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united artists

Owner: [Eyonic]

Request a Dragon:

DA Requests


Adopt A Dragon:

DA Dragons


Take a Good Look At Our Artists!:
DA Dragon Artists
Open for new active artists

Here Are Completed Requests That Are Just Samples of What We Can Do:
DA Dragons Made
Also Used For Examples

And Here Are Our Banners:
DA Banners


DA Eggs NEW! <img:>

~If you wish to have a dragon, please feel free to place your name in DA Requests, but please realize that creating your dragon may take some time, so, we plead for your patience. Oh, and also we have a wiki for adopting dragons that are already made.Thanks. ^_^~


Dragons Club
Dragon Adoption is now a division of the brand new Dragons Club! All dragon admirers welcome! Picture clickable

Notice In Dragons Club Chatroom:

Attention to all members! ^_^ Please invite your friends and put up one of the wiki banners in your ET house if you can! The goal is to get at least 50 members. When we reach that goal we're going to have a major party!!

Each new member must state the person's name who invited him or her. That person mentioned will get a badge. The one with the most badges will be given a prize and a golden crown with a dragon on it!

Drawn by [Zab]. Thank you, [Zab]!!

The golden crown!
Drawn by [Eyonic]. Thank you!

Choice Prizes:

1. A chance to get a dragon of your choice to adopt from Dragon Adoption

2. A chance to request a custom-made dragon from one of our fine artists.

3. Or a custom-made dragon graphic to decorate your house with by [Amanda Bastian] or [Eyonic]

By courtesy of Dragon Adoption

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2015-08-24 [Amanda Bastian]: LOL Doing well. thanks. you?

2015-08-25 [Eyonic]: I'm doing pretty good. got the rp ich right now though, so I'm looking for one that's still active here :( it's not going well

2015-08-25 [Amanda Bastian]: lol :) ET is mostly dead :/

2015-08-25 [Eyonic]: so I've noticed :( but eh, most sites like this don't last as long, so I cant really be surprised. I joined while in 8th grade after in 2004 >.>

2015-08-26 [Amanda Bastian]: same :/
and yeah.

2015-08-26 [Kbird]: I have a few rps of mine I trying to keep alive...but yeah ET isn't as active as it once was, the main thing drawing me back is the people.

2015-08-26 [Amanda Bastian]: again...same :/

2015-08-26 [Kbird]: I hate to say it but it's almost like Hedda doesn't even care.

2015-08-27 [Amanda Bastian]: I don't know my thoughts really on this... because... technically... if he didn't care he would just take it down. They spend money to keep the server up

2015-08-27 [Eyonic]: True, he does still spend the money to keep it running, but they basically said on main street post that he wasn't going to go anywhere with the site :/

2015-08-27 [Amanda Bastian]: :/

2015-08-27 [Amanda Bastian]: and on a side note.... Dragon Fanatics never fell through with that campaign. lol 2 members shy 0f 50

2015-08-28 [Kbird]: XP I'd join but I'm not sure how active I'll be.

2015-08-28 [Amanda Bastian]: it's hardly ever active here so you'd fit right in. hahahaaa

2015-08-29 [Eyonic]: XD yeah, no joke

2015-09-01 [Kbird]: that hurts my heart... <img:stuff/mood21-gif.gif>

2015-09-01 [Amanda Bastian]: lol

2015-09-02 [Eyonic]: this used to be my go-to site for rp and such. didn't visit it for 5 months, came back to 3 messages...all birthday ones and 2 wiki comments :( sad day there

2015-09-03 [Amanda Bastian]: same :/ I normally get bday messages xD some are people who hadn't been on in over 1000 days lol

2015-09-04 [Eyonic]: right? I'm like 'yeah, going to wish a happy birthday. oh, they aren't here anymore...'

2015-09-05 [Amanda Bastian]: lol

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