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Amelia Thornwell and Glamourfae's room

On the Right side of the room the walls are mostly blank besides one My chemical Romance and one Three Days Grace posters tapped just above the headrest of the bed.
The bed itself is simple, it has forest green bed sheets and black pillows.
Her Desk his a crossed from her bed and has two blank pieces of paper and a pen on it at all times.
There is a Duffelbag laying next to the bed, a white tank top hanging out. Besides that the room shows no signs of being used.

The left side of the room looks as if a forest and fashion studio have mated and exploded inside the room. Three plants with drooping vines and flowers are hanging from hooks in the ceiling, with scarves of various fabric, color, and pattern, winding between them.

The bed is piled with a nest of pillows and fabrics - it's hard to differentiate between bedding, clothing, and fabric that might eventually be made into one or the other.

On the wall hang scenic pictures of the outdoors as well as tacked on, hand drawn, sketches of pieces of clothing.

Three small pots are aligned on the windowsill, each containing a different herb, and some flowers are in another small pot of soil on the bedside table, under the reading lamp.

On the second desk in the room, which is at the foot of the bed, is a sewing machine, spools of thread, scissors, measuring tape, a sketch pad, various pens and pencils, as well as yet another potted plant and a water-sprayer. Hanging off of the chair at the desk is a worn and over-full looking backpack, and creeping out from under the bed are various clothing items, purses, other bags, and an assortment of shoes.

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2014-04-02 [Vhnori Valmos]: Ah I see. Im guessing that previous person is no longer around or something?

2014-04-02 [Figgy]: Yeah, they left the RP a while ago.

If you consider out-of-story stuff, surely in 10 years there have also been other students in this room, but it's not documented.

2014-04-02 [Vhnori Valmos]: Yeah, I suppose you have a point. I can easily just change it so that the room is empty when she enters it. She can create her own furniture and whatnot so its not that big of a deal.

2014-04-06 [Figgy]: Reminder not to add or change powers randomly - Vhnori's profile doesn't say she can purify water.

2014-04-06 [Vhnori Valmos]: Well techincally that would fall under being able to control water, purification would be a byproduct of that control, for example being able to remove particles from the water, the same as turning those particles to ice or vice versa. However if thats going too far, I apologize, I figured it was all part of the package. Also my profile doesnt say I can make a bed from ice, so I really dont know where I can go with my powers. If I was to write a full list of everything she could do with ice and water, that list would be quite long

2014-04-06 [Figgy]: It doesn't automatically fall under that, though. There's no need to list what things she can or cannot create - THAT falls under being able to control and manipulate ice and water. But purifying it is a totally different idea. It involves more complex manipulation of water (removing the water FROM the particles as opposed to freezing the molecules), and therefore more practice. Being 23 and having trained under Storm her whole life, I would say she can do it, but it still needs to be added to her profile.

2014-04-06 [Vhnori Valmos]: I see, I guess you do have a point of it being a bit more complex and probably takes a lot more energy to do, I just didnt think it needed to be specifically listed. I shall add that right now.

2014-04-06 [Vhnori Valmos]: Am I to assume that the dorms have their own bathrooms too?

2014-04-06 [Vhnori Valmos]: Yeah I'll assume the dorms have bathrooms, sometimes one just has to improvise, lol

2014-04-06 [Figgy]: I have a standard dorm map somewhere, lemme find it.

2014-04-06 [ancienteye]: Can they see each other through the ice?

2014-04-06 [Vhnori Valmos]: Right now the ice is opaque but if you want you can ask Vhnori and she can clear it up so is transparent. I probably should have mentioned that when I made it, lol

2014-04-06 [ancienteye]: XD

2014-04-06 [Duredhel]: Erhm... :O, what happens to Vhnori's ice thingies when she goes to bed? or goes out? do they both wake up with a huge pool of water? Does her ice somehow never melt?

On that page... a 12 by 12 foot aquarium with 6 inch walls is about 24 to 30 cubic feet of ice (depending on whether it has a base or not). A cubic feet of ice contains about 7.5 gallons of water. That's 180 gallons of water.

Just to get this straight...

