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2011-04-27 17:36:17
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Easter Art Contest 2011


The Easter Art competition!


Deadline: Closed

RULES can be read on: Easter Festival


How to post your entry:
Add your username and entry after the last one that has been already posted. Number your entries, thumbnail them to 300, and separate them with the <hr> tag:

1.[Marlene'Jacques] "The Goddess Eostre"


Easter Festival

Username (or number or email):


2011-03-19 [Marlene'Jacques]: Ooh so gotta get cracking with my drawing :)

2011-03-19 [Nioniel]: :)

2011-03-22 [Marlene'Jacques]: 1st entry :D

2011-03-23 [Akayume]: SO CUTE. :D

2011-03-23 [Marlene'Jacques]: thank you ^_^ :D

2011-03-23 [Akayume]: De rien. :D

2011-03-23 [Marlene'Jacques]: De rien???? :)

2011-03-24 [Akayume]: "Thank you" en fran├žais. :D

2011-03-24 [Marlene'Jacques]: ah ok and you're welcome :D

2011-03-24 [Akayume]: Oh. Wait. It means "your welcome". What the hell was I thinking? XD Duh.

2011-03-24 [Marlene'Jacques]: hehehe :D

2011-04-12 [Marlene'Jacques]: oh can we submit photos as well? yay if so as thats what I wanted to submit anyway!

2011-04-12 [Nioniel]: Yes, but I just created a photography section for it since there are now two participants who clearly wish to enter it. Please move your submissions to Easter Photography Contest 2011, [Marlene'Jacques] & [Mystin]. :)

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