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* Duncan Chow Fans *


Other names: Duncan Lai
Birthdate : 19/9/1978
Nationality : Hong Kong

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Some Bio:
Duncan Chow began first as a model in Hong Kong, and after completing his college education in New Zealand majoring in psychology, Duncan returning to Hong Kong and was soon discovered to star in severel movies.

Chow moved to Taiwan to further pursue his acting career, and after appearing in several high profile TV dramas and hosting one of the highest rating entertainment news shows, Chow hit true stardom by starring in the critically acclaimed Taiwan film Formula 17, where he succefully portrayed a homosexual struggling with life,love and identity.

Taken from Seven Swords official site.



The Shoe Fairy - 2006
Seven Swords - 2005
Formula 17 - 2004
Leaving in Sorrow - 2001
I Do - 2000

Seven Swords screen shot

Formula 17 screen shot


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2006-02-28 [Dracotot]: People help me with this wiki, please!!

2006-02-28 [rockin' angels28]: nice

2006-02-28 [Dracotot]: oh yeh...LOL

2006-02-28 [kickboxing isle]: cool maybe 1day I can be as succesful

2006-02-28 [Dracotot]: I love martial arts films!

2006-02-28 [Dracotot]: yeh neva know maybe one day! =^.^=

2006-02-28 [vampkiss]: i love the fantasy high visual martial arts stuff comin from asian cinema recently, its bloody cool and hes u got urself a member!

2006-02-28 [Dracotot]: *laughs* hes YUMMY!

2006-02-28 [hunnibunnibaby]: rar

2006-02-28 [Dracotot]: arg

2006-03-01 [Ace118]: wow

2006-03-01 [Dracotot]: tasty huh! lol

2006-03-01 [Ace118]: very

2006-03-01 [Dracotot]: go on put your name down lol hes scrummy goodness

2006-03-01 [Ace118]: have done

2006-03-02 [Dracotot]: *dances* tum tee tum

2006-03-02 [Ace118]: lol

2006-03-02 [Dracotot]: lol!

2006-03-03 [Ace118]: smile

2006-03-03 [Dracotot]: hiya hunni how r u!?

2006-03-04 [Ace118]: fine

2006-03-04 [Dracotot]: "peachy" !!!

2006-03-04 [Ace118]: lol

2006-03-04 [Dracotot]: so what you been up 2 2day!>

2006-03-04 [Ace118]: not a lot you?

2006-03-04 [Dracotot]: went for lunch and shopped for a b/day for my bro! all this with a hangover *blub*

2006-03-04 [Ace118]: lol *shakes head*

2006-03-04 [Dracotot]: lol! playin pool last nite! It was the most fun Ive had in ages!! and I was playin amazin!! lol so modest!

2006-03-04 [Ace118]: cool sounds like you enjoyed your self

2006-03-04 [Dracotot]: OH yeh!! lol

2006-03-05 [Ace118]: good

2006-03-06 [blossoms]: he is really handsome!!!:)

2006-03-06 [Dracotot]: nice body!!

2006-03-06 [sweet-lyk-candy]: good

2006-03-06 [Dracotot]: :)

2006-03-06 [*Home~Slice*]: hay i want your body.....

2006-03-06 [Dracotot]: *waves* hiya!

2006-03-06 [blue_eyed_baby]: he is cute

2006-03-06 [Dracotot]: *clpas hands* wer gettin more ppl in here, im so proud! lol

2006-03-06 [~Wixen~]: He is gorgeous... just loove him, where are he from, have never seen him before!!^_^

2006-03-06 [Dracotot]: its hard to find ANYTHING on the guy! but I seen him in the film seven Swords! and hes just so cute! lol

2006-03-06 [Dracotot]: I thought I might try get him a few more "fans" :)

2006-03-06 [-.X.♥ѕαяαн♥.X.-]: hya [Dracotot] u wasnt a pest lol its rele gd!!

2006-03-06 [Dracotot]: im glad sum ppl think im not a pest lol

2006-03-06 [Naughty or Nice?]: your not a pest. and i like your page

2006-03-07 [Eloura]: *Raises eyebrow* Hmmmmm Interesting. *tries not to blink*

2006-03-07 [Ace118]: ?

