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2006-07-18 01:19:07
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Drawing Eyes

*Will be replaced with a better version.


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2006-07-18 [eyes of frost]: ...? I thought it was supposed to be "Beautiful and Flowing Eyes"... *pokes teh Ash person* They aren't flowing...*pokes again* Just busting you chops. Nice. But...gotta get some flowy!!! And some shineys...

2006-07-18 [Asrun]: NOT GOING TO DO FLOWY ANYMORE CAUSE I DON'T DRAW LIKE THAT NOW...stupid caps. >.>

2006-07-18 [eyes of frost]: Mhmm...just the know you hit that button! *pokes* And who don't you draw flowy???? It's shooo puurrttyy!!! X_x

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