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Welcome, to the EVE Directory. This page has the links to all other pages associated with the Everyone vs. Elftown wiki. Since there are quite a few, please use this a reference to get where you need to go. Thank you.

Evilmonk vs. Elftown- The EVE Home Page

EVE Rules and Regulations- PLEASE, do everyone a favor, read the rules before entering!

The Hit List- Sign up to be a competitor, or check the list of competitors. Find links to current and past Tournaments.

[NEW!!]EVE Judging System- Know how to play

EVE Creds & Accounts- This EVE feature is closed

EVE Lottery - This EVE feature is closed.

Drawing Tournament Suggestions- Post your suggestions for what competitors should draw.

EVE Promotions Dept.- This EVE feature is closed.

EVE Banners - Post your banners for any of the EVE-related wikis here!

The EVE Pep Page- Want to complain and whine about yourself and your ability. Do it here. We will cheer you up and on!

[NEW!!] EVE Artist's Arena - Self portraits by our combatants.

EVE War Memorial - Art Gallery of Battles Past. Go see all past entries here!

EVE Contestant Voting Booth - Polls open to EVE Tournament participants only.

EVE Awards Ceremony - Where we honor the big winners of each EVE Tournament.

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