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Adrianne Wagner and Coral Zhou's room

The window is covered with a deep red curtain, though it is pulled open. The color is prevalent in the room, from the red carpet to the red comforter on the bed. Even the laptop sitting on the desk is red. A small plant sits in the window and books are lined on a shelf. A journal is on the desk, a pen on the cover. It almost seems as if this room was decorated without using the color blue at all, which it was.

Where a second bed should be, there is instead a large aquarium taking up about the same amount of space as a bunk-bed with a ladder leading up to the top. The bottom is covered in miniscule pebbles and little else so there is room to move around in there. On top of the dresser nearby is a large collection of rubber duckies dressed/designed as different animals and characters.

X-Men Time

Monday, May 25th

Addy appeared long enough in the room to only grab her dagger before she was off again, vanishing once more in a puff of smoke.

It was a while later when Addy reappeared, throwing the dagger hard enough at the wall to embed it up to the handle. She dropped her bikini bottoms and quickly stripped out of the top, throwing both into the laundry hamper. She went straight to the closet from there, pulling on her uniform and intending to go downstairs to practice. Her black coat went over top and she paused, moving to sit on her bed for a moment, taking in the quiet peace of having her room to herself.

A knock came from the door, followed by Flame's voice calling Addy's name.

Addy had hoped that Anthony would have come first. Flame wasn't the person she wanted to see, especially since she knew what she had done. It was her feral nature coming to light again. That would most likely lose her what little ground she had gained so far. Reluctantly she walked to the door and opened it, standing inside so she was facing out to X-Men East 3rd.

After the short conversation in the hall, Addy stepped into the room again, pausing to wait for Anthony to enter and shut the door. She ignored the fact that her roommate might enter at any point in favor of letting herself be emotional, something she couldn't show Coral.

She knew he'd follow. Anthony let out a sigh as he came through the door, rubbing his large bald head and frowning as if his brain was trying to come out of his nose. "Addy... do you really think you would have killed him?"

"I certainly could have," Addy said quietly a moment before she vanished, reappearing on her bed in a cross legged position. "Once I wouldn't have thought twice about it. Knife in his throat and he would be gone. I don't know if I might not still." Three years was hard to erase with less than one. She looked at him and shrugged a little. "Sorry. I thought that maybe you would understand."

"I understand you wanted to defend your friend. I understand that... part of you is still in that place, that place you were trapped in... I understand why you would want to... to hurt him." Anthony said with a soft sigh, giving a little shrug "Kill? No, I can't understand killing. But you know you can't go on like that, not if you want to be a team leader."

"I don't know how to not do that," Addy said, a little frustration coloring her tone. "I'm not like everyone else. I wasn't taught to value people when I was young. I was taught people were something to be used and discarded." She looked at him and frowned. "Kinda wish I had regular parents sometimes."

"Addy..." Anthony said with a little sigh "I'm sorry. You weren't... raised the same, but you are in the same place as we are right now. I'm not saying it is easy... but I believe you can control yourself. You are strong, you are strong physically and mentally. The true show of strength is having that ability to control your... urges."

"Urges?" Addy asked, a confused smile forming on her lips. "I don't urge to hurt people, if that's what you're insinuating. I protect people." She would protect Coral because she was her roommate. Protect Anthony because they were dating. Protect Lexi because she was her sister. That's all she ever wanted to do. Sometimes that meant doing things she didn't want to do. Addy pulled her legs up and hugged them. "You're a better person than me I suppose."

"I'm not better than you. I'm worse. I didn't even DO anything. I saw someone was hurt and... well..." Anthony let out a soft sigh, shaking his head and moving over carefully to her side "You didn't exactly respond how most people would, but you did it for a reason... You wanted to protect your friend."

Addy mirrored his head shake as she leaned against him. "But you avoid conflict. I actively seek it." There was no way to convince her that she was a good person. And no reason to do so. She knew the truth any way anyone could put it. Addy was convinced that she was too damaged to be a good person. "Do you want to go back down to the party? I think it was an unmitigated disaster."

"I didn't really fancy it." Anthony admitted with a little bashful smile "Not without you around." Anthony sighed softly, reaching up and stroking Addy's cheek gently "Look... just... if you get that feeling again, talk to me about it. I might... try and persuade you out of it."

An amused expression came over her face as she looked over at him. "You want to talk me out of injuring people?" Addy asked as she blinked at him. "I'm not sure how well that will work, given that I'm a little crazy. But you can try all the same." She wrapped both arms around his torso, which put her flush against him. "If you're willing."

