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2007-09-02 09:27:03
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The Black Market

The City of Dowen
The Woods of Semedia

This area is part of the complex underground network under the streets of Dowen.
There are several places set up for the sell and trade of illegal goods, including slave markets, and illegal fights.
Lowlifes like to call this place their home.
There is a section for sleeping (for those that would risk the odds of being robbed, or the possibility of getting lice from the past owners.
The left section is set aside for slave trade and the sell of rare and magical beings.

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2007-09-02 [Ravendust]: Elyria turned to look at the man, her horn glowing brightly with anger, "You people are so foul..." She said softly, waving her hand to the injured unicorn, "How can you do that to him?" Her anger faded and she began to cry softly.

2007-09-02 [Silver Moon]: "I didn't do that to him. His previous master did."

2007-09-02 [Ravendust]: "I don't care... neither of us belongs here..." Elyria's voice was muffled by her hands pressed over her face.

2007-09-02 [Silver Moon]: "Come, you and your friend are mine now." *pulls her out and leads the unicorn and her into a room
as soon as the door closed he locked it.
He than turned to her with a gentle look on his face. "Quickly, there isn't much time, that shelf has healing powders and potions, we must treat your friend and get you both out of here."

2007-09-02 [Ravendust]: Elyria blinked in surprise, her fingers touching to the nose of the unicorn, "W-what?" Her mind couldn't quite grasp what he'd said.

2007-09-02 [Silver Moon]: "Hurry and do as I ask." He said repeating himself as he busied himself, collecting things swiftly.

2007-09-02 [Ravendust]: Elyria nodded slowly, "Okay..." She murmured.

2007-09-02 [Silver Moon]: *starts rubbing solves onto the unicorns wounds*

2007-09-02 [Ravendust]: Elyria patted the Unicorn's nose caringly, "What's your name?" She murmured to him, pressing her cheek against his muzzle.

2007-09-02 [Silver Moon]: "Mad Jack" Looked at them sadly. "He's lost most of his spirit, he needs time to re cooperate, and a safe haven to do so."

2007-09-02 [Ravendust]: Elyria frowned, nuzzling the unicorn gently, "It will be faster if I change forms..." She murmured, shifting until her body stretched into a form similar to the other unicorn's, though she was a bit smaller.

2007-09-02 [Silver Moon]: *A little glow of recognition showed in the other unicorn's eyes, as "Mad Jack" helped heal him*

2007-09-02 [Ravendust]: ~I'll protect you.~ Elyria said quietly to the unicorn.

2007-09-02 [Silver Moon]: "I can hear them..we need to move now. Pull that blue book out of that shelf, this tunnel will take you to the woods. I will hold off any pursuit, now go!"

2007-09-02 [Ravendust]: "Blue book?" Elyria asked, touching the cover.

2007-09-02 [Silver Moon]: "Aye pull it quickly!'

2007-09-02 [Ravendust]: Elyria nodded and tugged it off the shelf.

2007-09-02 [Silver Moon]: *a passageway opened up* "Take your friend and go."

2007-09-02 [Ravendust]: "Thank you..." Elyria murmured, nudging the other unicorn towards the passageway.

2007-09-02 [Silver Moon]: *follows her lead, and seems slightly more energetic, as he smells the woods.* "Be careful..our kind is dying out."

2007-09-02 [Ravendust]: "Yes..." Elyria murmured, following him into the passageway. (aww XD... I was so looking towards the deceit^^;;)

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