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P.A.T.S. (The Paranormal Activity Testing Society)

T.A.P.S. (The Atlantic Paranormal Society)

Are you a member or founder of a Paranormal research or ghost hunting group? You can link your websites here!


Elsewhere on the web... ~ Various news articles, images and stories ~ Submitted to me by [banu], very interesting information on Genies. ~ Ghost stories, photos, emps and videos ~ Toronto, Canada based Paranormal Research Group: stories, casefiles and loads of related links ~ T.A.P.S. --- the TAPS paranormal radio forum show

A story from [Lothuriel]'s hometown -

More from Kentucky - ~ Canada based Paranormal Reasearch Group: Casefiles, stories, photos and links - Florida Panhandle Ghost Hunting Team: Stories, photos and Links - Georgia Ghost Hunting, stories, photos, links and online community discussion forum, blogs and chat. --- Official page for the TAPS Family radio show - paranormal radio show with news, events and interviews in the paranormal community hosted by the TAPS family group. -- Official page for the TAPS Family organization - find a local TAPS family group, get information, locations, chat, inqueries on investigations and other info.


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