- Vhnori somehow found 180 gallons of water worth of water vapor just in their room.
- Managed to condense them without even breaking a sweat.
- And she will be able to keep them it from melting in a non-refrigerated (In fact, i imagine the mansion has central heating, to boot) room even when she leaves or is asleep?

Just saying... water vapor makes up, at most, 4% of air composition. And that's in tropical regions, in the summer. It's much lower up north and even lower in the winter, down to trace amounts. Let's be generous and assume there's 2% of water vapor in the mansion (its probably a LOT lower). Even while being generous, it would require at least 1200 cubic feet of space to manage to get 24 square feet of ice.

I mean... just to maintain the water frozen against the temperature in the mansion right now would would probably be a strain... REALLY not trying to be asshole or anything, I promise, cross my heart. I understand you want to make your character really cool and really powerful but all of this seriously needs to be toned down,

2014-04-06 [ancienteye]: The tank could be a lot smaller and the walls thinner. The perimeter could probably be around the size of a twin-sized bed and Coral could still sleep and twist in it.

2014-04-06 [Duredhel]: The tank could be plexiglass and they could order it online. It'd be a lot less ridiculous and wouldn't melt or leak 45 mins after Vhnori leaves or goes to sleep.

2014-04-06 [Vhnori Valmos]: Well I suck at math and didnt bother to add up all that boring stuff. Im starting to think it was a mistake coming to this RP to try and have some fun and get back into it, but it seems like everything I do is met with criticism and complaints in one form or another. I just cant seem to do anything right. I dont know what else I can do to make everyone happy, maybe im just not good at being realistic or something. At this point im ready to just give up and stop RPing altogether cause I can never seem to do anything right anymore. All im trying to do is have fun and just get the room set up. As for the ice melting, that isnt a problem since the ice is bonded together by its own molecules, so even if she dies whatever she makes remains in the world. But maybe thats too unrealistic too, I dont know

2014-04-06 [Duredhel]: It's not really about doing the math at all, its about thinking "Is this a bit over the top?"

For the GMs its a red flag when we see stuff like that, since the day we have Vhnori facing off against another player character (or NPC), we might end up with something equally ridiculous which may create a conflict with the other player.

We'd rather address stuff like this when its starting than halfway through a plot. At that point, one or another player walking out because of character over-the-topness can ruin the whole thing and leave a lot of people in the air, you know? Our tone can probably be nicer, both Figgs and I (but mainly me) have that problem. I really don't mean to sound like I'm attacking you or like an ass, I just have a hard time toning down, so I'm sorry if the way I phrased things was too aggressive.

My concern is what I just mentioned, if Vhnori can do this inside a room without so much as a minimal effort, what do I do when she freezes another player character with a flick of her hand and the other player can't do anything? The player will turn to us and go "Can she do that? :/"... and like... stuff like this is a precedent that says she can.

2014-04-06 [Vhnori Valmos]: Well maybe its just me, but I dont feel like its going over the top, I just feel like im using her power to its fullest. Im not going to keep apologizing for the way I RP, maybe my way of thinking and doing things just isnt meant for this RP cause I really dont know what else I can do except make my character useless and boring. All im trying to do is make a character that can utilize my several years of RP experience, but maybe that experience isnt good enough for here. I really dont want to leave or be kicked out for being over the top, but im not really seeing much of an alternative.

2014-04-06 [Figgy]: Dude, c'mon. You came into this RP without knowing how anything was going - how do you expect to get everything right the first time?

I mean, have you ever started at a new job and knew how to do everything perfectly? There's a very slim chance that the answer is yes. You have to work at it and figure out how things operate. It's not gonna be like your old job, you know? But that doesn't mean you aren't cut out for it.

These little things happen with everybody. What makes the difference is those who are willing to listen and understand and those who get defensive over things and give up. It's the GM's job to make sure the RP runs fairly for everyone, and that's what we're doing. (The reason we provide explanations for what we request is so that all the players understand why we're making the request. It's nothing personal against anyone, just regulation of the roleplay.)

I know it seems like we're harassing you with this stuff, but we're not, promise. All the players have gone through this at some point before they knew how everything worked. Just try to bear with it and listen to requests with reason and you'll do fine, then later we'll probably leave you alone completely.

2014-04-06 [Figgy]: Btw, here's the basic layout of the rooms 8>

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