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Amelia Thornwell and Glamourfae's room

On the Right side of the room the walls are mostly blank besides one My chemical Romance and one Three Days Grace posters tapped just above the headrest of the bed.
The bed itself is simple, it has forest green bed sheets and black pillows.
Her Desk his a crossed from her bed and has two blank pieces of paper and a pen on it at all times.
There is a Duffelbag laying next to the bed, a white tank top hanging out. Besides that the room shows no signs of being used.

The left side of the room looks as if a forest and fashion studio have mated and exploded inside the room. Three plants with drooping vines and flowers are hanging from hooks in the ceiling, with scarves of various fabric, color, and pattern, winding between them.

The bed is piled with a nest of pillows and fabrics - it's hard to differentiate between bedding, clothing, and fabric that might eventually be made into one or the other.

On the wall hang scenic pictures of the outdoors as well as tacked on, hand drawn, sketches of pieces of clothing.

Three small pots are aligned on the windowsill, each containing a different herb, and some flowers are in another small pot of soil on the bedside table, under the reading lamp.

On the second desk in the room, which is at the foot of the bed, is a sewing machine, spools of thread, scissors, measuring tape, a sketch pad, various pens and pencils, as well as yet another potted plant and a water-sprayer. Hanging off of the chair at the desk is a worn and over-full looking backpack, and creeping out from under the bed are various clothing items, purses, other bags, and an assortment of shoes.

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2014-04-07 [Vhnori Valmos]: Ah I see, I was just about to ask exactly when Danger was made, lol. Also who exactly made/programed Danger?

2014-04-07 [Duredhel]: Vhnori might have been around when Danger was first activated tho :O, way before. We have the story going to where the professor turned her off a few years back because of all the.. uh.. glitches (she's modeled after a less homicidal GLaDOS).

She was turned back on as part of a contingency program Xavier set up in case something ever happened to him :O.

2014-04-07 [Vhnori Valmos]: Ohh, so the big question is, was she active over 10 years ago? Cause its been 10 years since Vhnori left the mansion and traveled the world.

2014-04-07 [Duredhel]: Well, what we figured is she was originally the AI of the Danger Room (hence Danger). Vhnori, Tori and other returning mutants would know her as such.

Then Xavier upgraded her to a self-improving AI and hooked her up to the mansion and she tried to improve everything in horribly stupid ways so she was turned off. (Until Xavier disappeared and she came back on line to defend the mansion). In my head she's very sweet and cares about students (or as close to caring as a program can get) but is terribly misguided.

2014-04-07 [Vhnori Valmos]: Ah I see, so my immediate assumption of Vhnori already knowing about Danger when I first joined this RP a few weeks ago was correct, lol. Also I should point out that Vhnori is extremely adept at anything computer related, and that includes AIs. That was kinda my way of implementing a personal thing form my own personal skills and whatnot into my character to make her more natural for me. So at some point she could easily alter Danger to have a more humane set of guidelines. 

2014-04-07 [Figgy]: I think we're just going to leave Danger as-is. She was mostly Dur's creation and he usually plays her, and he enjoys her odd sense of morals and personality.

2014-04-07 [Duredhel]: She's way more fun that way :>

2014-04-07 [Vhnori Valmos]: Ah, well I did say "could" assuming that it ever might come to that, lol. I just figured Id throw that out there for future reference in case the plot ever reaches a point where she absolutely must be reprogrammed or something.

2014-04-07 [Figgy]: Well, we're not planning on doing anything like that.

2014-04-07 [ancienteye]: So how far should we backtrack on this page? :o

2014-04-07 [Vhnori Valmos]: Hm, well im thinking we might not have to backtrack at all, I can probably edit the part where im building the aquarium to where Vhnori uses the shower as well to make the frame and whatnot also.

2014-04-07 [Vhnori Valmos]: There we go, I edited it so that Vhnori used the shower to both make the frame and fill it, and I altered a few things so that it didnt look weird with the other posts that was made prior to her filling it, lol.

2014-04-15 [Duredhel]: Ancient, you seem to have an incomplete post up there :O

2014-04-15 [ancienteye]: Hm? I'll go fix it.

2014-04-15 [ancienteye]: I forgot about her hiccups...I need to add them earlier next time she goes swimming. >___>

2014-04-15 [ancienteye]: A distraction or change of subject would help. She doesn't have the best memory.

2014-04-16 [Vhnori Valmos]: Btw its probably going to be about another hour or two before I can reply again, my parents are forcing me to do the dishes against my will, lol

2014-04-16 [ancienteye]: XD Totally understood.

2015-01-01 [Kbird]: XD Amelia will takes some time getting used to the forest vibe.

2015-01-16 [Kalma]: Ez is excited to meet her new roomie! Right now she's floating through the halls trying to find someone who's not too scary and/or preoccupied seeming to interact with. :D

2015-03-13 [Kbird]: so sorry I've been really busy with family stuff. I will try to be on more.

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