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The Oval Office had been redecorated appropriately for a Nazi General with all American paraphernalia removed and replaced with German and Nazi patriotism. The walls and shelves are also adorned with any trophies the General had acquired in his campaigns. His desk is plain with little to no decorations along with his padded chair.

Major Gesicht walked into the office and took a quick look around. There wasn't really anything special about the office. He sat down in the seat across from the desk and relaxed. There was no one else in the room, so he was free to not be at attention, of course being out of uniform also helped him do that around the officers as well.

Nearly an hour later Dulhelm walked, swiftly, into his office past Gesicht. He sat down in the chair at his desk and moved a few files into folders and put them into one of the drawers he had. Then he put his now gloved hands on the desktop, steepleing his fingers as he turned his attention to the Major.

"<Did the torture prove fruitful,> Heerf├╝hrer?" Gesicht asked him, tilting his head to the side. He was half tempted to change his appearance while he waited for the General to arrive, but decided against it. It may prove more useful to do so in his presence.

"<One would think that it hadn't."> Dulhelm said as he pulled down on the opening of his gloves to make sure they were staying on well. "<I have learned that this Resistance isn't some random grouping of upset Americans. These people are organizing and are smart as well. They didn't give each other their names, only the State they hailed from.>"

"<So they simply call themselves Idaho, Utah, Iowa, etc?>" Gesicht asked curiously, that seemed like a horrible way to communicate, especially considering the names of some of these states in this country...

"<That may be, but it prevents them from being able to give valuable information about their companions.>" Dulhelm said with a sigh, it was very frustrating to him.

"<There are other ways of gaining information from rebels.>" Gesicht pointed out with a small smile. "<Someone of my unique talents for instance.>"

"<That may be true. But the trouble would be getting you in with them. That is something we will have to work on.>" Dulhelm said as he stroked his chin, pondering the situation. "<But for now I have another task for you.>"

"<It is always a pleasure to be needed,> Heerf├╝hrer. <What do you ask of me?>" Gesicht replied, inclining his head in interest. It had been a while since he worked so closely with a general. Usually, he was given his orders and left to do them as he sought fit.

"<While we were doing final recon of the Japanese wasteland we came across this girl. She killed several of our men before she was apprehended and heavily sedated.>" Dulhelm began to explain. "<She was brought here for study and possible use as a weapon against anyone.>"

Gesicht tilted his head to the side in thought, "<So, I find myself being redundant, sir. What do you ask of me?>"

"<You are going to befriend her and convince her to work with us instead of frying our troops.>" Dulhelm realizing that he failed to mention this in his explanation.

"<Forgive my frankness, sir, but I do not believe that she will befriend a German.>" Gesicht told him with a smirk. "<I trust then, that you truly were briefed on my abilities?>"

"<Yes, I was.>" Dulhelm said wondering if this man thought he was a complete idiot. "<You are to take on the form of a Japanese citizen, whether a civilian or a soldier.>"

"<Forgive me for doubting you, sir. I have worked with others in the past who had no idea what I could do, despite the briefings.>" Gesicht smiled and held out his hands in apology. "<Do you have a photo of one? I cannot make myself into someone I have not seen before, nor am I able to take a form I have in the past. I have been a Japanese citizen before, but this little complication with the enhancement stops me from retaking that form.>"

Dulhelm pulled out another drawer of his desk and brought out a folder with several photos in it of different races and genders. "<You can use all those if you want for later missions, but there should be some Japanese in there.>"

"<Thank you, sir. Though a simple newspaper would have been sufficient.>" Gesicht told him as he thumbed through the photos. "<These would serve me most handsomely.>"

"<Most newspapers we have are of burnt and disfigured corpses, those would not be useful.>" Dulhelm added coldly, "<Plus, this wont be your only assignment so the more prepared you are the better.>"

"<True enough.>" Gesicht told him. He settled on one of the images and closed his eyes. His face set harshly as his body began to shift. Bones crunched and reset themselves, muscles snapped and restrung, his skin grew taut and then relaxed again. He let out a hiss of pain as the last of the changes flowed through his body. After a minute of collecting himself, he smoothed his hair back and held up the picture of the Japanese man. "Mata, ippan-tekina?" (Well, General?)

Dulhelm clapped his hands together in slow applause at this display of his talents. "<I must admit that I underestimated your abilities. This will work better then anticipated.>"

"<I was pretty certain that the details were fully entailed in the briefing on me.>" Gesicht told him curiously. "<There are a few things I chose to omit from the report, however.>" He didn't feel comfortable telling his superior officer about the pain involved in the shifts, but he would if questioned about it.