A little smile spread across Anthony's face as he wrapped his arms around Addy slowly. Little kisses were planted up and down her cheeks and neck, Anthony holding her close and saying softly "I'm willing to do whatever it takes."

Cuddling up close, Addy actually gave a small smile and nodded. "If you're up to it, more power to you." She didn't want to say that it would be hopeless. If anything. Anthony proved over and over that hopeless wasn't in his vocabulary. "Maybe we should go do something else. Something other than the pool today."

"I'm always up for it. At least, give it a try." Anthony said with a small smile, planting a kiss on Addy's cheek as she cuddled close. He took a deep breath, then said, "What do you want to do? Other than pool I mean."

"Something fun that doesn't involve other people." Addy had had her fill of others for the day. Just being around one person, especially Anthony, would be more than enough. "Do you want to watch a movie? Or...go out somewhere? I have the image inducer if that's an option. Or something else?"

Briefly, very briefly, Anthony's eyes flashed with what two people could do alone together that was fun for both parties. Then it faded and he gave a smile to Addy. "What do you fancy doing? I don't think we should really head out if you're feeling sick of others."

"This is a point," Addy said with a frown, pressing herself tightly against Anthony as she contemplated what they could do. "We could...I was going to go do training, but you won't be interested in that." She had an idea of what they could try, but since they still hadn't even broached that particular topic, she didn't want to be the one bringing it up. Anthony wasn't the most outgoing type of person, after all.

"We could watch a movie. I could get my computer and we could snuggle up and watch something in here." Anthony said with a rub of his large, bald head "I mean, if you want."

"Yes, I want to," Addy said, wondering if it would remain snuggling. The last time it hadn't exactly stayed as they intended, but she was adverse to trying that again. At least with Anthony, she wasn't nearly as self conscious of her odd body. Not that she was body shy in the least. But she was very aware that she looked strange by normal standards. "We can use my computer if you want, but I don't have any movies on it."

"I can... find some." Anthony said with a little nod, smiling and going to settle down on the bed "Come on, I'll set it up." He looked around, licking his lips slightly "I don't suppose you'd be willing to teleport down and grab hold of some snacks for us?"

Addy leaned over so her top half was practically hanging off the bed and all Anthony could really see was her rear end and her tail, waving in the air as she rummaged around under her bed. It took a moment before she pulled out a rather large dark purple rubbermaid container and hefted it onto the bed, popping it open so the lid slid off and onto the floor. There was a complete collection of snack cakes, candies, a few cans of soda, bags of potato chips, and one out of place bottle of vodka. She looked over at Anthony and shrugged. "I've been stockpiling. Haven't had the courage to try most of them yet."

"And why were you stockpiling, may I ask?" Anthony asked, raising an eyebrow at her as he began to search for movies on the web. He knew a few sites that may allow him to watch something... best not to tell Addy this might be a little illegal.

"Because I wanted to try them but I can't have Lexi finding any. Her and sugar do not mix." Addy pulled out an already opened bag of Cheetos and proceeded to cover her hands in the orange powder when she opened the bag and pulled a few out. "So what are we watching?"

"Yeah, I can see how she and sugar don't mix." Anthony said with a weak little smile. He sighed, then huffed through his nose "I'm not sure what you'd enjoy really. I was thinking maybe a nice adventure film, what do you think?"

Leaning in, Addy glanced at the screen and tilted her head. "Adventure? Could we watch one of those super hero films they keep making?" She was a fan of seeing how normal humans portrayed super powers. It was secretly hilarious. Either the person was from another planet like Superman, or was rich like Batman. They were so close but so far off the mark. She put her hand back into the Cheeto bag and wriggled into a position of comfort, waiting for Anthony.

"Oh, sure, sure... Do you want a good one or a bad one?" Anthony asked, sticking his tongue out of his mouth slightly. "I mean, good movies are always good, but... well, the bad ones are hilarious." Anthony said with a little smile, enjoying himself as he searched for hero movies.

"I thought they were all pretty bad," Addy said as she watched what he was doing on the computer. "So whichever you want to watch. It's not like I have a lot of experience being a movie critic." She smiled and pulled out another Cheeto, crunching a bit loudly on this one. Reaching into the container, she also pulled out a package of towelettes, wiping her hands free of the bright orange powder. Addy did not feel like licking her fingers clean.

"Some are alright... but then there's stuff like... well." Anthony chuckled, shaking his head and putting on the Green Lantern movie. He wondered if she'd ever seen it, it was pretty ridiculous. He relaxed back, snuggling up beside Addy.

