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Sasaiya Moscoso's and Victoria Adelaide Deveau's room

Room 312 appears to be only half occupied at first glance. Upon closer inspection of the 'empty' half of the room, though, there are dark hairs covering one of the bed spreads, some long and glossy, others much shorter and thicker, like that of an animal pelt. Under the same bed is a backpack stuffed with clothes and a small, plastic bin filled with various types shelf stable food as if someone had been hoarding them.

The other side is filled with various personal items. A special shelf is set up above the bed and holds various knick knacks, a small, musical carousel in the center. A neat and orderly desk sits pushing in the corner, a state of the art computer on it displaying an emblazoned X as the screensaver. Several file folders sit neatly on the desk, as well as various text books. Photos sit on the nightstand, and there are few beauty items laying on the dresser, mostly hairties and a few pieces of jewelry. The bed is made up nicely, the blue bedspread smoothed perfectly, and the over all neatness of the room clearly says someone with at least a mild case of OCD lives in this room.

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2013-08-13 [The Black Goat]: has tory not moved in yet lol?

2013-08-14 [Flisky]: Oh, oops. I never put a description, did I? :P

2013-08-14 [The Black Goat]: there we go ^^

2013-08-14 [Flisky]: It's the little things I forget.

2013-08-14 [The Black Goat]: you and me both lol, now to give tory something to weird out over lol

2013-08-14 [Flisky]: It takes a lot to weird Tory out. Really, it does. :)

2013-11-09 [The Black Goat]: erm I didn't think tory had met sasaiya yet, let alone know she's a shiftshaper

2013-11-09 [Flisky]: If they've slept in the same room, they would have had to meet.

2013-11-09 [The Black Goat]: she hasn't been in the mansion since the last time skip, she's been wandering around new york for the last two weeks and just got back today

2013-11-09 [Flisky]: And Tory has the files on every student who calls the mansion home. She had been pouring over these files for the past two weeks, sorting through students. I think she would have realized these things about her roommate (and would be far more interested in someone she's supposed to be sharing a room with given her heavy trust issues).

2013-11-09 [The Black Goat]: aOkay, but she still hasn't met her, so she may know her name and ability , but that would be about it

2013-11-09 [Flisky]: Whatever.

2013-11-09 [Figgy]: Woosah

2013-11-09 [Flisky]: Sorry Figgs. I'm having a bad day emotionally and shouldn't be having even remotely argumentative conversations with people.

2013-11-09 [Figgy]: S'all good, just trying to keep the peace.

2013-11-09 [Flisky]: I know. :)

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