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Amelia Thornwell and Glamourfae's room

On the Right side of the room the walls are mostly blank besides one My chemical Romance and one Three Days Grace posters tapped just above the headrest of the bed.
The bed itself is simple, it has forest green bed sheets and black pillows.
Her Desk his a crossed from her bed and has two blank pieces of paper and a pen on it at all times.
There is a Duffelbag laying next to the bed, a white tank top hanging out. Besides that the room shows no signs of being used.

The left side of the room looks as if a forest and fashion studio have mated and exploded inside the room. Three plants with drooping vines and flowers are hanging from hooks in the ceiling, with scarves of various fabric, color, and pattern, winding between them.

The bed is piled with a nest of pillows and fabrics - it's hard to differentiate between bedding, clothing, and fabric that might eventually be made into one or the other.

On the wall hang scenic pictures of the outdoors as well as tacked on, hand drawn, sketches of pieces of clothing.

Three small pots are aligned on the windowsill, each containing a different herb, and some flowers are in another small pot of soil on the bedside table, under the reading lamp.

On the second desk in the room, which is at the foot of the bed, is a sewing machine, spools of thread, scissors, measuring tape, a sketch pad, various pens and pencils, as well as yet another potted plant and a water-sprayer. Hanging off of the chair at the desk is a worn and over-full looking backpack, and creeping out from under the bed are various clothing items, purses, other bags, and an assortment of shoes.

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2014-04-06 [ancienteye]: XD That would be funny~ But I think Coral would only decide that if the room was too warm, not too small.

2014-04-06 [Vhnori Valmos]: True, but as Figgy....or Dur said,(Im not sure which one) the rooms have central heating, and it would take far too much energy from Vhnori to keep it constantly cold, so going somewhere nearby that is already naturally cold and has enough water to maintain the temperature would probably be a lot easier. Although im sure they would need permission first, lol. 

2014-04-06 [ancienteye]: Probably. XD So how far do we backtrack?

2014-04-06 [Vhnori Valmos]: First we see if its even viable to move to the lake, lol.

2014-04-06 [ancienteye]: Figgy? Dur?

2014-04-06 [Duredhel]: If I may suggest a solution :O. If neither girl is concerned by cold, they can ask Danger to keep the room at a toasty 5C? And that way you also justify why the tank does not melt when Vhnori is not there.

Also, my problem is not so much the size of the tank, its just that she made something that big while ignoring the main limitation (availability) of a char who uses water, you know?

If she turned on the faucett in the bathroom and used that for the tank, it'd be fine :>

If you wanna move them to the lake house (there's one) that would also be fine by me, you'd still need figgs to do the go ahead tho. Its just easy to keep characters in the dorms for organizational purposes, but if she doesn't mind, neither do I.

2014-04-06 [Vhnori Valmos]: I feel stupid that I didnt think about that, but I thought about it for filling the tank, lol. However I personally like the idea of living by the lake. Not only would that be good for both them cause Coral can use that water for her own needs, and Vhnori has a lot more water to utilize her power. But that also frees up the room for other students that may show up, I noticed the rooms are starting to get full so my idea might be a good one.

2014-04-06 [ancienteye]: Coral wouldn't mind living by the lake. XP

2014-04-06 [Duredhel]: Yah, its fine either way, run it by figgs tho, if she says it's cool then it's cool :>

2014-04-06 [Vhnori Valmos]: Kk, well I guess we will just have to wait till she gets back online, in the meantime I guess I'll go play Diablo 3, lol

2014-04-07 [Figgy]: Not sure about the lake, guys. Keep in mind, we're doing one more in-game day before we skip to the beginning of the summer. How do you think they'll be able to keep a home made of ice standing, or how they'll even survive, in 90F weather?

And the lake house, being a small building, will have window A/C units as opposed to central A/C, which will make it much harder to maintain a cold temp. I suggest just have them keep the thermostat for their room relatively low, and ask Danger to maintain the temperature.

2014-04-07 [Duredhel]: What we could do is have them live by the lake on cold seasons and then move back to the mansion when it gets hot out? XD

2014-04-07 [Figgy]: They would be living by the lake for Christmas Eve and that's it >_> They would miss Christmas.

2014-04-07 [Vhnori Valmos]: Its not like the lake is a hundred miles away, lol. As for the summer thing, I can also make part of the house underwater at the bottem of the lake, and make it so there is a non ice tunnel that leads down to it, that way it has the pressure and cold to keep it stable and frozen. Then during the summer days the upper part of the building can be sent back to the lake and me and Coral can just live in the underwater part. Vhnori can swim so getting to and from it wont be a problem, and Coral...well she can breath underwater so there isnt a problem there. During the winter days I can build an upper part that resembles a cabin or something.

2014-04-07 [Figgy]: Uhh... that just sounds too complicated as opposed to them just living inside the dorm and keeping the temps down.

2014-04-07 [Vhnori Valmos]: I live for complicated, lol. I honestly dont see what the big deal is with Vhnori and Coral living at..or in the lake, it would ultimately be the best and safest place for them. Vhnori still isnt used to being around multiple people due to her only recently coming out of seclusion and from what I know of Coral she would be much happier having a giant lake surrounding her.

2014-04-07 [Figgy]: The lake is a public place, first of all. It's mansion property but also accessible to other people. Ice castle floating on top of the lake? Yeah, that doesn't scream fishy at all.

There's really no big deal. It just makes a lot more sense and it will be way easier for them to just live in the dorms, so that's how I'd really prefer it to be on paper. If they wanna go sleep in the lakehouse or next to the lake every night or something, that's fine too(not under the lake). But officially they will be listed as living in this dorm.

2014-04-07 [Figgy]: And, you know what? When winter comes back around, they can play eskimo all they want by the lake. But I'm telling you they can't do that now because it will be summer soon.

2014-04-07 [Vhnori Valmos]: Ok fine, I guess we dont have a choice but to listen, lol. The dorms it is, I guess you do have a point about us being able to just ask Danger to keep the temperature really low. Does she have the ability to change humidity levels too?

2014-04-07 [Figgy]: Yeah, she can do pretty much anything. She can even build an aquarium for Coral, if she asks, though she'll have to find out first that Danger exists. Vhnori wouldn't know, either, since she is a very recent implementation to the mansion's mainframe system.

2014-04-07 [Vhnori Valmos]: Ah I see, I was just about to ask exactly when Danger was made, lol. Also who exactly made/programed Danger?

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