2006-03-07 [Dracotot]: hehehe im not a pest *keeps proddin ppl* hear that "im not a pest!!" LOL

2006-03-07 [Ace118]: lol

2006-03-07 [Dracotot]: *sniggers*

2006-03-07 [Eloura]: *grins* Nope not a pest

2006-03-07 [Dracotot]: darn! lol! i try so hard!! *eats crisps loudly!!* thats gotta annoy ppl!

2006-03-07 [Eloura]: Nope not annoying

2006-03-07 [Dracotot]: ...your a tuff burd! lol

2006-03-07 [Eloura]: *glares* ... llc

2006-03-09 [Ace118]: ?

2006-03-09 [Eloura]: llc+laugh like crazy

2006-03-09 [Dracotot]: *watches Eloura* havin fun?

2006-03-09 [Eloura]: Ummmm Not exactly. *blinks* Why?

2006-03-09 [Dracotot]: oh just asking? *smiles*

2006-03-09 [Eloura]: ohhhh ok. (I hate this being at school....) *blinks*

2006-03-09 [Dracotot]: Awwww, wot subjects you do at skewl?

2006-03-09 [Eloura]: Math, biology, history (world), Computer applications (now), Spanish, English 10, Health, I think thats everythin...

2006-03-09 [Dracotot]: i didnt like bio i liked chemistry! blow things up lol

2006-03-10 [Ace118]: loads

2006-03-10 [Eloura]: Lol i have chemistry next year YEA!!! (though i may be stuck with feild bio....)

2006-03-12 [Ace118]: oh dear

2006-03-12 [Eloura]: what?

2006-03-13 [Ace118]: feild bio

2006-03-14 [Eloura]: ohhh ok

2006-03-14 [Ace118]: it is a bit boring

2006-03-14 [Eloura]: Ohhhh. Thats no good.

2006-03-14 [Ace118]: why not

2006-03-14 [Eloura]: Boring's no fun

2006-03-16 [Ace118]: true but i do feid analasis soon

2006-03-17 [Eloura]: Have fun

2006-03-17 [Ace118]: fingers crossed

2006-03-17 [Eloura]: LOL

2006-03-17 [hunnibunnibaby]: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!heheheheheehehheeh.....!!! x

2006-03-18 [Eloura]: Lol

2006-03-18 [Dracotot]: nutter!

2006-03-18 [Dracotot]:


As you all may of noticed there are no Banners for Takeshi Kaneshiro Fans or Duncan Chow Fans I would like anyone who is interested to post any they would like to contribute! then I shall pick a winner to be our default banner!! ^.^ have fun!!

2006-03-19 [Ace118]: kk

2006-03-20 [Dracotot]: *smiles*

2006-03-21 [blossoms]: I had a warning from [Nita] about pic.s of Takeshi Kaneshiro.She said that those photos doesnt belong to me and we cant use them as a banner...How can I take pic.s of him?:) 

2006-03-21 [Dracotot]: lol you have to make one - why dont you try drawing him or sumthin!

2006-03-21 [Eloura]: *sneaks in*

2006-03-21 [Dracotot]: I can see you......!!

2006-03-21 [Eloura]: Ahhhhhhhh oh no *hides*

2006-03-22 [blossoms]: Yes, why not!:)I will try drawing his face:)

2006-03-22 [Dracotot]: *smiles*

2006-03-22 [blossoms]: *hugs*

2006-03-23 [Ace118]: d

2006-05-01 [Dracotot]: rar I need to find some more picks for this baby!

2006-05-01 [blossoms]: more pics!That's great! lol

2006-05-03 [Ace118]: lol

2006-05-03 [Eloura]: *watches quietly*

2006-05-03 [Dracotot]: wahahahahaha i found some!!! yey!! ok i'll make a galery for him now woohhooo lol!

2006-05-04 [Ace118]: drool

2006-05-07 [Mom]: Oh No...Looks like I missed one.

2006-05-08 [Dracotot]: *laughs*!

2006-05-09 [Ace118]: giggles

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