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ET Phoenixes

An Elftown Fantasy Wiki!


Affiliated with: ET Pet Store

Welcome to the ET Pet Store's Phoenix Phantasmagory!

If you would like a "Pet Phoenix" to make its home in your house, add your username and the number
corresponding with the Phoenix you would like to adopt at the bottom of this page under "Members'
Wish List for Adoptable Phoenixes"
. Your choice cannot have already been adopted and the adoptions
will be carried out on a "first come, first serve" basis.

[kians mummy] or [Eyonic] will gladly deliver your pet Phoenix to your guestbook as soon as possible.

Please do not place any pet from the ET Pet Store in your house, unless it has been delivered to you
by either [kians mummy] or [Eyonic]. - Thank you!


     1) Owned
By [Avalyn Bastian]
   2)  Owned
     By [Stephen]
3) Owned
by [American Revolutionary]
4) Owned by [Kbird]5) Adoptable


6) owned by [Susie-Q]7) Adoptable8) Adoptable9) Adoptable10) Adoptable


11) Adoptable12) Adoptable13) Adoptable14) Adoptable15) Adoptable 


The Babys

16) Adoptable17) Adoptable18) Adoptable19) Adoptable20) Adoptable


Click on the images to view full size.


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Questions? Want to help?
ET Pet Store
ET Pet Store Staff

Queries and suggestions are welcomed also in the comment section below.


Members' Wish List for Adoptable Phoenixes:

Add your name and the number of the "adoptable" Phoenix here:

Username (or number or email):


2012-03-08 [kians mummy]: Ok xx

2012-03-10 [Eyonic]: kk i got a new pose sketched up for you. You can find someone to color it or i can color it in color pencils :/

2012-03-10 [Eyonic]: <img300*0:stuff/aj/92267/1331343482.jpg>

2012-03-10 [Eyonic]: <img300*0:stuff/aj/92267/1331344626.jpg> can use this one too

2012-03-11 [kians mummy]: Can you do it, it will be better x

2012-03-11 [Eyonic]: i will try. my color pencil skills aren't as savy. also, I wont be able to give them a clear background

2012-03-11 [kians mummy]: I might be able to do that

2012-03-11 [Eyonic]: okay here are some, you just have to make their backgrounds transparent somehow. decided to go with markers XD

2012-03-12 [Eyonic]: <img150*0:stuff/aj/92267/1331526480.jpg><img150*0:stuff/aj/92267/1331526520.jpg>

2012-03-16 [Eyonic]: you able to put the other ones up? also, the new blue one cant be clicked on, dunno why?

2012-10-16 [Stephen]: Woah, I like those.
Prettyyyy. <3

2012-10-16 [Eyonic]: I can make you one if you want o.o gots my photoshop back so i can make them correct now

2012-10-16 [Stephen]: Sure!
I'd like that. <img:44166_1164145171.gif>

I love custom made graphics. <img:44166_1164145241.gif>

2012-10-30 [kians mummy]: [Eyonic] The pets need to not have a white background, they need to be transparent, try saving as .png

2012-10-31 [Eyonic]: woah that was a while ago before i had photoshop back :) I can fix those now if you want me to.

2012-10-31 [Eyonic]: <img100*0:stuff/aj/92267/1351658939.png><img100*0:stuff/aj/92267/1351658979.png><img100*0:stuff/aj/92267/1351658951.png><img100*0:stuff/aj/92267/1351658967.png>

2012-10-31 [Stephen]: Pretty. ;-;

2012-10-31 [kians mummy]: Thats a lot better

2012-11-01 [Eyonic]: i didn't put them in the list up there because, well, i was afraid i was gonna mess up the code :/

2012-11-05 [kians mummy]: Done it x

2012-11-06 [Eyonic]: :D

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