. Did you see Figgy's design? Looks great!

2013-11-22 [Figgy]: I figured that could be standard for all rooms, and everyone could just decorate theirs based on that.

2013-11-22 [~Valkyrie~]: Oohh...those aren't twin sized beds. Looks good to me, one of us just needs to write up the description.

2013-11-22 [Lirerial]: We can each describe our half

2013-11-22 [~Valkyrie~]: Or that, I'll let you do yours first

2013-11-22 [Lirerial]: Ok, I'll do it tomorrow

2013-12-15 [Lirerial]: Soooo.... I just remembered. Before Lire and Mihir left last game day, Lire covered her weapons case (the one she left in the closet) in a powder that makes you really sick if it absorbed through your skin...

2013-12-15 [Lirerial]: It was supposed to be a precaution against Kiora snooping but it might be funny if it Light falls for it

2013-12-16 [Figgy]: Uhmm... how sick are we talking?

2013-12-18 [Lirerial]: Just throwing up for a few hours and dizziness.

2013-12-18 [Figgy]: Like... violent vomiting, or just the occasional vomiting/stomach bug symptoms.

2013-12-18 [Lirerial]: Post later

2013-12-18 [Lirerial]: Violently, unless she licks it, it wouldn't do anything worse

2013-12-18 [Lirerial]: Just imagine food poisoning ish symptoms...

2013-12-19 [~Valkyrie~]: So, really bad morning sickness? :p

2013-12-19 [Lirerial]: Lol yesssss haha or you know whatever the hell it is I have right now. :P

2014-01-06 [~Valkyrie~]: If either of you want to interrupt her, I can edit my post.

2014-01-11 [Lirerial]: Crap. Sorry, I actually didn't know you were waiting on me. I thought I'd already posted

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