Addy took the computer and balanced it on the corner of the container so she could curl up next to Anthony, half of her body draped over him as she waited for the movie to start up properly. Her shoulder was still stiff and it showed when she tried to reach over his stomach and her arm only made it halfway. "Do you want any snacks?" Addy asked quietly, knowing that this would be the moment to ask.

"Yes please." Anthony said with a little smile, leaning over and planting a small kiss on Addy's cheek before reaching over for a little cake. "I'll admit, don't have many of these back home." he said, scanning the food "Different snacks."

"I didn't have a chance to try them when I was younger," Addy said unnecessarily. She was picking out her own snack, this one less sugary than the cakes. Settling back against Anthony, Addy carefully opened the package. She didn't mind that they were eating on her bed, she would shake out the bedding later. Wriggling a little to get into a better position, she munched and watched the movie start.

"As you can see, I ate too many things like them." Anthony said with a little chuckle, pulling Addy down against his soft body and planting a little kiss on her cheek before cuddling to watch the movie. He made the occasional little body joke about himself, mainly to disguise his actual complete worries about himself.

"Huh?" Addy said, only half paying attention to what was being said. She had the tendency to tune out whenever Anthony said something about his body. It was usually negative and only reminded her of her own body issues. He at least looked normal. She looked like a science experiment, which wasn't far off. She turned into the kiss before settling down again.

Anthony snuggled down, giving a little shrug and letting the comment pass. Sometimes he didn't realise she had body issues, after all, to him she was attractive. Strange, yes, maybe in need of something to eat more than she allowed herself, sure, but attractive. "I warn you, this movie's pretty bad." he said with a soft chuckle as he held Addy.

"How bad is pretty bad?" Addy asked, half of her attention on the opening credits and the other half on Anthony. If it was too ridiculous, she would probably lose interest. But it was better to at least try. If she lost interest, there were probably other things that could be done instead of movie watching. If, hopefully, her roommate didn't come back.

"Oh... strange... cheesy..." Anthony said with a little laugh and a half shrug "What can I say, we can make fun of it the entire way through if you want. Sometimes that's fun to do." He wasn't always the best at picking films.

"We're strange and cheesy," Addy said with a shrug. She looked at him, craning her neck to see his face. "So who better to pick apart a strange and cheesy movie." She was more interested in spending time with him than the movie anyway. If it was going to be that bad. Addy shifted so that she was settled between his legs rather than next to him, shuffling back to press against him.

"Well you must think me real comfy." Anthony said with a little chuckle, shaking his head and smiling slightly as he cuddled Addy up close against himself. She was comfortable, the little fuzz she had made him quite comfortable as he held her.

"You are," Addy said, snuggling closer. She was completely pressed against him now, barely paying attention to the movie playing on her computer. The snacks also lay forgotten nearby. The blue mutant was much more happy to cuddle with Anthony. There was a small shift and her head was laying against his chest.

Anthony smiled, leaning down and planting a kiss against Addy's forehead, then a little lower and he kissed her on the lips. His attention was all on Addy, but he was pretending that some of it was at least still on the movie.

There was a half second between Addy paying attention to the movie and completely ignoring it in favor of kissing Anthony. This was so much more fun anyway. She twisted a little so that he wouldn't have to lean down so far, scooting her butt up against his crotch. She didn't mind being fully pressed against him like this.

Addy certainly had her mind on other things, and it was making Anthony's mind drift to other things. He stopped paying attention to the movie, since it was really rather bad, and just spent his time kissing Addy on the lips, again and again.

Even with the movie playing in the background, Addy put all her attention on kissing. This was fun, better than the pool party, better than a danger room session, better than going out. She shifted and turned, keeping her lips pressed to his but moving so that her front was pressed against him instead of her back.

Anthony could tell that Addy had been lost in the kissing. He returned the kisses, but he could tell when she went from "enjoying the affection" to "hungrily seeking out more". He wasn't sure if he should stop her or not, after all, she did have a roommate.

Since there was no sign of Coral, Addy carefully pushed herself up Anthony's chest so she hovered over him, still kissing him with every bit of her attention on keeping her lips pressing against his. She was about to put a leg over his, but had enough sense to calm herself down before she actually straddled him. With her luck, he wouldn't want to.

It was pretty clear that he was enjoying himself, though the movie was blaring in the background, and something exploded rather loudly, Anthony was obviously taken up in the moment with Addy. He smiled, pulling back from the kiss a little, but just to grin and gaze into Addy's eyes. She was... certainly an interesting girlfriend.

