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2005-04-02 17:38:07
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Welcome to [Forestchild] and [Peregrine]'s DOUGHFFIN ARMY!

Torn between the two delicious foods? So are we. If there was ever a war, don't know which side to take? That's us. Don't know the difference between the two armies? That's a moron. Want to join one of the armies but can't choose? That's some people. And you people have to join us!! The DOUGHFFIN ARMY! *trumpets* Sweet muffiny goodness, or sweet doughnutty goodness?? That, is the question. Or maybe you are stuck in the middle with us and want to join this wiki! Go ahead, add your name. We can't promise to be the peace keepers between the two armies but we do promise to be idiots and start an army named after a food that does not exist!!wOOt! If you are part of both, join!

Here is the main banner I made on paint, it took me five mins, but there will be nicer ones up soon. Click here__ for a variety of colours if you are really picky.


1.[BlueEarth_11] Doughffins must be yummy. ^_^
4.[Nightwish] Me: One duf-fin to go please. Someoneelse: Its pronounced Doh-fin. Me: Noooooooooooooo!
5.[Jimbaliah] Doughffins are a delicious part of a complete breakfast!
7.[Unknown_Freak] HEAVEN
8.[Hadiwadi]im really an under cover bagel seeking a safe haven if my other identities are found out ing the doughnut and muffin army but im going to support doughffins forever bwahaha
9. [I'm not blood and rose petal's friend.] Yeah... I twas going to join the doughnut army... but then I was like, "Wait... I had a muffin yesterday... it was really good and it made me happy..." AND HERE I AM!!!
[The Lovely Lolita] muhahahahah I vote for BOTH!!!
10. [Amelia Lorraine] I just like the word Doughffin... I think I'll name my next dog!
11. [Shyest] What would a doughffin taste like? Hmm...

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[Forestchild]: of course you can pere, and alex I think its doh-fin..considering the fact that it's a dough-nut. Duffin sounds like a strange animal..and duu-ffin sounds like you have a sexy accent, lmao! "The Duuffin Armay.."

[Forestchild]: yay new member! Yes, yes they are.!

[Jimbaliah]: hi!

[Jimbaliah]: 6 memberas!

[Forestchild]: thankyou for joining!! Ya only a few members...but hopefully not for long :P

[Sir. Robert]: As the general of the doughnut army...I salute you for making this wiki page.....It's just soo cool!

[Peregrine]: ^^

[Forestchild]: :D Yeah its cool cause were cool. LOl so your officially cool if you join. But ya didn't. Gosh darn. Go you. Go us. Go doughffins. *Salute*

[Peregrine]: woohoo!

[Forestchild]: lol ^^

[Sir. Robert]: Question: Are you an army that other armies can attack...or are you not really an army...just a place for confused people

[Forestchild]: Answer: I have absolutely no idea. Are you thinking of attacking us? lol What say you, pere?

[Peregrine]: We are both! AND NEITHER!! Bwahahah! I say we'll return an attack IF we're attacked... but we love confused people!

[Sir. Robert]: Who would ever attack such a cool army...I suggest you state that you are a neutral zone between the two armies so there is no confusion and you wont get could then go sneak up and attack someone like the world domination army just for the fun of it though!

[Jimbaliah]: Whee!

[Forestchild]: of course we could lol :) Yes yes we know we are "such a cool army." Its so true..LOL Our netrual zone unfortunatley has only 7 soldiers hah...I suppose we can state that, but it would be no fun if there was no chance of getting attacked. Anyways, who would attack sweet dear little us??? And more importantly, how? ;P lol

[Forestchild]: P.S....WHEE! ^_^ Yudasu

[Peregrine]: ^^ Woohoo!

[Forestchild]: yee. haw. lol.

[MangoKisses]: *does the doughffin dance and runs into a wall* Ow!

[Forestchild]: the doughffin dance? You better teach me that one

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