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By [nehirwen]

Congratulations to the winner, and Thanks to all those who participated!


Photo Manip Rules

Only photos available at Reference Pictures. This stipulation is to promote and support the Elftown Photo Reference Marathon as well as to help make sure there are no stolen images used. Each photo manipulation entry must be created from a minimum of two photos and each photo used (referenced), must be listed with the entry.

To upload your image full-size you can use the button to the right which says "Upload a file" or the feature 'Upload a folder of images' that is shown at the top of your house. This feature allows you to upload one, multiple images or zip-files in their original size to a wikipage. <URL:upload_zip.html> Once you click this link you can follow the instructions. See also: Uploading Images.

Each participant is limited to a maximum of two (2) entries.

Photographic manipulations ONLY in this category. Other mediums of art are to be entered in the appropriate Elftown Dreamers' Contest category. Please see applicable rules there.

With your photo-manip entry, give a title along with a brief explanation, three or four lines, about your Dream photo-manip piece.

Submissions should follow the Theme “Dreams”.

Follow all of the General Rules listed on Elftown Dreamers' Contest.



Theme: Dreams


Please place your entries below the line (<hr>) like this:

0.) [Your username] <b>(Submission Title)</b>
Brief description, four lines maximum.
(thumbnailed to '300')(thumbnailed to 100)


1. [nehirwen] - the Figure in the Flames
In my dream I was running away from flames, but they kept staying around me, without burning me. At some point I stood still and saw a figure in the flames. It had some sort of crown, a glass-like face and yellow eyes, following me everywhere I went. All I did was trying to run away from it, which I couldn't. It was quite scary, although nothing specific happened besides that.
Stock: the figure in the flames

2. [sweet.tx.tea] - Breathe Infinity
In my dream, I saw a brightly colored alleyway. In this alleyway was a female figure without a face. She seemed lost. Then a male figure joined her. He hadn't a face, either, but he held direction and a confidence. She sprung to life and from her grew beautiful branches of the most insanely bright colors known to man. The man reciprocated the action expressing affection; his arms and legs became the strongest tree branches you could imagine. The two formed an infinity sign. Shortly after, I was woken, but the image will never fade. This is my attempt to recreate something beautiful.
Stock: Breathe Infinity

3. [David the Good] the unknown
Dream after dream i am lead by a light, a light i never reach, a light i can not hear. It is just always there and go follow it near and far over the hills and past the stars. Each time it leads me a new way a path i have never seen before and i only follow as it leads the way. New people, new places, some scary things and showing me some of the most beautiful faces. And no matter how bad or how far i follow the light each time far beyond the thoughts of my mind and past the struggles I face each day. 

(corny i know but how i feel)

4. [sweet.tx.tea] - Ice Meets Fire Dream
One night, as of recent, I dreamed there was a great magic in the land and my dear friend possessed it. By the same token, her soul soon became possessed by the evil magic; it caused her to be split into two personalities: Good (fire) and Evil (ice). The good was represented by fire due to the deep passion she still held for life and for doing charitable works, compassionate and reasonable. The evil was cold and hard, reflecting the harsh nature she had taken on due to the magic. The dream was very similar to Dr. Faustus, which I had been reading in my British Literature class at the time of the dream.
Stock: ice meets fire dream

5. [nehirwen] - Day Dreaming
I tend to integrate sounds around me in my dreams, if the sounds aren't too loud and my sleep not too deep. And sometimes, when I worked for hours on a day on a painting or manipulation, I dream about it. This dream happened after I worked on an Autumn Fairy and while my bf was watching TV. It was a strange combination between a peaceful kind of fantasy, raw reality and just plain weird dreaming. I tried to incorporate all three things into this piece. The fairy(s), a castle on fire and a squirrel in a little boat with a seahorse as figurehead..
Stock: Day Dreaming

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2009-06-22 [Chimes]: Yes, but only if they belong to you.

2009-06-22 [Sir. Robert]: Ok, I may have to contribute some of my personal stock photos to make this work :)

2009-06-25 [Cillamoon]: Thank you for the invite [Yuriona]! I will definetly be entering. ^_^

2009-06-25 [Yuriona]: You're welcome and YAY! Entrants! XD XD XD

2009-08-17 [Falx]: Same here, [Sir. Robert]. I'm going to have to re-find some of my stock photos before entering.

2009-08-17 [Chimes]: *would enter if she wasn't modding* ;_;

2009-08-17 [Falx]: So, does the whole manip have to be done using pictures from Reference Pictures or can it be just part? Sorry, I confuse easily. :P

2009-08-17 [Chimes]: Only from Reference Pictures, so all of it needs to be from there.

2009-08-17 [Yuriona]: Yes, all photos used in a single photo manipulation must come from the reference pictures wiki.

2009-08-18 [nehirwen]: I've put the stock I used on another page, I hope that's OK? (putting 13 photos up here is a bit much I thought..)

2009-08-18 [Yuriona]: Oh I suppose I'll allow it this one time. LOL! ;)

2009-08-18 [nehirwen]: Thanks! :P

2009-08-19 [Kuruni]: Do i have to upload the photos i took and used in my manip?
i used 5 different photos :S

2009-08-19 [Cillamoon]: Awesome entries!!!!

2009-09-01 [sweet.tx.tea]: Okay, now I am confused. I thought we could only use photos from the reference pictures wikis on here. [Kuruni]'s are from DA. I am confused by this. I really love [Kuruni]'s entry, but, if it's only supposed to be from ET...

2009-09-01 [Yuriona]: No, you're right [sweet.tx.tea]. I've just been avoiding saying anything 'cuz I didn't want to upset anyone. And I forgot... >_>

I'm sorry [Kuruni] but though your entry is quite lovely and has a touching story, it doesn't follow the rules of the contest. All stock - even your own - must come from reference pictures. If you are willing to donate some of your stock images it would be greatly appreciated but the images from DA are not admissible for this contest. Sorry. ;_;

2009-09-01 [sweet.tx.tea]: I am sorry! It's such a beautiful entry! I fell in love with it...

2009-09-01 [Kuruni]: oooops that´s alright kids, sorry i did not read the rules carefully, ^^ entry removed!

Have fun and i will get in here to watch people´s entries!

By the way i will start a new contest in case someone is interested in participating!

2009-11-05 [Danboo]: oooh hehe i have the perfect idea for this contest

2009-11-11 [sweet.tx.tea]: I love the new entry!

2009-11-11 [nehirwen]: Thanks! :)

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