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Dormitory S1

A little over a week post-mission #218, after the new Specials received their inprocessing briefings, implants, tattooed barcodes, and access cards, the entire compound was put on lock-down for two days for undisclosed reasons, though the rumors abound. After forty-eight hours of being confined to their dorms, the inhabitants of the compound receive an announcement via the Computer Jane modules built into their walls: "Attention, lock-down procedures per code #56835 have now been lifted. Please have a great day." The previously locked doors unlock themselves and the windows, which had gone black or switched to a pre-set theme depending on the individual, return to their normal transparent states.

Aailyah shut the door of her room behind her and stood there for a moment, wondering where to go, probably someplace she could go eat. She waited a moment to see if anyone else would come out to join her. Her appearance was flawless as always, long red hair brushed smooth and just a hint of makeup around her eyes while her lipstick matched the fitted red dress that she wore.

Marcus came out of his room wearing his usual jeans, t-shirt, and leather jacket and pulled on his sunglasses and nodding at Aailyah. He had been ducking Silera, who he figured might still be mad at him for the kiss the night they were captured. He crossed to the refrigerator and took out a bottle of water and took a long drink. "Anyone else up or are we the first ones?" he said looking at Aailyah quizzically. The lockdown had kept him from getting out to Vegas and finding a card game now that it was over he needed to plot his departure for a few hours.

"Looks like we're the first." Aailyah confirmed. She looked him up and down while he had his back turned, deciding again that he wasn't nearly as appealing as Lysander or Luther and shrugged to herself. She took a seat to wait and see if one of those two would join her for a meal somewhere other than the little common area where they'd spent most of their time for the last two days.

"Finally I can go farther than the confines of my dorm!" Luther said coming into the kitchen, and smiling first at Marcus."good morning Marcus." He said as he. "And good morning beautiful." He said to Aailyah as he went and grabbed coffee. He looked her up and down as he sipped at the black coffee lust in his eyes. He was well groomed, and wore jeans, with a button down collard shirt both pressed with a fine crease, and a pair of freshly polished shoes. "What does everyone else plain to do today? Because I'm up for a bit of exploring." His eyes never left Aailyah as he spoke.

Marcus sat down and looked thoughtful before speaking, "We've been locked down for two days who knows how many card games I missed out on, so I think a visit to a casino is in order. That and of course ducking Silera if she is holding a grudge against me from the night they brought us in." he chuckled. Good thing about being him was if he saw her first he'd just change quick and head a different direction.

"Good morning, Luther." Aailyah greeted him with a smile. "I'm feeling a little stir-crazy myself." She told him, "I was thinking about heading over to the cafeteria for something to eat, just for the sake of getting out of here." When Marcus spoke up, she looked over at him, "Silera? Friend of yours?" She asked drily, one eyebrow arched quizzically.

"We woke up in the Lab together and when we planned on escaping together I 'may' have taken a liberty that she found fault in. So rather than have her gut me I think it's best to avoid her for a little bit. Which is easy to do considering my talent." Marcus said morphing into one of the facility guards then turning back. I figure sooner or later we will have to hash everything out, when that happens feel free to claim any of my property after I die."

Luther smiled and nodded to Aailyah, "I think that sounds good." Luther then looked to Marcus. He noted the young man's expression, and tone. "Well, I'm not such an easy person to kill Marcus, Would you like if I talked to her and tried to work things out on your behalf." After all negotiation was his specificity. He didn't have an ability or power that helped with it, but he was a talented speaker. That paired with his massive experience doing so for crime groups meant he was good at convincing people to do as he liked given enough time or the right leverage. "it would be no problem, all I ask in return is a favor. just a small thing to the re-payed when I need it." He took another sip of his coffee, a small smile on his face. A plan coming to mind as he spoke.

"Naw, I'll take my lumps when and if they come." Marcus said with a smile reading opportunity in Luther. "But if favor includes a chance to get off the compound I might be willing to help out. I'm dying to get to any card game on the strip and make some money." he finished his water and tossed the bottle in the garbage can.

"Aww, what kind of 'liberty'?" Aailyah asked with a smirk. She was hoping for all the dirty details, wondering what he'd done to make a woman that angry with him. She rolled her eyes at Luther. Trust him to jump on any chance for his political maneuvering. While Marcus and Luther spoke, she looked Markus up and down, reassessing her opinion of him now that she knew he could shift his appearance.

Luther smiled and nodded. "I think I have to agree with Aailyah here, what did you do to piss her off so badly?" He didn't like the way Aailyah rolled her eyes at him. That was a bad sign.

Marcus smiled wide, "Well, Miss Silera doesn't take kindly to being touched without permission and when we tried to leave the lab there was some operators on the roof with tranq rifles. So, figuring I might need a bit of luck I kissed her and took off hoping they wouldn't get a bead on no avail unfortunately." He took out a pack of cards and shuffled them up, still intrigued in what Luther had in mind and the new interest from Aailyah, today may be a lot of fun indeed.

