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Dragon Wars

The First Age of Nyan

At that point in the history of Nyan, all existence was raw power and, inevitably, war broke out between the Entra – a war that would last 20 000 years. There are no particular dates from this Age, though major changes in this world took place. The few survivors of the smaller races of Shade and Elf took to hiding (the Shades and a small number of Elves to the West and the rest of the Elves to the East) as wars ravaged and shaped the land. Mountains were toppled and remade by the Great Powers of Nyan. Their power was devastating.

The Dragons forged alliances and feuds with the other Elements. The most memorable of these was the feuding between the Black Dragon, Lōrken, and the Silver Dragoness, Sylvàine. These two eternal enemies went hand in hand in the creation and destruction of Nyan.
The Dragon Wars grew more and more fierce as the White Dragoness, Vuen’yēnnyn, and the Green Dragoness, Narna, allied themselves to the Black Dragon. Likewise, the Silver Dragoness found allies in the Gold Dragon, Númiden, the Bronze Dragon, Tringāl, and the Blue Dragoness, Rehnāhi.

For this though, Narna and Vuen’yēnnyn were cursed. The White Dragoness, “Goddess of Wisdom”, lost that wisdom and was forth from that day only the Goddess of the Winds. All White Dragons were cursed with a stupidity not befitting their names. The Green Dragoness, once Goddess of Nature, became the Goddess of Deceit and all Green Dragons now are cursed with that trait.

There then came a day henceforth known as the Day of Ra’Fàhlen. This meaning “the Day of the Stars”, for the Stars themselves came to life and, as Angels, descended unto Nyan and the Dragon Wars. The war’s participants were gathered for the war’s climax in the place that all had begun, the Fortress of Raihēna Ivenú.

There, the Angels found them, and there, the Angels ended the Dragon Wars.

None know exactly how the Angels accomplished this feat but, from that day forth, the Khâyvien pledged peace.
Thus, the Dragons withdrew into solitude, and the Angels remained upon this earth to watch over the Dragons, just as their Lord had promised so many years ago.

And just so, the First Age of the world of Nyan was over and the Second Age of that world came to pass… The Elven Years.


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