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ET pet store


Please put the name of the pet and what kind of pet it is, and if we
have it in stock, you will get it.
If you would like one of our pets,
please message [kians mummy] or [Eyonic] and one of us will give you the pet as soon as we can, there is now an email adress that you can email your requests to.


Pets Available for Adoption

Click the links to see more of these pets!

ET Pet Demons
ET Pegasi
ET phoenixes

Still Waiting on Pet Deliveries

ET pet Dragons ET pet Flying pigs ET pet zombies ET Boggarts

ET Thestrals ET Pygmy Puffs ET Nargles ET unicorns ET exclusive pets


See also: ET pet store staff

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2011-09-05 [Eyonic]: :O I didnt know she got banned >.>

2011-09-05 [Mortified Penguin]: Everyone who gets involved with Sammie gets banned, it seems.

2011-09-06 [Eyonic]: o.o

2011-09-07 [Susie-Q]: This sounds like a knock-off of final destination. Lol. :3

2011-09-08 [Eyonic]: it seems that sammie disappeared >.> so guilty

2011-09-10 [Susie-Q]: Yeah i havent seen her in a while

2011-09-11 [Eyonic]: *sigh* don't know how long i will stay part of this wiki then, don't care to be part of ones that are dead now.

2011-09-11 [Mortified Penguin]: Th-that's not very loyal of you...

2011-09-12 [Susie-Q]: I can understand it though.

2011-09-12 [Eyonic]: just getting tired being the only one active on wikis that aren't mine, most of the ones I was involved with have died.

2011-09-13 [Susie-Q]: Ive had the same problem befor also

2011-09-13 [Mortified Penguin]: Do you treat the elderly the same way? "I'm so tired of being involved with old people who aren't even my grandparents. They're dying and I want nothing to do with them, even though I said I'd help them out before, but that was before they started dying and actually needing my help. GET OFF ME, CRYING OLD WOMAN! SMACK!"

Point being, you're a bad person.

2011-09-13 [Eyonic]:
o.o i rather like old people, cant stand people my own age.
lol your randomness never stops amusing me

2011-09-13 [Mortified Penguin]: YOUR FACE NEVER STOPS AMUSING ME.

2011-09-14 [Eyonic]: :D yay, I'm not the only one amused by it!!!

2011-09-21 [kians mummy]: I'm back

2011-09-22 [Susie-Q]: Im not the only one amused by your mom. Lol :3

2011-10-12 [Imperator]: ... Don't you guys have anything, uh, normal? Like a cat or something?

2011-10-13 [kians mummy]: Well if you create the art, we will put it up for all Elftowners to enjoy, at the moment, we are doing limited addition pets, so when we do get new normal pets in, then we will decide whether to keep these ones or scrap them.

2012-04-10 [Aeolynn]: seems this poor thing has died.

2012-04-10 [kians mummy]: I'm trying to think of how to get more pics up on here

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