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Dormitory S2

A little over a week post-mission #218, after the new Specials received their inprocessing briefings, implants, tattooed barcodes, and access cards, the entire compound was put on lock-down for two days for undisclosed reasons, though the rumors abound. After forty-eight hours of being confined to their dorms, the inhabitants of the compound receive an announcement via the Computer Jane modules built into their walls: "Attention, lock-down procedures per code #56835 have now been lifted. Please have a great day." The previously locked doors unlock themselves and the windows, which had gone black or switched to a pre-set theme depending on the individual, return to their normal transparent states.

Asher came out of her dorm and glided around. No one else seemed to be out and about. Darn... Sighing she plopped down on the couch, sitting on something hard. "Oh!" Rolling off of the cushion she lifted it up and there lie her missing Flexible Shaft Ratcheting Screwdriver. "Well shoot. Had that fit for nothing." Slipping the screwdriver into her cargo pants, she sat back and crossed her arms over her bare belly.

Barreling out of his room, a bit unsteadily at that, the first thing Rehn did was heave back, and filled his lungs with the fresh sweet smell of, well, not him. Unfortunately, he would have to go back in there, the thought sent a shiver down his spine. One would have thought the solitude would have driven him to clean, if for nothing but out of boredom. But then again, he wasn't exactly the type to live up to expectations.

Asher looked up, from the cube she had taken out of her pocket, at the barreling form as he came out of his dorm. "Rehn." Turning her attention back to the cube in her hand she twisted it this way and that. the colors of each individual block changing as she did so. When one section lit up completely of the same color she smiled. "Yes!" She was getting faster, an accomplishment she'd been working on the past two days of their lock down.

"Oh, Hi Asher, didn't see ya." Rehn replied, heading towards the girl's direction. "So, I guess we'll be hearing from our 'Mums' pretty soon right?" He asked, referring to their handler. Usually, things like this, they didn't exactly happen for no reason, and if they were let out to roam again, sooner or later, he hoped anyway, someone would tell them what was going on.

Asher looked back up from her cube under her eyelashes and nodded gently. "Mmmm, yeah hopefully. I mean, we were locked up for a reason, you'd think there was at least a reason. I doubt it was just to let me practice." She held her finished cube in the air and wiggled it gently, smiling. Tossing it in the air a few times she slipped it back into her pocket and crossed her legs indian style, relaxing against the arm of the couch.

Shrill waddled quietly out of its room, glad that the lock-down has finally been lifted. Much to its dismay, others had already filled the common areas.

It had been a rough several days for Thena, although the woman did little to try and help her situation, having exiled herself exclusively to her bedroom during the lockdown, without so much as coming out to find something to eat. After the expenditure of energy it took to create the nest she did in her room, however, she was not only hungry, but craving something she hadn't had much of since she woke-up and escaped the lab-- contact with other people. Opening the door to Room S2G just the slightest bit, Thena kept most of her body inside the webbed entrance of her room and peeked-out into the common area, to discover that her suite mates were, indeed, out and about. In a skitterish and rather spidery movement, she jerked back, but her curiosity got the better of her, and she nudged forward again, but kept the bulk of her body in the perceived safety of her room as she almost ruefully took stock of whatever her four large, shiny black eyes fell upon.

Rehn was a bit taken back by the appearance of Shrill, not only by his looks, but by the fact that he was so damn creepy. To him, the bulbous creature might as well have appeared out of no where, because he sure didn't hear him coming up. "Holy crap." He finally mustered at the sight of the beast. "Wear a bell or somethin'! That's not cool!"

Asher raised her eyebrows at Rehn. "Rehn! Be nice. Jeez." Smiling softly softly Shrill she waved her hand. She wasn't entirely sure if it would talk. In the few weeks that she had been awake it hadn't spoken to her but she had been nothing but nice to her dorm mate. It hadn't really bothered her so why should she be mean to it? It seemed harmless so far. Thought she wasn't entirely stupid to think that, she knew nothing about it so therefore she wouldn't assume it couldn't defend itself or something.