"Sorry," Addy instantly mumbled, settling back down against his chest rather than following him with more kisses. Sometimes she did get a little carried away. Her cheeks were burning, but there would be no outward evidence of her blush other than her averted gaze, which only happened when she was particularly embarrassed about something.

Addy wasn't the best at hiding her emotions sometimes though, and Anthony could tell she was shy about the kissing that had just happened. He decided to show her that it was fine by leaning in and giving Addy another big kiss right on the lips.

With a wriggle, Addy kissed him back, prepared to stop once he pulled away again. They were supposed to be watching a movie, but it was quickly turning into a makeout session. Which she didn't mind at all. But maybe he didn't want to just do this. Again. Addy waited for him to make the decision of where they took this, not pushing any further.

"We should probably try and not devolve every moment we have together into a makeout session." Anthony chuckled after pulling back again for a little breath. He liked it, truly, but every second of every day and they'd start getting cold sores.

"Sorry," Addy said again, settling herself down to watch the movie again. They hadn't really progressed past the making out sessions, and she was pretty sure that there was going to be little opportunity to do so. But kissing was just as fun as anything else.

"Oh, I have fun, trust me." Anthony kissed her cheek and settled back to watch the movie "I'm just saying... you sure do like kissing me a lot." He chuckled and bit his lip as he watched Addy "Good thing I like kissing you too."

The movie was progressing stupidly, or at least Addy thought so. But Anthony wanted to do something else for a change. "You were right about this movie," she said quietly, squirming a little because she hadn't really moved very much in the past couple of minutes. "I'm curious to see if it can get any better, but I am doubtful."

"Oh, no, not really, but then again I didn't really put the movie on to watch the movie." Anthony said with a little smile, leaning in and kissing Addy softly on the cheek again.

There was mock indignation in Addy's eyes as she looked at Anthony. "And you had the nerve to say something about me making this into not a movie watching night," she said with a highly sarcastic twinge to her voice. But her smile wouldn't stop and she grinned again, turning her head just enough to catch his lips with hers.

"What can I say?" Anthony said with a small chuckle, shaking his head and moving in to kiss Addy softly on the lips "We both have our own intentions."

"And what would those intentions be?" Addy asked, raising one eyebrow at him as she kissed him. Truth be told, her intentions were usually a great deal easier to sort out. But she was horrible at hiding what she was feeling or wanting from him at least. Anthony tended to see right through her. One hand landed on his chest, her fingers splayed, and she wriggled on top of him a bit.

"Oh I know what mine are..." Anthony said with a wide grin, leaning up and placing a kiss on addy's cheek "But I wonder what your intentions are..." He had a good idea though, she was quite obvious in all honesty, but he wanted to hear her say it.

"To corrupt you with my nonexistent womanly wiles," Addy said, attempting to keep a straight face. She considered her jokes just as bad as her social graces but tried them out anyway. At least Anthony would give her a pity chuckle sometimes.

Anthony let out a chuckle, he found her funnier than she knew, but he was sometimes a little hard to actually make laugh with a joke. He was one of those weird people who processed a joke quickly, so they got a little laugh out at the beginning, but that was about it, unless of course the joke continued on and on... It was funny in the moment. "Well, I believe you've succeeded.."

"Then whey are you on my bed in your clothing?" Addy asked, only half joking. Her eyes scanned over his body as she gave a most blatant 'well?' raise of her eyebrows to him. While for the most part she was an innocent, and technically a virgin, she was no stranger (not anymore) to the fine art of seduction, although she needed quite a few lessons in it. "I'm not as successful in my corruption as you seem to think then."

"Oh, you and I both know it isn't as fun unless there's some resistance." Anthony laughed gently, kissing Addy on the lips again. The look in his eyes said "I dare you" and the pose on the bed said "I can be easily overpowered and all my clothes removed and you know this."

When Anthony kissed her, Addy took advantage of not only the skin contact but the distraction. They both vanished bodily for a split second, just enough time for both of their sets of clothes to fall flat on the mattress before they reappeared right where they had been, this time both naked (although Addy still had the bandage over her shoulder) and still connected by the lips. She smiled against his, wondering how long it would take him to realize he was completely nude.

It took less time than she probably thought, considering he was still very aware when she teleported them, he looked around after the kiss. He wanted to make sure they hadn't teleported anywhere public. When he saw his own large naked body, he somewhat realised what was going on. "Well..." he said with a little shy smile, gazing up at Addy.


Anthony wasn't sure if his kisses would wake her up or put her to sleep, either way, Anthony was going to kiss addy again. He smiled after planting a gentle kiss on her, arms wrapped close around her slim body and pulling her close against his large chest. She was wonderful.

