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Douglas Waldgrave and his trusty Hyena

USERNAME: [Trennas]

CHARACTER NAME: Douglas Waldgrave

AGE: 36


APPEARANCE: When it comes to foreigners being in Africa, especially new ones, or military ones, they usually tend to stand out more than peacocks in a chicken coup. But if you were walking through the souks of Marrakech or visiting the bustling streets of Cairo looking for Douglas Waldgrave, chances would be that you would never find him, even if he were to stand right in front of you. You see, Douglas Waldgrave has learned to blend in like none other, although the motive for his exterior metamorphosis remains unknown for anyone but himself. He is usually dressed in the traditional indigo robes of the nomadic Tuareg, which hide most of his appearance to the public eye, showing not much more than a hint of sun tanned skin and his alert green eyes. On the rare occasion that he would remove the veil from his Tagelmoust turban, one could see that Douglas Waldgrave shaves his stubby, sand colored beard every few days and that his teeth are remarkably white. Underneath his robes, strapped together with leather bandoleers and several belts, Douglas Waldgrave hides a relatively light but muscular frame, making him fast, agile, silent and even deadly if need be.

Despite his blended existence in the background of Africa, Douglas Waldgrave is seldom alone, although his company is extraordinary to say the least. Wherever he goes, he is joined by an apparently tame but nameless hyena. Even though the scavenging animal roams free, it always stays close to watch over its master.

PROFESSION: Desert Guide, Tracker, Freelance Intelligence Gatherer.

HISTORY: Even though Douglas Waldgrave keeps his past close to himself, there are bits and pieces of information that can be puzzled together into a history of his persona. Granted, it’s a history full of gaps, but a history nonetheless. As a young lad, Douglas Waldgrave was quite the wild one. Being the only son of a wealthy British textile manufacturer, he managed to squander a very sizable sum of his fortune on drinking, women and travelling, which were often combined with one another. An undisclosed incident in a Parisian brothel in 1831 led to him being arrested and he ended up in jail. And unfortunately for him, the French authorities had just thought up a brand new way to get rid of any social undesirables and outcasts, prisoners included: the French Foreign Legion. After several “persuasive sessions” he was forced to “volunteer” for the corps of international misfits and sent to Algeria to protect the interests of Colonial France. Having fought unwillingly in several battles against rebelling Tuareg, Walgrave decided that his interests were definitely not in line with those of France and deserted at the first opportunity he saw fit, which left him wandering alone in the Sahara desert without food or water. He was presumed to be dead for a long time, but seven years later he resurfaced again in Cairo, dressed in indigo robes and with a tame hyena at his side. It would be easy to assume that he somehow befriended the Tuareg and eventually became one of them, learning their ancient customs and secrets, but nobody knows exactly what happened to him in the desert. The only thing that is clear is that he is no longer the man he used to be.

These days he often makes appearances in Africa’s more civilized places, lending his knowledge of local customs and the exotic environment to foreign expeditions in which he serves mostly as a guide and tracker. This, along with his loathing for the French, eventually caught the attention of British secret agents in Egypt, who went through a considerable amount of trouble to recruit him into their unofficial Colonial spy network. His Majesty’s Foreign Secret Service contacts him whenever they need him, and he gets paid quite handsomely for the information he gathers.

PERSONALITY: Surrounded by an aura of mystery, Douglas Waldgrave is definitely not one of the chattiest people around, mostly keeping to himself and sticking to the background. When it comes to his suspected Tuareg past, he plays things very close to the chest. He is naturally cautious and reveals next to nothing about his bond with the indigo nomads or his strange connection with his tame hyena companion. However, when the situation calls for his practical insight in the local customs or a resourceful approach, he will not hesitate to take action.

Ever since Douglas Waldgrave wandered out of the desert dressed as a Tuareg, he has been a changed man in many ways. As reckless and impulsive as he was in his younger years, as calm and patient he has turned out to be. Most signs that might indicate his unruly past have been obliterated; he does no longer drink, nor does he gamble. Women are still a weakness, however, but what would one expect after having wandered for almost a decade in the company of hardboiled nomad survivalists, smelly camels and, worst of all, the French?

APPURTENANCES: Douglas Waldgrave no longer attaches great value to materialistic thinking; he carries only what he needs. Still, he does have a minimalistic set of standard gear for desert treks, usually carried by a camel, including a pack with a makeshift tent cover, a bedroll, a water bag and traditional dried foods. For hunting and protection, he carries a small set of arms, among which is a scoped hunting rifle, a .32 revolver sidearm and a curved, beautifully decorated Jambiya dagger tucked behind a scarf around his waist. However, the most remarkable pieces of his equipment are undoubtedly linked to his suggested bond with the Tuareg. He carries several of their secret desert maps, which only make sense to him. Furthermore, some of the leather bags on his belts are filled with unknown, but powerful herbs and powders; others contain vials of scorpion poison or delicious hyena snacks like dried zebra meat.

OTHER INFORMATION: Despises the French. Also, his hair is a complete and utter mystery.

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2009-02-25 [Pnelma Tirian]: I'll review it when you're finished with it, you silly person.

2009-02-25 [Trennas]: alright alright :p just keep a spot open for me, please! ;)

2009-02-25 [Trennas]: will finish this tomorrow ^^ need.. sleeep... noow...

2009-02-25 [Pnelma Tirian]: So good. :)

2009-02-25 [Trennas]: *cheers* yaaay! ^^ I'm gonna try make a speedpainting of the character too; should be fun :)

2009-02-27 [Pnelma Tirian]: awesome pic! :D

2009-02-27 [Trennas]: thanksies:D it was fun to paint something again ^^

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