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Dragon Adoption Agency History2

This is just a continuation of the adoption forms. The other page is a little too full 0-0

Member Name: [WolfDragon]
Dragons Name: Saphire
STAGE of Dragon: EGG
Element of Dragon: Water
ID Number: 005

Member Name: [Dragonartist]
Dragons Name: Nerual
STAGE of Dragon:EGG
Element of Dragon: dark
ID Number: 010

Member Name: [NibblerLove]
Dragons Name: Burnin'up
STAGE of Dragon:EGG
Element of Dragon:fire
ID Number:008

Member Name: gansta-matt
Dragons Name:mary
STAGE of Dragon:Baby Dragon
Element of Dragon:spirit
ID Number:004

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2006-08-25 [Lady of Lore]: i supose this should be updated as we go along! We could split it up into the catagories of dragons like water and such and then hve the people lited there. Also I'm working on dragon pics...i'm a bit short on insparation at the moment but it'll come back to me

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