Addy sleepily kissed him back and cuddled up to his chest, a small purr of happiness leaving her. She smiled against his lips, wrapping both arms around his neck. There wasn't much that was going to change her mind about sleeping, but kisses just might wake her up again.

Without so much as a knock, Coral opened the door and peeked in before exclaiming in a shrill, almost indecipherable voice: "NAKED MAN IN THE SHARED SPACE!" The door then slammed shut with the fish-girl outside.

There was a short pause, then Anthony let out a low, rather sad sounding groan. "Damn..." he muttered before planting a kiss on Addy's cheek. "Well I guess we're lucky..." he whispered to her gently, shifting slowly to try and find where his clothes had gone.

Addy was slow at reacting but she did wince when Coral slammed the door shut. Both their clothes were laying next to them on the bed and she moved so Anthony could get his.  Her hand landed on her own uniform and she vanished from the bed completely. A sound from the bathroom let Anthony know where she landed again and Addy started cleaning herself up and getting dressed again.

Anthony paused briefly when she vanished, though let out a little chuckle as he heard noises from the bathroom. He gazed towards it as he slipped his clothes on, blushing gently and thinking about, despite the interruption, he still had fun.

She was properly in her uniform again before Addy reappeared, adjusting the shoulder strap sitting over her bandage until it was comfortable. "I didn't think she would be back so soon," she said with a frown. "We might have to be creative if we decide we want to do this again." Anthony's roommate was currently missing and even when he was there, was rarely in the room. Addy's mind was already mapping out different places for them to cuddle and be coupley outside of Coral's small personal sphere.

"My room? I suppose. I mean my room mate is kinda... not around much, what with not needing to sleep and having no personal... anythings." Anthony shrugged a little bashfully "If you... if you want to that is."

As if she was suddenly realizing what she was suggesting in her annoyance at having been caught, Addy felt her face heat up and she blinked. " you want don't have to if you don't want to...I was just more thinking out loud." She didn't know why she felt suddenly so embarrassed. It wasn't like they had done anything wrong. Addy made her way slowly back to the bed to sit down for a moment.

Now somewhat clothed, Anthony moved over to Addy and placed a soft kiss on her lips. He was blushing slightly, now blood wasn't going elsewhere, but he was still smiling. "Ummm... I enjoyed myself..." he said with a little grin to her "Did... you?"

Addy leaned into the kiss until he pulled away. Anthony's blush was noticeable even if hers wasn't. "Yes," she said, nodding. "I would have thought that much was obvious at least." With a quick smile, she ducked past him and into the room proper, glancing back as she sorted through what she wanted out. "Do you want to go out somewhere? I kind of do. Maybe we can actually go see a movie or something."

"Out... and about?" Anthony asked, biting his lip as he thought about what she was saying. Was she going to... look like that as they went about? He knew that the world wasn't a very accepting place, and he didn't want trouble... but he did want to go out with Addy.

"Yes," Addy said with a nod. "Out." She picked up a watch looking thing from her desk and put it on, fastening it carefully before she pressed a button on the side. Rather than her normal appearance, Addy looked very much like a sixteen year old girl with bright blue hair wearing a very normal pair of leggings under a short skirt and a tight fitting blouse. She looked very ordinary other than her hair, which didn't look too outrageous compared to the rest of herself. "This thing still works so long as no one touches me."

"Cause you're still so... fuzzy?" Anthony asked, reaching forward and running a hand across Addy's shirt covered stomach. He was amazed that Addy had a watch like this... but he also liked Addy's normal form. Her normal form was... strange... but pretty...

"Yes. The image won't stop them from feeling that." Addy looked down at his hand as he ran it over what looked to be a nice shirt and in reality was touching part of her uniform and part exposed skin. She gave a small shrug. "My father gave this to me as a...birthday present of sorts."

"Your... father?" Anthony was resting his hand against her exposed skin without thinking, just touching her gently as he spoke to this... strange new girl in front of him. "I'm afraid I don't know... much about your family, do I?" he let out a nervous laugh.

"He was taken with the other teachers, I don't really talk about him." Addy didn't want to go into great detail about it because it was still something she didn't like to think about. Instead she wrapped her arms around Anthony's neck and kissed his cheek. At least they could go do something rather than sit there and think about being depressing. "Do you want to change before we go?"

"No... No this should be fine..." Anthony pulled at his clothes, looking down at them. They were a little summery than his usual get up but he didn't see a problem in going out in them. "I'll probably need shoes though." he said with a nod. After all, he didn't really wear them around the mansion much.

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