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2007-10-08 22:48:02
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If you can't tell, me and friends here aren't too keen about racism against any skin color. I don't care who you are, its just plain wrong.

Founder: [Blaze the Nameless] Since when did the color of my skin threaten you?

Co in charge-[Gwendylyyn] Lay in a pool of dark colored tea long enough and you'll be the same color as the people you hate. What makes you special? Nothing.

Just add your name to the list.
1. [Leelo]~Racism needs to stop! Everyone is created equal, no matter, color, race, religion, etc....
2. [*Pretty*Messa*]Racism is so stupid and the whole KKK stuff is too!!!
3. [tears of the mist] I hate it!!! *growl* ¬¬;
4. [White Phoenix aka Ryoko] Racism iz retaaaaaaardeeeeed.....don't see why people are racist; it's a stupid reason to hate. Besides, I think people of other races are cool! Black, Native American, Spanish, Indian, Japanese.....they all kick ass! ^^
5. [sacredfault]..God loves all should we..*hugs everyone*
6. [Light for the Darkness] I think the reason there is racism is because people are afraid of people who are different
7. [Miss Emma.] well... my dad tried to raise me as being someone who is racisit,but it didn't work.. i think that everyone is an indiviual and their skin is also something that recongnizes that. people shouldn't be judged by their color of their skin because in the end when we all die we aren't going to be judged by our skin we are going to be judged for our true selves and that is it .
8. [perfectdark] Judgement based amount of pigment in your skin is absolutely unacceptable...and Mexicans are cool!! ie: of my best friends...lylas!! ^_^
9. [simply sweety] color is inevitable
10. [Kiristo] I have many colored friends. Judgment is NOT based on the skin.
11. [dani california 311] i hate racism. its wrong. people are all equals
12. [Itsme2] Why do people judge just because of skin color?
13. [Kurai Tenma]
14. [~Vash~]
15. [Sinistra.]
16. [Shadow Gypsey] Discrimination is wrong in any situation or form.
17. [~Legato~] This is everyone's world therefore not every color of skin will be the same!! 
18. [drakkar
19. [Aashild] If race were not necissary, then it wouldn't exist. we are the way we are because of the human need to survive. This need resulted in natural adaptations to our various environments. Race is nothing more than a result of these adaptations.
20. [insane lil' bunny] Its not what is on the outside that matters, its on the inside!!
21. [Just sum chick
22. [Huyana, Princess of Darkness] Racism is WRONG...It's true, inside counts more then outside, if you just look at the color of others skin you fail to notice the beauty within!!! I love the other races, and respect them like my own family! So just as the page says, DOWN WITH RACISM!!!!!
23. [LunaSoleil] Okay, I am a white girl. And if my boyfriend being black bothers anyone, then they can all just jump off the nearest cliff they can find for all I care!!!
24. [IceFae]
25. [Charity Mariah "Willow" Garcia] We're all uniqe, different, and beautiful. It doesn't matter what others think of how you look! I'm going out with a guy who isn't the hottest on the planet, but is intellegent and likes the things I do!
26. [Oh! Its a Riot xx]
27. [wwwwwwwww] Racism is a disease as devastating as any plague. This breeder of atrocities is one of the vilest forces in existance, and one of my life goals is to see its demise.
28. [*micky*]
29. [SuicidalEternalX]
30. [jojo-kun]
31. [HellzHalo426] It's just wrong..
32. [xoxosumer dreamsxoxo]
33. [koda kodiak]get to knw the person before u judge
34. [~Crimson Angel~]I don't care what color you are,I judge on what is on the inside not the outside,isn't that good?
35. [im not lost, im just wondering] is it bad if im racis aganst racis people?
36. [Blue Highway]
37. [a clockwork orange]
38. [jaderii]
39. [moira hawthorne] racism is a stupid reason to hate someone... better to hate them b/c of who they are than what genes they have...
40. [Just another heartache on my lips.]
107. [WonderTweek] It doesn't matter what color, or where someone is born/comes from. Racism is bad period weither its about color or just heritage.. it needs to stop!
42. [zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz] it's just plain wrong.How- in anyone's mind -the color of your skin or any other ruling can justify your crude actions twords them is discustingly mind-boggling to me.
43. [~Second.String~] - Who cares about the wrapper as long as the food is good?
44. [I'm her Georgia *Peach!*] Rascism really boils down to xenophobia, which is totally stupid. I mean, if it weren't for foreigners, first of all, WE WOULDN'T BE LIVING IN THE US OR CANADA!! (unless you have pure Native American lineage) And lots of WONDERFUL things are foreign....mmm....sushi....taquitos......burritos......croissants...quiche lorraine...tarte tatin......
45. [Zardra] I just dont get racism... ugh!
46. [{*Suna's Kazekage*} Gaara]
47. [Tolmeni] My mom is a white South African whose family left the country in the sixties because they were sick of apartheid. My dad lived for two years with his friends in the Assiniboine Sioux tribe and became an honorary Sundance shaman. This ideology has been passed down to me--COLOR IS IRRELEVANT, ONLY CHARACTER MATTERS!
48. [light.]
50. [epitome] Racism will only end once people stop believing in it.
51. [werewolf grrrrl] you could be green with yellow pokeadots
i dont give a shit what color you are just along as your my friend and we dont have a problum
52. [Lakayana]I don't care what color you are whether black, white or yellow i don't care cos that will never change your personality.
53. [earthkynd] look! a racist! *pukes*
54. [Child of God] No one is the same, so why hate those who are different?
55. [Bookwyrm]
56. [Ocean Soul]
57. [Sister Insomnia] Funny in a certain light how we all look the same.
58. [Uranamo] The only people that should be alienated and segregated from society are those who discriminate and treat people of different race with nothing but aggression and revolting behaviour.
59. [the loved wolf] Why do black people have to be hated all the time??????
60. [Death Dragon] There is something wrong with somebody who will discriminate because of the amount of melatonin in your skin. Really wrong.
61. [mr. oogie boogie] *takes the stage*

down with racism

i think that went well...

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