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Picture copyrighted to Courtney Moody, [BantamChick], but go ahead and post it in your house to let the world know you're a Dragon Luver. ^_^

Welcome to Dragon Luvers @ Wiki! Here, people who claim to be Dragons, down right just love Dragons, enjoy the diverse looks of Dragons, or just like to draw Dragons can gather! You don't have to ask to join, just post your name on the Members List (down below) and have fun chatting with the others. There are are drawing contests, writing contests, character exchages, etc. on here too!


1) Please don't edit the pages drastically (meaning, if there's a typo that's driving you insane, you CAN fix it, but nothing else) without my, [BantamChick]'s permission first.
2) No cursing please, unless if something REALLY bad happened, then it can slide.
3) No porn, duh.
4) Enjoy your stay. :P


-Contests!: Yup! Here be the contests, but don't think it's JUST drawing contests, there are also writing contests as well. If you want to create your own contest, feel free, but don't clog the page thingy.

-Art Gallary!: This is where you can post all your pretty Dragon art. Note the word "YOUR" art...

-The Dragon Library: For all those Draconic stories you've written. Make another Wiki with your story on it and properly link it to the Dragon Library Page. Thank you!

-The Random Corner: Anything and everything goes here. Whether it be a story of your new dog, or a photo of your feet, it belongs here.

-Dragons,Dragons, and MORE Dragons: everything you want to know about Dragons: species, literature, questions, etc. I am still working on this page, but feel free to check it out as it progresses.

1) [BantamChick] - Creator of this Wiki! Mwhahaha!
2)[alli.DEADFAYCE.] - may of who do not understand.I'll Help!
3)[*Leric*]-Hello ppl,i'm eevil. hee
4)[The Red Eyed Dragon Alchemist]-Hi persons.
6) [Valheru] - when your one of the dragonlords you learn to love dragons
7) [blackrigante] -so much power in dragons whats not to love
8) [R0s3tt3 Chr1st0ph3r] dragons are beautiful in their power... plus they can give you a lift anywhere!
9) [thehogfather] DRAGONS ROX!
10) [Danboo] yea the tenth dragon
11) [Dragonartist]
12) [SpiritofthwWolf] The Crimson Dragon of the West loves the powerful dragons
13) [LoSeRsSsSs] Pure Draconian
14) [furrystevo] dragons r awsome
15) [Justplaymeasong] Dragons kick butt.
16) [suducing rayne]
17) [Demon Epona]
18) [Monochromatic Sight] - I once tried to catch a dragon, but I guess it had another idea...
19) [sylverpenny]


Picture copyrighted to Courtney Moody, [BantamChick]

Thank you for visiting!

For other good dragon wikis go to:(submit your Wiki's name here, if you want!)
-Dragons of the Flame
-The Watchful Eye of the Dragon

Wiki created on: March 31, 2005

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2005-10-18 [Mind Demon]: awesome! gotta get it

2005-11-05 [alli.DEADFAYCE.]: I got to still read eragon. My dad stole it from me.

2005-11-08 [Mind Demon]: sorry

2005-11-27 [pixietrick55]: read eragon, but hvent had time to get eldest*cries*, wish i could read it, read all the books in the house already!!

2005-11-28 [Mind Demon]: cries with pixie and pats pixies back(wish id had eldest too!

2005-12-14 [babygirl04]: hi everyone i love dragons actually friends gave me the nick name dragonice

2005-12-14 [Dragonartist]: yeah my freinds in middle school clled me dragon girl once in a while lol

2005-12-18 [Mind Demon]: my nickname is "On Ravens Wing"

2005-12-26 [alli.DEADFAYCE.]: My nickname, Alli, Nariu, Selena, and Vampire Freak

2005-12-26 [Dragonartist]: cool a character I have on an rpg wiki is named Phoenix lol ^_^ and so is one of my birds, my other is named elvis cuz he likes listening to elvis XD

2005-12-26 [alli.DEADFAYCE.]: Phoenix is my band name, Selena is my vampire rpg character, I love vampires giving me Vampire Freak, and Alli and Nariu comes from my real and elftown name. Weird...You know we should start a dragon rpg or something.

2005-12-27 [SpiritofthwWolf]: The Pheonix (I call it the Firebird) is one of my favorite creatures (other than dragons) If I was not already a dragon, that would be my next choice for my being.

2005-12-27 [Dragonartist]: yeah its starting to be one of my favorites but I would probably still like dragons more ^_^ cuz ive liked dragons almost all my life, before that I was obsessed with cats O.o but that was a LONG time ago

2005-12-27 [Dragonartist]: but we should have a dragon rpg, that would be fun

2005-12-31 [alli.DEADFAYCE.]: That would be fun, because for people who don't wanna be a dragon, they can be a dragoon, dragon rider, phoeinx((ME!!)), or anything else they can come up with. I can make 'lil links off of wiki's so don't ask me to make it.

2006-01-02 [Dragonartist]: I would love to be a phoenix too lol ^_^ and a dragon XD but what should the dragon rpg be about like..the storyline or something lol >P I could take a shot at making an rpg wiki

2006-01-03 [alli.DEADFAYCE.]: I have one for vampires, although ya dont have to be a vampire.

2006-01-04 [Dragonartist]: heh, I was thinking about starting my own but I didnt know how it would turn out, I havent done anything like that before and I dont know how many people visit Dragonartist's lair let alone read my descripton or the bunches of wikis I have linked to dragonartist's lair lol >P

2006-01-04 [alli.DEADFAYCE.]: I'll join if ya check out Vampires 4ever RPG plz!

2006-01-05 [Dragonartist]: k ^_^ I still need to come up with a pretty good idea...though I do have one I guess lol

2006-01-05 [Dragonartist]: >P I will come up with a character in a min...Damn that science homework! lol ;p

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