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Valerie K. Sprouse and Olexis Solnes's room

Valerie's room is tidy and, while she utilizes the furniture provided by the mansion, she's otherwise decorated it in a retro floral theme in several shades of turquoise, purple and a touch of hot pink and orange. The colorful curtains, drawn back to allow sunlight and fresh air in, coordinate perfectly with the plush comforter and throw pillows on her bed, the clothing hamper by the closet and the shaggy area rug on the floor.

Atop her neatly made bed sits a worn stuffed bunny, Boonsie, to whom she's been known to confide when no one is looking. Her nightstand is occupied by a lamp, alarm clock and an inspirational page-a-day calendar. Upon the desk is a row of framed photographs, her laptop and a stack of papers, notebooks and anatomy and physiology books for the classes she's taking both online and at the mansion. The top of her bureau is also lined with framed photographs of family and friends.

...for now.

X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

It was another day for Lexi. She bound out of bed and shot into the crack in her closet slipping through the tiny space. She emerged seconds later fully clothed. "Bye Val! Lexi is gonna go play!" She shouted not even sure if her roommate was even there. She sprang through the door like a rocket, already wound 200% to which of your chars would you like to bring into the lexi thing?.

Alexis made her way into the room and strode up to her wardrobe. She flung it open to examine everything. "Hmmm everything in her is for Lexi, except for the one or two things i snagged from sis." She ruffled through until she came across a pink two piece that would have been perfectly modest on Lexi for some ones first two piece. She managed to slide it on thanks to the fact that it had elastic straps. She admired herself in the mirror, it was a tad small, maybe a little reveling but at the moment it was all she had. "Well at least the guys will like it." She fetched a pair of sunglasses and a towel from her bathroom, the sunglasses were Val's, and went back into the X-Men East 3rd.

Well, at least the room looked like it was in order, and her rather... energetic but sometime taxing roommate, Lexi, was no where to be seen, although that wasn't surprising, considering how beautiful it was outside. With a long, slow exhale, Valerie closed the door behind her, tossed her tote bag onto her bed and slipped out of her flip-flops on the way the the bathroom. Never actually having gotten to make it into the pool, Val had mostly just perspired a bit while playing frisbee earlier, so it didn't take much time for her to freshen-up and change, first disappearing into the bathroom for a bit, only to reappear dressed in a towel and smelling like flowers. After selecting a simple, light blue tank top with a bit of lace around the neckline and a pair of white, cuffed denim shorts from her drawers, Val leaned over her dresser and poked at an unseen blemish on her chin for a couple of seconds.

'Alright, let's do this,' Val said to her reflection in the mirror as she straightened, but she still stood there another couple of moments before moving to get dressed. Doffing the towel to don some panties and a bra, then the outfit she'd picked-out, the dancer took the next couple of minutes to putter around the room, spending time putting her towel back in the bathroom; running comb through her hair; putting a little make-up on. Finally, she slipped into a pair of white Keds, grabbed her wristlet and headed out into X-Men East 3rd.

X-Men East 3rd

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2012-11-07 [Figgy]: :O pretty!
We'll make it so she does ;3

2012-11-07 [Flisky]: Her date is all set to go, too. :(

2012-11-07 [Evolution X]: flisk, I don't think she wants to go out with him.

2012-11-07 [Figgy]: Oh oh I'll link Light's dress when i get home :O

2012-11-07 [Figgy]:
That one in black :> But velvet-y-er

2012-11-07 [Ms. Steel]: Sssssassy!

2012-11-08 [Flisky]: Light never got his name, either. Bahaha!

2012-11-08 [Figgy]: She doesn't know shit at this point XD

2012-11-08 [Flisky]: Anthony gave Mihir the money, too. *is laughing too hard*

2012-11-08 [Evolution X]: Light did say that Mihir messed it up though, so she's not likely to imagine that he actually is her date.

2012-11-08 [Duredhel]: I doubt Mihir would try to pass it as such, its a stupid move. I think flisk went about achieving this in a slightly... cacophonic way in an attempt to maybe get things done too quickly, so there's a lot of erratic behaviour and plot holes.

2012-11-08 [Figgy]: Or would he?

2012-11-08 [Flisky]: Ya'll really need to be inside my head to understand what's going on here. :D

2012-11-08 [Figgy]: Y'all*
And you've got to understand that other people have private plots that shouldn't really be barged in on and ruined. *headdesk*

2012-11-08 [Flisky]: And so do I. My private plot with Mihir has undergone so many re-evaluations with people dropping, then re-adding, messing with my character placements, things like that. You can't railroad characters into doing what you want to satisfy private plots. Had Anthony not done what he did, Mihir wouldn't be here.

2012-11-08 [Flisky]: I do so love rambling men.

2013-04-04 [Ms. Steel]: Sorry for the limbo. I will post Val through later today.

2014-10-15 [twitchboy]: Val doesnt know Lexi is Alexis?

2014-10-15 [Ms. Steel]: She does, but Val has mostly dealt with Lexi...?

2014-10-15 [Ms. Steel]: How often is she Alexis?

2014-10-23 [twitchboy]: not often lol

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