Well, no one seemed to have noticed her, yet-- that could be a good or a bad thing. The door to SG2 squeaked softly as Thena chanced on opening it a little more to stick her head out of her room, and she very gradually ventured out into the hallway since the voices weren't coming from immediately outside of her sleeping quarters. Peering down from what she could see from near the top of the stairs, Rehn didn't exactly look entirely human; she was unsure of what to think of Shrill; and Asher looked nice and normal, even if she had a headful of vivid pink hair. While Rehn's reaction to Shrill didn't exactly instill her with confidence, the woman on the staircase regarded them all with some trepidation until she managed a cough to try and get her suite mates' attentions. Finally, she inquired, 'Excuse me, but do any of you know where to get food around here?' Suddenly flinching, Thena jerked backwards up the staircase with ease, as if she'd regretted her decision to try and bring attention to herself.

At the slight squeak of a door, Asher's head turned in that direction. She was just able to see someone flinch back into their doorway. "Well hello there." Getting up from the couch she made her way up the stiars and over to Thena and smiled softly. Leaning against the railing she stuffed her hands on her pockets. "Sure, the Cafeteria is bound to have some food. Want me to take you there?" She sure is a quiet little thing. Asher thought to herself. Glancing over her shoulder she frowned. Rehn better be nice to her. Turning her attention back to the girl, her smile broadened. "I'll keep you away from the mean ones." She teased playfully.

"Holy sweet mother of-! Can't anyone make a little noise around here? Jeez, at this rate, I'll die of a heart attack in here before they can get me killed out there." Rehn was much louder with Thena's entrance than Shrill's, though it wasn't because of her appearance. It seemed everyone here had a special something that let them slide right past without him even noticing. Until they were right on top of him that was. Panic out of the way now, Rehn was brought back to the conversation at the mention of food. "Hey, now you're talkin' chow time!"

Even though it was already wrapped tightly around her torso to conceal her extra legs, which were folded against her body, Thena tried to pull her thick, belted sweater even snugger around her once Asher appeared at the railing of the stairs. Again nudging forward to the top step, she fidgeted with the sweater's hood, then crossed her arms over her chest again. 'Uhm, hi,' she offered back, and just as a vague smile started to curl the side of her mouth as Asher mentioned going to the cafeteria, it disappeared just as quickly when Rehn spoke-up. 'Sorry,' she meekly apologized and dawdled for a few moments on the top step before she finally started down to the first floor, her tiny feet plinking softly on the treads as she made her descent. 'You wouldn't mind showing me there, would you? You're not busy or anything?' she inquired, even though the offer had already been made. 'I'm, uhm, I'm Thena, but the way,' the woman added with a small smile that perhaps looked more like a grimace.

Shrill heartily ignored everyone, other then making a note to ruin Rehn's day this week. Probably make an anonymous tip about contraband. All of this talk of food was making its stomach rather grumbly. It didn't know if the cafeteria would have food ready, but Shrill didn't want to wait for the others. So it headed through the doors of the dorm section to The Compound: Dormitories

Following Thena back down the stairs, Asher nodded her head, her pink hair fluttering about loosely. "I'm Asher. And sure I'm not doing anything. Let me grab my jacket and shoes real fast." Jogging up to her room she tugged on a pair of combat boots over her skinny jeans, laced them up and pulled her sleeveless dark jean jacket on to cover her midriff and came back out with a 100 watt smile on. "Alright, Thena, let's go! Coming Rehn?" Asher led the way out to The Compound: Dormitories

"Yeah yeah, I'm comin'." Rehn called out, hoofing it to catch up to the pair.

'Uhm, thank; nice to meet you, Asher,' Thena said very quietly and with a very small and brief smile. She glanced sidelong at Rehn, whose name she now knew, thanks to Asher, then also headed out into The Compound: Dormitories

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