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2013-09-02 12:16:26
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Welcome @ Elf Fantasy Fair 2009 part I


A Lady friend and I


A good shave in the sun...How Nice!


BraveHeart Music Group


Cool Male Armor...


Cool Female Armor..(If only my girlfriend would...;-)


Green Hornets...


These Hornets were so cool, they even had their own sound system build in!


Captured Drow....(Hehehehehe...says Urmando!)


Trying to get an arrow into the target...


New style among the Goth; SteamPunk.


Backside with a "Rocketeer" device on her back


More SteamPunkers...


His metal Jaw even moves when he talks...


4 Mummies and the SteamPunk Lady


Notice the Canon ball in the belly of one of the "Ladies"

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2009-07-13 [kittykittykitty]: Ooh great pictures :D I love the steampunk costumes, it's a very interesting look :D

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