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A free tool for artists brought to you by [jsun] of


I built this wiki to provide the artists of the community with a means of reference. I believe there are far too few stock, free to use photos, for action reference. And action, or dynamic poses, is what really brings art to life. I've started the wiki off with some photo shots of myself in various action poses. I would love to have you guys and gals contribute your own photos in the future. In fact, I'm ready to accept them now :D Just post them in the comments, if they need editing, I'll be happy to do it myself if I think the pose is great.

Be sure to spread the word and let your friends know this reference is here. It can't help anyone without exposure!

All Images are Click to Enlarge



<img200*0:stuff/Sword_attack_pose.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Sword_attack.jpg> <img400*0:stuff/Sword_blow.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Sword_cutting_your_head.jpg> <img300*0:stuff/Swords_pose.jpg> <img300*0:stuff/Being_attacked.jpg>
<img300*0:stuff/Swordsman_Kick.jpg> <img200*0:stuff/Running_pose.jpg>


Let us know if you're interested!

The Original Dynamic Poses Gallery can be found on my website at


Using the images on this wiki is free. You may use them in their entirety or in part for referance in your artwork if your art is free or for commercial purposes. What you may not do is, repost any of these images anywhere else on the web without express written permission from the model & photographer. Any artwork deriving from these images are owned and copyrighted by the artist who created it. If you wish to show your thanks for the references you use in your art, please place a link in your artwork description wherever you upload it.
Anyone wishing to submit their own photography to this wiki must also agree with the terms mentioned above. Also, as maintainer of this artists' tool and gallery, I reserve the right to dually host any photos submitted here on my website where this original gallery is located. Thanks and enjoy!


If you have a wiki or a website that shares useful material or tips to artists and you'd like us to link to it, please give me a link via the comments box below. I'll check it out and link you here if it's relavent or helpfull. We ask that you also link to us.

Photoshop Tutorials -
A collection of extremely helpful tutorials I've discovered on the net and I am hosting via permission from the artists
The Art Store here in Elftown maintained by [Lady of Lore]
An area of the community where you can share your art and gain helpful tips, hints, and critisism from your peers.


If you have artwork that you've created using our models and you'd like to share it, please visit this wiki and post it for all to see!
Dynamic Poses Masterpieces

See also Reference Pictures

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2007-09-04 [Yncke]: Yesterday I started using one of the photographs here as a reference. The torso part's a great reference, but I was wondering if you could wear something of a lighter colour for trousers for future photographs (which I really hope there will come, because they're useful poses. :) ).
I don't want to sound ungrateful or anything, every initiative to provide dynamic pose references is to be applauded. ;)

2007-09-05 [jsun]: Sure [Yncke], that's actually a good point you've brought up. I will look through my gear and see if I can come up with something that yields more shadows than the black does. I'm glad you're able to make use of them! I'd like to see the finished piece too so we can put it up in the gallery :D

2008-10-08 [Linn Scarlett]: is also a very good site :)

2008-10-10 [jsun]: aye it is for sure. I can't compete with that huge selection of helpful poses. I discovered it shortly after I made all this hehe

2008-10-10 [Linn Scarlett]: its still a good wiki :)

2008-10-31 [Hedda]: I fixed the file-names of the images and added a link to Reference Pictures. (And added a link from Full Body Reference Pictures to here too)

2008-12-05 [jsun]: Thanks Hedda, I appreciate you supporting the wiki. The extra attention makes me want to add to it. I've definately done more of them, I just hadn't gotten around to uploading.

2009-01-12 [wicked fae mage]: I'd gladly pose how needed if I could promise getting pics of me up, but I don't have a digital camera.

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