"Well, that's where you went wrong, silly." Aailyah laughed softly, "Always ask, even if you're not going to wait for permission. Spontaneity is romantic and all, but the creepiness kind of outweighs romance when you're dealing with a stranger." She cocked her head just a little to the side and winked at him.

"You didn't seem to have a problem with it when you wrangled me into this mad house." Luther winked at Aailyah with a smile. Luther then looked at Marcus, "I don't think she is going to hurt you over something so small as a kiss."

"That's different," Aailyah said, turning a cheeky smile on Luther, "I was seducing you, he just stole a kiss."

Lysander entered the main room and just caught the end of Aailyah's statement. He arched an eyebrow curiously and looked at her. "Have I missed you seducing someone else, my little viper?"

Marcus grinned and shifted to look like Harkin commenting, "What are they doing in there?! Are they eating!?!" like the real Harkin did when they all first met. Then he shifted back to his normal form and laughed, "Good times huh, Lysander?"

Luther smiled, and walked over to Aailyah, then tapped the pendent he bought her the night of his surrender gently. "Yes and who seduced who?" He asked with a playful grin before taking a sip then looking to Lysander. "If I didn't know better I would assume you get off to her using her body."

"Now all my favorite people are here." Aailyah smiled broadly when Lysander came out into the common area. She turned her smile on Luther when he came over to her, pointing out the necklace and was about to quip back when he spoke to Lysander. She tried hard to hold back a laugh, putting a hand over her mouth and nose, but it just sounded like a snort.

"Have I done something to offend you, Luther, that you attack my honor thusly?" Lysander asked him, pressing his hand to his heart. He was grinning as he spoke of being attacked. Everyone at the compound knew about his flirtatious and womanizing behavior.

Cerah walked slowly into the commons area. She listened to the tail end of the conversation that the others were talking about. She kept quit, only her robotics could slightly be heard. She cringed inwardly hoping that only her could hear the robotics working. As she entered the room she looked around the room. She ran her hand through her hair to push it out of her face.

Marcus smiled at Cerah before getting up and offering her his seat, "I am going to go see what's available in the cafeteria, Luther we can continue our chat a little later if you like." He didn't know if Lysander would be part of the plan since he was with the others that collected everyone from the lab, better to let Luther fill him in on who was in on this favor. Without much more discussion he walked out to The Compound: Dormitories

Cerah smiled back at Marcus. She sat down. "Thank you." She said then began to examine her surroundings. She stayed quit not wanting to interrupt the conversation at hand. As she sat there she didn't want to come off as rude so she finally drew a deep breath, "I hope I didn't interrupt anything." She looked at the others in the room. 

Luther smiled brightly at Lysander and shook his head. "Good sir, Lysander, I would never say a word against your honor and character. You are after all the same as me at heart." His smile grew to a smirk. "A hopeless lech." Luther ignored Aailyah's snort and noticed the new face. "Well hello there Cerah. How are you this morning?"

Cerah looked over to Luther. "Very well, and you?" She asked.

"Oh I wouldn't say I'm hopeless..." Lysander said, rolling his head back and forth a little. He smiled when Cerah joined them.

Aailyah was still laughing quietly but persistently as she watched Luther and Lysander. "You are hopeless." She told Lysander breathlessly as she began to calm down. "Hello, Cerah, love." She smiled at the other woman. "So, breakfast?" She asked the question generally, but looked particularly between the two men in the room.

"It would be an honor to accompanying you, dear lady. Alas, you know how I prefer to eat." Lysander told her, giving her a dramatically low bow, a wide grin upon his face.

Luther didn't miss a beat, "if you keep eating out good man your going to put on weight." He then looked to Aailyah and nodded. "I could eat." Luther had an odd feeling in his stomach, and walked to the sink and downed his coffee then fenced the mug and set it down on the counter.

Cerah smiled. "Hello Aailyah!" Cerah stood and nodded, "Yes I think a bit to eat would be good to start this day." Cerah waited for them.

Aailyah shook her head, now laughing more softly at Luther. "Well, I think we've been cooped up in here long enough." she said, standing up and heading for the door to The Compound: Dormitories, pausing on the threshold just long enough to make sure that she was being followed.

Luther smiled and followed Aailyah to The Compound: Dormitories.

Cerah knew she had walked into a conversation that did not pertain to her so she avoided any questions about what they were speaking of. "Anyone know why we were in lockdown?" She asked to no one specifically. She followed them to the The Compound: Dormitories.

Lysander sighed, if everyone else was leaving, he might as well do it too. He joined the others, heading through the door to The Compound: Dormitories.

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