"<Oh, I'm not saying that it didn't state the greatness of your talent. I just haven't garnered my reputation by believing everything I have ever been told.>" Dulhelm said as he returned his hands to their steepled position. "<I wanted to see it for myself.>"

"<Naturally.>" Gesicht replied with a nod. "<Do you have a name for me to assume, or should I make one up?>" He asked, deciding it was time for him to get down to business

"<Its up to you. Take on whatever name you wish to, it matters little to me.>" Dulhelm responded.

Gesicht thought carefully, rubbing his chin in thought. "<Call me, Kao Henatsuki, then. It means Face Transformer, a little fitting, wouldn't you say, sir?>"

"<I would have to agree, lets just hope that our prisoner doesn't concur.>" Dulhelm said, <"Now I also read that you are unable to take the same form twice, so I assume that you are going to be stuck with this form for a bit. At least till she is good enough to possibly operate without you near her.>"

"<Hence the necessity of a name, sir.>" Kao explained, tilting his head to the side. "<Yes, I am unable to take a duplicate form. So I must be Kao Henatsuki until we have her doing as we wish, then I could reveal my abilities to her...though I'd prefer not to do that either, being a spy makes one a little wary of their secrets, no?>"

"<I would prefer if she never found out about your abilities.>" Dulhelm said quickly, "<If she found out that you are not who you say you are, it would undo what progress we might have made.>"

"<Not if I can get her to believe that this is my true form. And that the shifting enhancement was done whilst I knew her.>" Kao offered with a thoughtful eyebrow raise.

"<While that would be truly remarkable to see work, I would rather play it safe for now.>" Dulhelm said as he smirked mentally.

"<Do you know how old she is? I would hate to try and coerce a child.>" Kao's voice was hardly anything but truthful with that statement, though if one listened carefully enough, they might hear a hint of truth beneath the sarcasm

"<We don't know her exact age, but she is no child.>" Dulhelm reassured him. "<The scientists believe that she is in her late teens.>"

"<And she believes herself to be the only survivor of Japan?>" Kao asked carefully, trying to build a plan for hismelf

"<That is impossible for us to really find out as she has been under heavy sedation since her discovery.>" Dulhelm began as he stood from his chair and rounded his desk. "<It is a decent trip to the Labs, even by car, so we should leave now. You may continue to ask your questions, however.>"

Kao got to his feet, "<Lead the way, sir.>"

Dulhelm left his office for The White House Grounds.

- Return to Weltherrschaft
or The White House

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2011-04-18 [Aeolynn]: lol.. XD

2011-04-20 [Aeolynn]: I'm starting to like the back story of her believing herself to be the only survivor, it will be easier for SoD to gain her trust this way

2011-04-20 [Lord Josmar]: Lolz.

2011-04-20 [shadow of darkness]: yup, cant wait for Kao to tap that firefly though ;-) you know he will. lol

2011-04-20 [Aeolynn]: Hahaha... =p

2011-04-20 [shadow of darkness]: you know thats what it'll come to

2011-04-20 [Aeolynn]: That's what it always comes down to with my characters lol... Speaking of which, finished your knight character for sunlight?

2011-04-20 [shadow of darkness]: nnoooooooo totally forgot about him LOL sorry. i will work on him tomorrow thou

2011-04-20 [Aeolynn]: No worries lol... Kinda excited to start it soon.

2011-04-20 [shadow of darkness]: ditto

2011-04-20 [Aeolynn]: I'll finish her character later tonight

2011-04-20 [Lord Josmar]: Sunlight?

2011-04-20 [shadow of darkness]: its an RP between the two of us. kinda a reboot of an older one

2011-04-20 [Lord Josmar]: Oh. Gotcha. : (

2011-04-20 [Aeolynn]: why the sad face? lol

2011-04-20 [Lord Josmar]: Im looking for new RPs that are accepting people. I havent found any that look good (mostly anime based).

2011-04-20 [Aeolynn]: ah. I'm a huge fan of one on ones. Go browse my character list, if you see anything that interests you give me a yell

2011-04-21 [Aeolynn]: so... wheres this going next?

2011-04-21 [shadow of darkness]: thats what I'm wondering as well. i haven't seen a page for the labs yet. and my other character is headed there too

2011-04-21 [Lord Josmar]: Sorry, the wife has been very anti-Elftown lately so its getting harder for me to get on here without much grief. Im going to have Dulhelm and "Kao" drive there to give a bit more convo, unless there isnt any in which case I will fast post us there.

2011-04-22 [shadow of darkness]: lol "Kao"

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