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Dormitory N2

A little over a week post-mission #218, after the new Specials received their inprocessing briefings, implants, tattooed barcodes, and access cards, the entire compound was put on lock-down for two days for undisclosed reasons, though the rumors abound. After forty-eight hours of being confined to their dorms, the inhabitants of the compound receive an announcement via the Computer Jane modules built into their walls: "Attention, lock-down procedures per code #56835 have now been lifted. Please have a great day." The previously locked doors unlock themselves and the windows, which had gone black or switched to a pre-set theme depending on the individual, return to their normal transparent states.

A quick glance around revealed nobody else up yet. Fulther grinned before holding a cigarette in front of his mouth, breathing out a stream of vapour, and igniting the vapour with a snap of his thumb in front of his lips. The cigarette lit nearly immediately, and Fulther ended the exhale, putting the cigarette in his mouth. A quick puff on it and a small cloud of smoke rose above his head as he sat out on the sofa in the center of the dorm.

Looking altogether half-dead with his exhausted posture and pallid features, Harkin shuffled across the room. Moving at pretty much a few inches per minute, the teenager only bothered to look up and give a tired grin to his dormmate when he smelled smoke. "Morning, Fulther~"

The wall closet to Fulther suddenly lit up and Jane the AI appeared on it, smiling in his direction. "Attention Special NAMM, FULTHER, smoking is not authorized inside the compound and it's adjacent buildings. This is your SECOND warning and a report will be submitted to your handler SPECIAL AGENT CROSS, MICHAEL. Please put out aforementioned cigarette or other smoking device and/or paraphernalia at this time or additional penalties will be given. If you have any questions in regards to this issue please see your Initial Issue Compound Guidelines chapter five, paragraph six, subsection two.Thank you and have a nice day." CJ blinked out of view and the air vents suddenly kicked on full force, sucking the smoke loudly out of the room.

Just as he was about to greet Harkin, Fulther was interrupted by the Compound's AI giving him a second warning regarding his habit. He crushed the end of his cigarette between thumb and forefinger before flicking it onto the table nearby. "My day has started well," he remarked to the other Special.

"Hm? Don't you know days don't start until breakfast?" Harkin replied innocently before his expression turned lazy. "Ah, you probably ate already, huh? I slept in again, didn't I?" He arched his back and stretched his arms above his head before looking to the Computer Jane module to find what time it was.

"Nope," Fulther drawled, sitting up. "In fact, some grub and a coffee would do me nicely. Canteen?" he asked as he stood and stretched.

"Sorry, I don't have a bottle...But I was heading over to the cafeteria. They should be well-stocked, right?" Harkin grinned lazily and continued towards The Compound: Dormitories in his slow, sleepy pace.

Fulther let out a bark of laughter before rising from the couch and following Harkin out to The Compound: Dormitories.

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2014-09-25 [ancienteye]: ...Does anyone plan to start off in here? *wants to know if Harkin's going to run into anyone*

2014-09-25 [The Black Goat]: I don't think the others are even watching this page yet >_>

2014-09-25 [ancienteye]: Aw. :(

2014-09-25 [Celtore]: I am but Im not in this dorm lol

2014-09-27 [The Black Goat]: Smoking in the dorms is not a good idea lol

2014-09-27 [CuteCommander]: Smoke detectors? :P

2014-09-27 [The Black Goat]: better :D

2014-09-27 [Celtore]: LMAO

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